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Former(Old) officer, Leroy Thompson knows about what he speaks. During the Vietnam War he(it) served in a special unit trained(formed) in all the jungles of the Southeast Asia. / Ancien officier, Leroy Thompson sait de quoi il parle. Pendant la guerre du Vietnam il a servi dans une unité spéciale formée à toutes les jungles du sud-est asiatique. / Alter(Ehemaliger) Offizier, Leroy Thompson kennt, worüber er spricht. Während des Krieges von Vietnam hat er in einer in ganz Dschungeln des asiatischen Südostens gebildeten Spezialeinheit bedient. / Antiguo oficial, Leroy Thompson sabe de qué habla. Durante la guerra de Vietnam sirvió en una unidad especial formada a todas las selvas del Sudeste asiático. vietnam vietnamwar vietnamwarmemorial vietnamwarmuseum leroy thompson jungle photography photographer photo photoshoot couleur color division patrouille usa soldat soldiers gi

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The basement is spooky it is exactly the same condition as 1975.. situation maps.. telex machines the whole paraphernalia of a war roomvietnamwar vietnamwarmuseum vietnamwarhistory

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Visited Ho Chi Minh City! Although here has many historical sides, there are a lot of modern buildings and streets in this city. Especially, I was really amazed by Vietnam War Remnants Museum. It tells us how the war happens. Honestly, at some of the area, I went to speechless but it was worth visiting. I’m honored to visit such a meaningful place. hochiminhcity saigon vietnamwarmuseum

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Lots of propaganda. Obvious who was telling the story. Either way it was really intense. Here’s a few photos. VietnamWarMuseum Vietnam HoChMinh Saigon newcamera museums war scary katonabroad

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We visited the War Remnants Museum, which has on display an incredible record of tools, pictures and documents of the atrocities committed during the American War. Going through those records, while trying to understand the whole political reasoning nonsense backing the USA led war, was one of the saddest things we’ve done in our lives 😢 there’s really no limit when it comes to inhumanity. ... 📷 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ... ar_everywhere vietname saigon hochiminhcity travel backpacker backpacking travelgram travelinsta travelphotography traveldiary aroundtheworld vietnamwar vietnamwarmuseum warremantsmuseum americanwar

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Just a small insight into what's on display at the War Remnants Museum , a must visit if you are in Ho Chi Minh City. So sad but very educational and so glad I did it. 😢 VietnamWarMuseum HoChiMinhCity VietnamWar 🇻🇳

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Vietnam 🇻🇳 ‘War Museum’ . . . . . travelvietnam vietnamwarmuseum vietnamhistory culturetrip lovetotravel hanoicity cityescape hetravels travellingaround instatravelling

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Nearly 3 years ago now I took an amazing trip to Vietnam and Thailand with @susiefloozie Finally I have been able to put up the posters I got from the Vietnam War Museum! At the time I was so moved by my time there and shocked I knew so little about the Vietnam War! Although they are now beautiful pieces of art they are foremost a reminder of what happened to that beautiful country. vietnam posters vietnamwarmuseum war colour art southeastasia reminder neverforget travel wanderlust museum throwback takemeback

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Part I, Hanoi explorations. hanoi vietnam templeofliterature hanoihiltonprison vietnamwarmuseum hochminhsquare oldquarter vacationsiblingadventures wandering

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Sai Gon eli Ho Chi Minh City. Raskaita aiheita sotamuseossa, auringonlasku kylän yllä ja massoittain skoottereita. Ja katuruokaa. saigon hochiminhcity scooter traffic vietnamwarmuseum hälinää täällämitääruuhkaaoo vietnam

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Day? On d? PartIII of d2 in hcmc vietnamwarmuseum lost eyeopener twosidestoeverystory beautifulvietnam Some shots that leftanimpact I walked in thinking it's going to be another museum touristattraction trap But boy oh boy was I wrong. captured heart love respect lostforwords emotional victory vietnam you are: strong beautiful impressive greatlesson Not that long ago. saigon englishteacherontherun

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Day? On d? BUT PartII of D2 in hochiminhcity vietnamwarmuseum ... not just any other touristattraction ... No matter how much you know / studied nothing prepares you for it. heartbreaking emotional why ... not so long ago yet still a beautiful , positive place. VIETNAM not only are you beautiful but you are strongvietnam peopleofvietnam strongnation englishteacherontherun vietnam saigon

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War will turn mankind into the most cruel creature.. Propaganda? Yes for sure, but the actual events did take place😪vietnamwarmuseum saigon vietnam warishell warremnantsmuseum

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Some of the stuff the US left behind. vietnam vietnamwarmuseum studiojomac

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Bilokill en action 🇻🇳 vietnam vietnamwarmuseum hochiminh saigon

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Vietnam so far! Ho Chi Minh is by far the most hectic city I've ever been to. hochiminhcity vietnamwarmuseum cuchitunnels nhatrang waterfalls vietnam

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Vietnam hochiminh vietnamwarmuseum

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A well-documented museum for understanding Vietnamese war experiences, and its scarred aftermath conveyed via bone-chilling photos from some of the best international war correspondents - Nick Ut and Larry Burrows. 🇻🇳 🙏 One couldn’t help wonder if there were Americans among visitors, and if they realise what their country did was immoral, inhumane at its worst. vietnamwar vietnamwarmuseum larryburrows lifemagazine nickut hochinminh mustsee makelovenotwar

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En undrar om topplocket sitter här under på den här maskinen. @matterik69 du har väl koll på det, du gillar ju sånt här? För övrigt otroligt starka bilder och berättelser från ett vidrigt krig. vietnamwarmuseum saigon

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All these planes where taken down by the Vietnamese. vietnamwarmuseum planes collectionofplanes planecrash

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Foto by Goro Nakamura CA Mau 6.5.1976 goronakamuravietnamwarvietnamw tnamwarmemorialbadtimesadtimew timewarishellvietnamwarmuseums

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Amputee & Comforters 🇻🇳 vietnamwarmuseum war museum vietnam saigon hochiminhcity hochiminh warremnantsmuseum amputee warvictims veteran vietnamwar 1960s travel memorial wound vietcong

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Day 14 in Vietnam Vikan päivän kattopooli brunat ja sit käytiin sivistää itseemme sotamuseossa. Teki terää kun lukio todistuksen hissan numerot pyörivät sielä 5-6 tuntumassa 😅visitvietnam vietnam hochiminhcity saigon rooftoppool libertycentralriverside vietnamwarmuseum warremnantsmuseum worthofvisit

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Heard so much of the Nam war all my life that seeing this remnants museum was really enlightening! vietnamwarmuseum saigon hochiminhcity vietnam travelandliving livingandlearning seetheworldthroughmyeyes instalike instafollow

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vietnam hanoi vietnamwarmuseum

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Saigon. vietnam vietnamwarmuseum makelovenotwar

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Day of culture in Hanoi. 🇻🇳 VietnamWarMuseum Vietnam

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War Remnants Museum pt2 vietnam vietnamwarmuseum

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War Remnants Museum pt1 vietnam vietnamwarmuseum

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More of the huge ass bombs vietnam vietnamwarmemorial vietnamwarmuseum atomicbomb vietnamtrip love makelovenotwar shiftcam wideanglelens danialgiantphotography

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Images from the Vietnam War at the museum in Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh vietnam vietnamwarmuseum travel travelphotography travellingislife iwanttoseetheworld travelbug hochiminhcity itwillalwaysbesaigontome photography

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