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Gianluca Bellotti


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Il Vietnam potrebbe diventare un paese importante..o almeno questa è la mia impressione..Good Bye Vietnam vietnamwar vietnamwarmuseum fujifilm fujifilmx30 warremnantsmuseum saigon hcmc

5 Hours ago
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Lategram Today we remember nearly 60,000 Australian men and women who served in the Vietnam War between 1962 and 1975, including 521 who lost their lives and more than 3000 who were wounded. Last Sunday I visited the National Vietnam Veterans War Museum on phillipisland victoria There were many stories of bravery and heroism, but as in any war, there were many stories bloodshed, tragedy and devastation. It was extremely moving walking through the displays, reading about conflict in another time; about conscription, about the bronze wrist bands sent to families of MIA, about how our veterans were treated on return, and talking to some of the veterans who volunteer as guides. The museum has an impressive collection and a fantastic interactive hologram that does a wonderful job of telling some of those stories from the Vietnam Era. Funnily enough, the Governor-General of Australia, His Excellency General Sir Peter Cosgrove AC MC was visiting at the same time! He himself also served in Vietnam, with 9RAR. Today, we will remember the fallen and give thanks to those who served. lestweforget vietnamwar vietnamwarmuseum veterans vietnamveterans

7 Hours ago
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Throw back to Nam 17! cuchitunnels nam vietnam travelgram travel fareast namwar instatravel vietnamwarmuseum tunnels

4 Days ago
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The most bias museum going vietnamwarmuseum hochiminhcity vietnam

5 Days ago
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Travelling is not always about the fun, but also to know the history of the places we visit. The things I saw in the Vietnam War Museum were heart breaking. VietnamWarMuseum VietnamWar AgentOrange Saigon

7 Days ago
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The cost of Vietnam war vietnamwar vietnamdiaries vietnamwarmuseum resilience humanity hochiminh costofwar respectforvietnam

7 Days ago
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Ano daw? vietnamwarmuseum signsthatmakemesmile

11 Days ago
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London supports Vietnam vietnam vietnamwarmuseum history sadtruths war fightforrights

16 Days ago
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When the power of love overcomes the love of power, only then will there be a chance for true peace. (Carnell Brown) zipposfromvietnam vietnamwarmuseum hanoivietnam wandertowonder happyfeet maiiam

17 Days ago
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I går fik vi den lille byrundtur med bla et besøg hos Street Ford Market. De bedste steget nudler jeg har smagt indtil videre 😋 Det er et sted der skal besøges igen. Derefter stod den på en drinks i spand (bogstavlig talt). Dagen i dag har været den mere officielle rundtur. Her besøgte vi paladset, Vietnam War Museum og et tempel i Chinatown. Dagen sluttede vi af med middag på en flydende restaurant hvor vi blev underholdt med traditionelt vietnamesisk musik. Det menneskelige hukommelseskort er fyldt godt op 😊 I morgen er det første dag på universitetet. Good night from Vietnam ❤ vietnam hochiminhcity summerschool eadania vietnampalace vietnamwarmuseum streetfood

18 Days ago
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First time here vietnam vietnamwar vietnamese vietnamwarmuseum

20 Days ago
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Vietnam War Museum . . . . . . . . vietnamwarmuse warmuseum hochiminhcity saigon vietnam travel explore adventure tank

25 Days ago
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Mike Poscablo マイク


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Vietnam War Museum . . . . . . vietnamwarmuseum warmuseum saigon vietnam travel explore adventure

25 Days ago
Mike Poscablo マイク (mike_poscability) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mike Poscablo マイク


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The Vietnam War Museum . . . . . . . . vietnam machinegun warmuseum saigon hochiminhcity vietnam explore adventure travel

25 Days ago
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Mijn dag zag er vandaag zo uit ongeveer... Het was een heerlijke dag! Samen met mijn kamergenoten gegeten en naar een rooftop gegaan voor een heerlijk uitzicht en een mooi begin van de avond. Vanmorgen met Han door HCMC gecrosst en daarna zelf nog door de stad gegaan. Lekker een desperado gedronken in de middag, was helemaal oververhit 😝 daar hoort een dorstlesser bij 🙈 twee flinke buien meegekregen van beiden ongeveer 15 minuten, daarna was het weer droog en even aangenaam 😊 Morgen naar de Mekong Delta. Heeft de eigenaresse van dit guesthouse voor me geregeld (top mens!). Ben benieuwd!! HCMC vietnamwarmuseum theviewrooftopbar cocktails desperado localfood riksja travellife tour

27 Days ago
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Get to the chopper! vietnam vietnamwar vietnamwarmuseum chopper helicopter war warmachine travelgram travelblogger travelphotography asia

29 Days ago
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U.S. tank from the Vietnam war. vietnam warmachine vietnamwar vietnamwarmemorial vietnamwarmuseum travelgram travelblogger travelphotography saigon hochiminhcity asia tank

29 Days ago
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Hanoian History . . . . HoChiMinh UncleHo BácHồ mosoleum museum vietnamwarmuseum hỏalòprison daps streetsessions

34 Days ago
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the art of vintage cinematography cinematography arriflex435 arriflex416 cinematographymuseum militaryphotography militaryreporters intertainment militaryvehiclemuseum militaryvehicleshow militaryvehicle armytruck beamishmuseum vietnamwarmemorial cambodiawarmuseum vietnamwarmuseum cinematographer cinematographymuseum cinematographymuseum cinematographyandfilm vintagecars

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Three different places In Vietnam and Cambodia that made me cry for 3 separate reasons learntalot wow vietnamwarmuseum vietnam coconutisland

38 Days ago
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vietnamwarmemorial vietnamwar vietnamwarmuseum helicopter huey hueyhelicopter belluh1 flair sunflair canon35mm canon5dmarkiii canon35mm14

38 Days ago
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HEAT TRANSFER PROCESS Custom by US Country Store, Taipei, Taiwan USMC vietnamwarmuseum

41 Days ago
Corrina Boydell-Mckinnel (corrinamckinnel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Corrina Boydell-Mckinnel


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Day 35: Ho Chi Minh visiting the Vietnam War Museum vietnamwarmuseum travelbuddies

48 Days ago
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"You had my curiosity. But now you have my attention". Guess I have to go back to that haystack and find Jackie, Stuntman Mike and the Hateful Eight. tarantino @xx @realquentinfanclub quentintarantino movies bestdirector iphone vietnamwarmuseum

48 Days ago
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U.S. B-52D Bomber, fallen in the night of December 27,1972 vietnamwarmuseum

49 Days ago
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Ashley Ware


Comment from Ashley Ware:

Interesting afternoon of education at the Vietnam War Museum in Ho Chi Minh City. Not afraid to admit I only made it 3/4 of the way round though as I was deeply upset and felt physically sick at the sight of the atrocities and barbaric war crimes committed against the Vietnamese people by the American Army. The stories and real life photography of civilians including women & children moments before soldiers simply sprayed them with machine gun fire was difficult to see. It's the first time I have educated myself on what exactly happened during the war and it wasn't a nice day tbh. Heartbreaking to see how generations of US Presidents can preach to world leaders about how to conduct themselves yet they are guilty of ordering the mass killings of millions of Vietnamese civilians using crop spraying techniques to spread the most deadly chemical agent known to man, Agent Orange. Absolutely disgusted after leaving the museum and I took a few hours to pick myself back up. Deffo needed a beer after seeing that. vietnamwar vietnamwarmuseum agentorange warcrimes sickeningfeeling warwhatisitgoodforabsolutelyno DropJagerNotBombs

51 Days ago
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Susie Campise


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Tour of Saigon with our amazing guide, Nghia. Enjoyed interesting history, fantastic culture and delicious cuisine. Didn't let heat, humidity or rain stop us 😂😂 check out slide show to see what this city offers 😊🇻🇳🛵 saigon vietnam history familytime gradtrip benthanhmarket banhmi vietnamwarmuseum traveladventures exploretheworld

58 Days ago
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Michael Carbon


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The War Remnants Museum gave me the chills. Their War Crimes Section really got my hair-raising with pictures depicting the horror of war. It was actually a little bit heavy to carry while inside the museum. WarRemnantsMuseum WarMuseum VietnamWar VietnamWarMuseum WarRemnants Vietnam VietnamDiaries Asia AsianCity AsianDiaries HoChiMinh Saigon

58 Days ago
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Michael Carbon


Comment from Michael Carbon:

US armored vehicles, artillery pieces, bombs and infantry weapons - Everything about war and the horrific effects on civilians can be found here at the War Remnants Museum in Vietnam. This museum is actually one-sided showing atrocities from the US forces during the Vietnam War.  Formerly, this was called as the Museum of Chinese and American War Crimes. WarRemnantsMuseum WarMuseum VietnamWar VietnamWarMuseum WarRemnants Vietnam VietnamDiaries Asia AsianCity AsianDiaries HoChiMinh Saigon

58 Days ago
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vietnam hochiminh vietnamwarmuseum ベトナムホーチミン戦争証跡博物館 初めてベトナムに来た時に衝撃を受けた。戦争は絶対ダメです。

63 Days ago
Nina Rubesa (nina_rubycakes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nina Rubesa


Comment from Nina Rubesa:

Entry 16 - The Vietnam war museum. This was a difficult experience. As you stare at the photos of a mother fleeing with her four children, dead soldiers being held by grieving friends and the aftermath of a body that's been hit with a grenade, you stare into the eyes of souls who have had to fear walking around their own hometown. This went on for 25 years. You see photos of the people who have been born with birth defects you can't even begin to imagine, all because of the chemicals that were sprayed over the land. Currently so much horror can be found in the world and it reminds me how lucky I am. We are lucky to have the opportunities we have. I think of all the lives that have been robbed from people. Taken. Without any hesitation. Don't waste yours. Use your life well. Live boldly. Take more chances. Take a chance on yourself. Do something that matters to you. Love more people. Be kinder. Be brave. Be more patient. Spend your life exceeding your own expectation. solotravel vietnamwar vietnam hochiminhcity southeastasia instagramblog blogger dowhatyoulove takechances bebold bedauntless believeinyourself vietnamwarmuseum togetherwestand takeachanceonyou

67 Days ago
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14 days travelling from Hanoi to Saigon. Involved around 50 hours of night busses and a severe lack of sleep but made up with some incredible veggie food and landscapes. 40 years later this painting is still all too relevant. vietnam vietnamwarmuseum travel travelphotography backpacking

67 Days ago
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🙌🏼 Vietnam war museum hochiminh vietnam vietnamwarmuseum

68 Days ago