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Simone Elliot


Comment from Simone Elliot:

This was one of the very tame pieces of photography I found in Ho Chi Minh's Vietnamese War Museum yesterday, but with a still powerful message. A lot of the photography showed people begging not to be killed, people with horrifying injuries or people already dead, charred from bombs or otherwise. It also showed the effects of 'Agent Orange' which the US sprinkled over the country, something that leads to terrible birth defects and worse even in the 4th generations of people who were living during the war. I must admit the museum may have been slightly biased and only an account of the Vietnamese side, and possibly painting a picture of the US as absolutely evil. However, seeing the amount of money spent on the war, the deaths of innocent civilians and militaries and the destruction of the country, regardless of which side were more ferocious, I think it's safe to say war is totally stupid. Who is it helping when people are dying and so much destruction is happening? It's definitely not the civilians and public anyway. It made my stomach twist thinking that in Syria, and other places right now, we still haven't learned our lesson and are still using violence to fight violence, and I think its an immature and unnecessary way to combat conflict. It's so easy for us in our safe little countries to deny all the horror happening to other human beings around us. No matter where we are from, we are all human beings. war vietnamwar vietnamwarmuseum violence lovenotwar peace antiwar america

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Amirthen Sivam


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Comment from Sefa İLBAY:

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Aaron Ward


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Muhammad Jellanie


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Full Time World Traveller 🌎🏄🏼🏂


Comment from Full Time World Traveller 🌎🏄🏼🏂:

I usually don't go to museums, but the Vietnam War Museum was a brutal, interesting and shocking experience. I must admit I didn't know very much about it, but I do know. After being to some of the concentration camps in Europe, I can confirm that this was as terrifying. The violence, torture, killing of innocent (and the list goes on) goes beyond imagination. RIP! vietnamwar saigon hochiminhcity warremnantsmuseum vietnamwarmuseum

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Alexey Fedotenkov


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Australian War Museum at Phillip Island Victoria.. $15 to get him well worth the price and the experience to have a look back on some of our recent history.. LifeProsperityTV vietnam war australianarmy Vietnamwarmuseum

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Jamie Killmier


Comment from Jamie Killmier:

Vietnam War Museum, what an incredible and emotional place to visit. vietnamwarmuseum

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Comment from Angel:

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Mz. J


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Xavier Raj


Comment from Xavier Raj:

War Museum is must visit place when you are in Saigon... saigon hochiminhcity vietnam vietnamwar vietnamwarmuseum

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Xavier Raj


Comment from Xavier Raj:

It is my dream come true today to be next to HUEY... saigon huey vietnam vietnamwar vietnamwarmuseum

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Mochilla Adventures


Comment from Mochilla Adventures:

A tank from the Vietnam war remnants museum. Learning about the horrors & atrocities that occurred during the war was a very moving experience. If you're ever in Ho Chi Minh city, we would really recommend visiting this wonderful museum! vietnamwar Vietnamwarmuseum asia museum

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Comment from binkypsiddayao:

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Marianne Eske Hansen


Comment from Marianne Eske Hansen:

Efter nogle alvorlige eftermiddags timer på museet for Vietnam krigen. Måtte vi have noget stærkere end glasnudler og ris 😜hardrockcafe saigon vietnamwarmuseum

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Comment from Hweeying:

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Megan Oliver


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Deven Hwang


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