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Bismillahi Majreha wa Mursaha inna Robbi la ghafururrohiim

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Comment from Angelo Rosales:

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Blue is the colour of my soul, bad times breaking up my life lines.

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Comment from Matt:


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Comment from Ivan Murillo:

Throwback to the few times that I take pictures for an event makes me kick it up a notch👔 #throwbackthursdays

2 Minutes ago

Надеюсь, меня сегодня ждёт хороший день.

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Comment from Paul dela Merced:

Our bedsheet principle is simple: If the fabric is not good enough to wear, we will not use it. We use 100% Tencel. It is the new age fiber; the new cotton. From its environment-friendly production process to the extraordinary touch and anti-bacterial feature, this is revolutionary luxury textile is something you must own now. Photographed, Creative Directed, and #styledbypauldelamerced for #decqoo. Shot in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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Comment from July:

On the bright side of the street. Когда-то даже прочитала книгу только из-за того, что она называлась "На солнечной стороне улицы". Очень почему-то опять чувствуется весна #filmphotography #amazingisfarawayfromcitytower

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Comment from Brando Yelavich:

This was the day I changed my life by becoming the first to explore the entire coast of New Zealand by foot! I am not who I am today without being helped! I appreciate all the love and support I have had from each and every person who has had an influence on my life thanks for your love ✌🏻️ #gowild #staywild

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