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Comment from The Amrielle Assembly:

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Comment from t.xniz:

Nightmares, high life, sleepy, night night. Flashes, spotlight, pull up, Nice guy. Help it, please. Beast, beast it, bite me, ride me, strike me, indict me. Snipe it, swipe it, rapper, trapper. I'm lit, like Nick, white bitch, she thick. Pulled out the hood, toyota, drove back to the hood, Lambo. Crushed xans, crushed xans in my soda. Riding around the city with my eyes closed. Crazy girls got it popping, AOD got it popping. Tryna text my accountant ain't no service in the mountains (STRAIGHT UP! )

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Comment from Marianna Buono 🐍:

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Comment from Karolina Ribeiro:

already missing u

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Comment from Jarred Hedley:

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Comment from Nina:

С Крещением, друзья! ❄💫💦❣

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