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A good read

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. เป็นการเข้าใจโดยระดับบุลคล.'-' _______________________

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We like to track down the best coffee

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EST 1999🙈

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((Sorry guys I'm just having a decent self-esteem period)) 1. #NBK put that on my life js fav shirt ever 2. Having all math-based classes is already eating me alive damn I understand now 3. You prob'ly got a laundry list of other girls on the side but I'm too late to warn this one and I don't have the energy for "oh nah it's different this time." That's what we all say. We all think it'll be different. We're all wrong. I love this song so much and I felt like I related to it in a badass kind of way (every girl wants to slay at a dance and every girl wants to slay a test, y'know?) and I'll keep listening to it that way, but really it just reminds me of what you're doing; it puts it into words: "Shell cases on the kitchen floor. / I don't love 'em, / not anymore. / Say it's been a long time, / the wrong time. / Fuck it, baby now you're all mine. // I don't love 'em like I used to. / Setting up my next kill— / thought that you knew." I didn't know. 4. But fuck ^that^. I'm . I'm stronger than someone who needs to deal with that crap. { #vsco #vscocam #vscousa #vscofade #vscoonly #vscoluv #vscophile #vscofilm #vscofocus #vscolight #iphoneonly #t1 #t1filter #selfie #confidence #lyrics #blueeyes }

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Don't Need Forgiveness

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Sol de Invierno // Javiera Mena - Gepe 🌅

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