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Comment from Ann:

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2 Hours ago

Patricia Gaspar


Comment from Patricia Gaspar:

"Don't believe them you can't."🎓✨ Thank you G! you're always the best.😇 - - - vsco vscofilm vscolove vscomemories vscogram vscoph vscouk vscogood

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Comment from Arina:

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16 years old👸💖


Comment from 16 years old👸💖:

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Comment from Лиза:

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12 Hours ago

Chen Raleen Parra


Comment from Chen Raleen Parra:

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16 Hours ago

Steven Mathew


Comment from Steven Mathew:

"And at last, I felt complete." Photo by Germaine. So this picture was taken during our second day. SCSC is just so mesmerizing and I can't help but to fall in love with the place, yet be willing to find God in my life. This experience will never be forgotten for it shall not perish like any other things. I'll surely treasure it and all those people who have been a part of my retreat - from those who send me retreat letters, to my roommates. So much love. visualsoflife photography memories vscohub vscomemories blessed vsco vscom vscoph retreat happiness visualstory creativevisual wanderlust moments memories baguiocity ootd vscoootd

17 Hours ago

Steven Lee


Comment from Steven Lee:

Two years ago today, Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away. The week of national mourning that followed was a landmark in our nation building, and in developing a Singapore identity. Time passes quickly, and now we are at the first anniversary. We are marking this day by celebrating Mr Lee’s life and looking forward. Many groups all over Singapore are holding events to commemorate his values and his life work. We are all rededicating ourselves to Mr Lee’s lifelong passion – Singapore. remembering leekuanyew twoyears ago passed away national mourning singapore singaporeans anniversary celebrating oldmemories lifelong passion insta instalove instasg vsco vscolove vscomemories vscosg

17 Hours ago

Princess Earl Norberte


Comment from Princess Earl Norberte:

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17 Hours ago

Tayaba Iftikhar


Comment from Tayaba Iftikhar:

I was trying to find my external drive - but found something else. I had completely forgotten about the envelope that had all my cards from the museums and galleries I visited during my stay in the UK. In the beginning, I had only bought these to send them to different people. And then perhaps I forgot? But it is a rather nice reminder of a place that almost feels like a dream now.

18 Hours ago

Denise Alexine


Comment from Denise Alexine:

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16 years old👸💖


Comment from 16 years old👸💖:

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16 years old👸💖


Comment from 16 years old👸💖:

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Comment from Arina:

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1 Days ago

Rolly Mar Delos Angeles


Comment from Rolly Mar Delos Angeles:

At the end of the day, I'm always end up being alone. I wish I could turn back the time and days when there was someone beside me. Someone I can rely on. Someone I can share with my unworthy stories. Someone who understands my mood swings. Someone who I called best friend. vsco vscam vscoblog vscosunset vscopic instalike instatravel instatraveler vscotraveler bestfriend vscomemories likeforlike followforfollow instafollow

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Comment from lastHello:

Managing your digital bequest is becoming increasingly important! Not many people think about their digital legacy. This is due to our irregular lifestyle and the fact that death remains a taboo topic. Unfortunately, death is omnipresent. Illness, road accidents, environmental catastrophes, terrorist attacks and many other events line the statistics of unexpected causes of death. Learn more: Link in bio ~~~ vscocam vsco vscogram vscogood vscogrid vscodaily vscomoment vscoeurope vscorussia vscogermany vscogallery vscomemories justgoshoot instagram instamood instagood instadaily instamoments instagramers bequest lasthello lasthelloapp clouds инстаграмнедели такяснимаю river volga sunset

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Comment from Arina:

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👑Eleonora Tuscany/Italy


Comment from 👑Eleonora Tuscany/Italy:

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Comment from ASYA:

Когда я только ехала в Питер, думала,что при первом одиночном выезде в центр, меня охватит паника и дальше чем Невский проспект, я не уйду. Но как показала практика, в этом городе я чувствую себя более уверенно чем в Пензе. Эта поездка становится для меня большим опытом и маленькой радостью. В голове столько мыслей и решений. Определенно это все идет мне на пользу. асякаксостояниедуши одиночествонепорок санктпетербург vscospb vscomemories vscopnz vscomoment followforfollow followme тытотктотыесть saintpetersburg

2 Days ago