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Comment from ✈️ KJ LEE:

스파르타로 빡센 여행을 마치고 도하홈 도착 공항에서 짐기다릴땐 뻔뻔하게 쌩얼셀피😎 . 여행 마무리 공항 셀피 피곤 지침 그래도 다시 힘내서 놀러 갔더랬지 selfie airport waiting for baggages exhausted but homesweethome

7 Seconds ago
Jheng Syun Lin (jhengsyun) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jheng Syun Lin


Comment from Jheng Syun Lin:

沒有辦法選擇在怎麼樣的時間點遇見每個人,也沒有如果,更沒有時光機可以回到過去,只能選擇相信命運在不同的時間安排的每個邂逅都有專屬的意義,然後相信著緣分,把握著機會,努力著,不再給人生留下後悔,自己想守護的不論多久都不願放手。 152days waiting soulmate believe

30 Seconds ago
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Jagadeesh Sathish


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waiting a long queueMadagascar

48 Seconds ago
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rohit sharma🔵


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styledwithclass look classy adorable sad waiting for someone heartbroken single alone bemine blackandwhite photoshoots love peace hate followme instamood rohitsharma06 nehakakkar

2 Minutes ago
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Carolyn Park


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white wall mondayblue mondayagain waiting light click switch cafe hongdae .... on off

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Voyage Voyage trip abudhabi airport travel from rome to kathmandu waiting for sister etihad

4 Minutes ago
Mughny El. Afwa Astitisar (kadanggaring_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mughny El. Afwa Astitisar


Comment from Mughny El. Afwa Astitisar:

Waiting you for what??? . . . . . fun art funart waiting stupidgirl nothing antipanjatpanjatsosial rightnow likeforlike drawing painting

5 Minutes ago
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funnygirlny ☮️


Comment from funnygirlny ☮️:

CRISIS...poor marie crisis in waiting shes hesitating vocalizing socializing onetime stopby sayhi singout sisters misters twistedsister greenwichvillage westside thestories 💛🔥💛newyorkcity nightlife

5 Minutes ago
Tung Tran (tung.lity) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tung Tran


Comment from Tung Tran:

Should the government carry on the city-tree breakdown plan, it is advisable that we enjoy the shades and peace as much as possible when we still could. art guy instaguy photography roadside reading bythecoffeeshop afterrain malemodel jeans shooting waiting younglife energetic lifephotography instamood cinematic alone likepainting portrait maleportrait

6 Minutes ago
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Comment from プミラ:

ナデナデしてほしいのにな〜🐶してくれないなら寝ちゃおうっと💤 ドトール dogcafe onthecouch doginbag waiting dog doglover papillon papillonlove papillonlife instapapillon instadog ilovemydog smalldog sweetdog funnydog socute kawaii いぬ 犬 愛犬 パピヨン パピヨン部 🐶 かわいい犬 キュート 癒しわんこ

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Yuyu (Yuan Sanjose/JAyos)


Comment from Yuyu (Yuan Sanjose/JAyos):

If you stay, stay forever. If you go, do it today. If you change, change for the better. If you talk, make sure you mean what you say... 😐 yuansays yuanmoments holdingon beach foreversummer sexyback shore waiting sexyback mema lookingforward puertogalera triceps

6 Minutes ago
Yg Aman Gupta (yg_aman_gupta) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yg Aman Gupta


Comment from Yg Aman Gupta:

waiting for you i_hope_you_will_come_back

7 Minutes ago
Kristian Ruben (christ_ben) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kristian Ruben


Comment from Kristian Ruben:

Met kfc waiting

7 Minutes ago
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⏳⏳⏳waiting carWash Sunday theweeknd Melanin Blackness Attitude chillax benzo mb nascar fastandfurious

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Comment from happy_mj2:

손세차하러 내가 애용하는 미쉐린타이어 세차장으로 고고.... 미세먼지가 옥에 티지만.. 그래도 날이 좋아서... 오늘은 고객 대기실이 아닌, 밖에서 손세차 하는거 바라봄~~ 역쉬 오늘도 꼼꼼히 블링블링 반딱반딱~~~ . . . 왼쪽 사진은 바람불어 머리가 얼굴을 가렸네.. 바람머리~~잠실 손세차 미쉐린타이어세차장 기다림 근로자의날 날씨좋은날 일상 데일리 셀피 daily selfie waiting photooftheday

8 Minutes ago
Shadon Meredith (shadonm02) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shadon Meredith


Comment from Shadon Meredith:

WAITING | Written and Performed by @shadonm02 | Directed by @ameliajanereid | 3rd of MAY | 6:30pm | Nelson Refinery Art Space | @nelsonfringefestival 💯 | blessings @hammer0773 VictoryBoxing for the use of the space and for training us 🥊🙏🏾🌺 | WAITING 🍂

8 Minutes ago
Patricia 💞 (patricias29) Instagram Photos and Videos

Patricia 💞


Comment from Patricia 💞:

Ready for take off ✈️😍 airport adventure roadtrip sanfrancisco excited waiting trip sun instagood travel traveltheworld maggiundpatricia

8 Minutes ago
Çh Ãñ Dú (__chandu_______) Instagram Photos and Videos

Çh Ãñ Dú


Comment from Çh Ãñ Dú:

🙆🙆 ...MrNg.. VibEs... 🙆🙆 morningtimewaitingforchunkygrassyymorningdewsno🚫me😌importa🙈nada💪vacationdiariesinstainstagoodinstadailyinstalifehatersplsfkoff..

8 Minutes ago
Anggi Faizal (anggifaizall) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anggi Faizal


Comment from Anggi Faizal:

Pengen jajan lagi bokek. ya udah bengong aja. weekend vocation jalanjalan waiting walkingday kece cihampelas bandung jawabarat HAHA

9 Minutes ago
Julia Indah S (juliaindah.s) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julia Indah S


Comment from Julia Indah S:

Girl In Black JustMeBlackStyleKualanamuAirportStarbucksDepannyaAjaGakpapaCoffeeWaitingBrotherFamily

9 Minutes ago
The Fathomed Constellations (thefathomedconstellations) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Fathomed Constellations


Comment from The Fathomed Constellations:

Waiting for You instapost instagood instalike likeforlike likeforfollow like4follow followforfollow followme followers poem buddingwriter instagram picsart wordpress blog blogger dailyupdate pleasefollow pleaselike pleaselikeme pleaselikemyphoto wait waiting foryou you

9 Minutes ago
MaiEl De Pawanalo (maiel_peemai) Instagram Photos and Videos

MaiEl De Pawanalo


Comment from MaiEl De Pawanalo:

Rush backpack backpacker trip Taiwan travel vacation photooftheday picoftheday train picoftheday holiday highspeed asia asian life trainstation waiting happy ontheway transportation happytime iphone iphonephotography lifestyle beautiful vscocam vsco photographer throwback wonderful enjoy life

10 Minutes ago
I'm Prithivi😎 (jpr_mechon_2401) Instagram Photos and Videos

I'm Prithivi😎


Comment from I'm Prithivi😎:

💖🎂Happy Bday My dear thala!!!😍 💖💖Luvvvv Uuuu Thala✌😁 thalahardworkeronemanarmybelovedinfaithmay1birthdaycelebrationlotlovewaitingvivegambillapicmyeditstext

11 Minutes ago
Ella Lehaf (ellatraveller) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ella Lehaf


Comment from Ella Lehaf:

takemeback newzealand waiting travel explore reflect transition nature beauty life

11 Minutes ago
Sooraj Budathoki (3arthboy1993) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sooraj Budathoki


Comment from Sooraj Budathoki:

Life is short why should we feel guilty. Chill b FREEDOM Struggle waitinG CAREFREE

11 Minutes ago
Edwin Sutjipto (winz83) Instagram Photos and Videos

Edwin Sutjipto


Comment from Edwin Sutjipto:

Wefie time....while mommy fitting for her best friend wedding @iangel_id iangelbabies wefie fun happy happytime funtime waiting bandung indonesia

11 Minutes ago
Hoàng Tú (crying.over.you21) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hoàng Tú


Comment from Hoàng Tú:

So, forget the pass? sad tired feelingsick overthinking overdrunk alone pass forget alone waiting calling her

12 Minutes ago
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Comment from tzehan92:

Time to back…Bye Langkawi😎 waiting langkawiferry starbucks endholiday byelangkawi

12 Minutes ago
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Comment from D_12:

Mayday workout💪 waitingdaripadabengongfreshoutsidehealthyinsideprisma

12 Minutes ago
Amber Lashbaugh (ambergini_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amber Lashbaugh


Comment from Amber Lashbaugh:

Classy ass betch bighats classyaf selfie waiting instamodel youfancyhuh 🤳💋💅

12 Minutes ago
Van Lee Official (van_lee_official) Instagram Photos and Videos

Van Lee Official


Comment from Van Lee Official:

Wait for a sleep - dream theater waiting station tattoo purple gitarisuroboyo gitarisindonesia gitarisina jember crazytrain mrcrowley home surabaya dragontattoo dragon journey instagram mrcrowley

13 Minutes ago
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Comment from investor.memes:

I've currently got some shares of SPY and VTV, and they are the slowest gainers I swear. But hey, their past results aren't that bad, so I guess I'll be holding on to them. Also, I think I'll buy SSO if a major market sell-off does occur. ___ investor investing investingmemes ETF money waiting like4like followme

13 Minutes ago
sharifahizatulnadia (sharifahizatulnadia) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from sharifahizatulnadia:

Perut dah knyang..lpas ni p cari kropok plk..tpi org yg nak bawa p tu ada kat mna??? waiting

13 Minutes ago