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By: conspiracygod 👀The accuracy 💯🎯wakeup staywoke conscious slavery mind people usa america world worldwide revolutionary misguided selfhate ignorant culture conveinent struggle boondocks

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The Beauty of the Cats


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By conspiracygod 👀🤔💭 wakeup staywoke conscious blackpeople nra guncontrol blackpanther mulfordact 1967 ronaldreagan guns bill revolt interesting facts real truth

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Charlotte Rakowicz


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Dawn Bachand Coffey


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For those days when you just wake up & need to be reminded!! daretobefabulous wakeup&beawesome

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By conspiracygod Code named OperationNorthwoods, the plan, which had the written approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed to launch their war. Although no such war took place, the idea was not lost on General Lemnitzer But he and his colleagues were frustrated by Kennedy's failure to authorize their plan, and angry that had not provided an excuse to invade. Operation Northwoods called for a war in which many patriotic Americans and innocent Cubans would die senseless deaths, all to satisfy the egos of twisted generals back in Washington, safe in their taxpayer financed homes and limousines... "The public has a duty to watch its Government closely and keep it on the right track." --Lieutenant Gen. Kenneth A. Minihan, USAF, Director, NSA, NSA Newsletter, June 1997. depopulation killuminati anonymous tupac Johnfkennedy assatashakur Malcolmx sheeple angeladavis hueypnewton neverforget cointelpro khalidmuhammad truthseeker conscious staywoke wakeup jetfuelcantmeltsteelbeams amerikkka whistleblower fidelcastro

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Collana lunga versatile perché si può mettere a diversi giri oppure lunga così,bracciale a spirale abbinato e orecchini handmade unici e soli,ecco un completo con i 🎀awake bed breakfast day daytime early earlybird fresh GetInstaLike gettingready goingout goodmorning instagood instamorning morn morning photooftheday ready refreshed sky sleepy sluggish snooze sunrise sunshine tired wake wakeup wakingup work

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Minista Chuuch


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RePost @malak_shair_shalawam 👉👉👉Straight from the horse's mouth Ahyam (Family) !!! Qam YASHARAHLA Yadah AH'HAYAH 12Tribes WakeUp Yadah YASHA

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Sara Staley


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arcadefire infinitecontent wakeup 🎶

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@jordiamat5 HashTags awake bed breakfast day daytime early earlybird gettingready goingout amat instagood instamorning mom morning photooftheday picoftheday ready sky realbetis sluggish snooze sunrise sunshine tired wake wakeup wakingup work Morning

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By conspiracygod 👀🎯 wakeup staywoke conscious people unite few many usa america world worldwide wehavepower power

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The Rabbit Static


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Repost @rebruising TrueStoryBro Education TeachersOfInstagram WakeUp Evolve SaveTheChildren SaveThePlanet LoveYourself LoveHarder TeachMe ITeachYou Spiritual TrainingGround OpenYourEyes UnseenBattle MondayMood MondayMotivation WeWantChange Love for all.. Transmute to love or it will consume you. Decide Dream WorldPeace

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goodmorning morning day daytime sunrise morn awake wakeup wake wakingup ready sleepy breakfast tired sluggish bed snooze instagood earlybird sky photooftheday gettingready goingout sunshine instamorning work early fresh refreshed❤️

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Constantly in the Quran, God asks humanity why they are so often blind to the signs of God around them. ﺧﺪاﻭﻧﺪ دایماً در قرآن از بشر میپرسدکه چرا نشانه های الهی ﺭا در اطراف خود نمیبیند. 🦋 Muslim Muslims Shia Shias Sunni Sharialaw religion religionofpeace Islam Quran Allah God religious creation Islamreligionofpeace AllahuAkbar stopIslamophobia Islamophobia wakeup Catholic Christian scriptures quotes instaquotes quotestagram quote USA

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Neha Sane


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Fog in Mumbai in the middle of October. If you think climate change and its consequences are faraway, think again. If you think it's a myth, smack your self, hard. nofilter wtf fog climatechange stupiditykills moronseverywhere wakeup sheeple mumbaidiaries getgoing changebeginswithyou omnious notdiwali strangertimes

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Most of us are living in a lie. I was too. And well, how do I know for sure that I am not still living a lie...? At least life feels more truthful and I am happier than ever before so I take it as a positive sign. Uploaded my awakening story on my YouTube-channel. Link is in the bio. wakeup spiritualawakening awakening awakeningstory youtube lies society findyourself loveyourself quotes motivationalquotes

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Coocoo for Cocoa Puffs! Breakfast of champions😂 monday morning breakfast cereal generalmills cocoa puffs kid instagood coffee wakeup workfromhome

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Alexander Hutwalker


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Trying the new high coffeine espresso from greenape. Really not bad :-) highCoffeine wakeUp KillMeQuick

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Comment from PHOTO MANIAC: 👈👈 FREE SIGN UP LINK (( Link In Bio)) GO CHECK IT OUT!!! LOOKING FOR 2 NEW COSTUMERS Thrive is wearable nutrition, a simple 3 step system you complete in the morning. The 3 steps help with weight management, ENERGY, mental , focus, joint function, cravings and curbs appetite. This product is the first of its kind bridging your nutritional gaps with derma fusion technology. goodmorning morning day daytime sunrise morn awake wakeup wake wakingup ready sleepy breakfast tired sluggish bed snooze instagood earlybird sky photooftheday gettingready goingout sunshine instamorning work early fresh refreshed

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第一次回家昏睡💤 驚醒哪種的 還擔心早上會晚起 發呆了幾分 work sleep wakeup shock

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Stefan Henning


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Wow!!! 😍 To be honest, it took us four attempts until we had this beautiful sunrise over Bagan. Four times getting up at 4:15 a.m. 😵 But it was worth the effort. We enjoyed every single sunrise here, but the last one was definitely the best overall! 🌄😎 Have you ever been to Bagan? No? You should, this place is magical!💫💫💫 . . . myanmar bagan sunriselovers backpacker travelphotography sunrise skyporn earlybird pagoda instadaily travelersoftheweek fujifilm wakeup travelwithme travelblogger reiseblog mothernature travelgram passionpassport moodygram traveldeeper travelstoke beautifuldestinations tlpicks morning beautifulcolors orange theweekoninstagram burma passionpassport

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Let's Raise Our Frequency


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@pamelaaaralyn joins me for a podcast and she dropped some serious knowledge about all things consciousness

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Ben Faust


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Perfect weekend in the woods with my 4M brothers!! Physically challenging, but great time for prayer and silence on the trail and being challenged. Many fires were rekindled and some being lit for the first time. One of my favorite weekends of the year! WAKEUP 100% 4M myBrothers

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The Rabbit Static


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If you want to make this place better, you better get on this... The outside won't evolve until our hearts do. FACT Truth Repost @nicole942413 SeriouslyThough LOA Manifestation Attract LikeAttractsLike YouAreTheForce Jedi WakeUp Energy Tesla 369 Awaken Create NewWorld of Love Peace SaveThePlanet HealYourself HealTheWorld Quotes

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Rachael Labender IFBB Pro


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This is how I felt during this mornings workout! Feeling lazy? Tune up that playlist 💪 consistency in your workouts pays off. Don’t quit! motivationmonday getmoving tunes itworks trust wakeup YG bestself hits bodybuildingcom teambodybuildingcom @bodybuildingcom

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one life. JUST DO IT!


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Fate whispers to the warrior you cannot withstand the storm. The warrior whispers back I am the STORM.quotes quoteoftheday positivevibes bringit Wakeup workoutworkhard Repeat justdoit 💕

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Francisco Pancho


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El problema no es el Lunes , el problema es tratar de salir de la cama con una sonrisa , pero todo se me pasa cuando sé que vienen días maravilloso de nuevas oportunidades. Decretando un futuro inmediato exitoso y positivo .... . . . happymonday wakeup goodenergy goodvibes fitness fitnessmodel lifestyle model veganfit panchef veganfitness venezolano veganathlete photoshoot miami photography .

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∞ εxplor3 my s0ul's m¡nd ॐ


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soulgasm oneness wokeaf starseed indigochild spirituality source innerpeace love nature stars humanity wakeup awakening universe higherconsciousness art pinealgland thirdeye sacredgeometry vibes lightworker ascension enlightenment rEVOLution consciousness mindfulness namaste chakras eyeamawakened

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Luiz Fernando Christo


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Nem sempre vai ser só cerveja coffee wakeup takeat

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Despertar con gratitud y optimismo, a conquistar el día!!!! wakeup morning pinklioness pinkhair pinklife

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David Brown


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Monday...enough already....let’s get it started I guess... wakeup coffeetime coffeetalk bigweekahead justwanttochill psyched4friday instagay woof scruffy mauilife sharingthealoha

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Monday mood... metz paris luxembourg stolen blackandwhite bedtime wakemeup letmesleep wakeup bedroom instagood feelgood positivevibes goodmorning morning goodnight sleep sexy nude latergram picoftheday me frenchgirl

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