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Comment from Rianna:

goodmorning morning day daytime sunrise morn awake wakeup wake wakingup ready sleepy breakfast tired sluggish bed snooze instagood earlybird sky photooftheday gettingready goingout sunshine instamorning work early fresh refreshed

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Bakka 😊💀💪 (chamikaakila) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bakka 😊💀💪


Comment from Bakka 😊💀💪:

Lv U Pana.. ❤️😘🙈💦 @yt.ona goodmorning morning day daime sunrise morn awake wakeup wake wakingup ready sleepy breakfast tired sluggish bed snooze instagood earlybird sky photooftheday gettingready goingout sunshine instamorning work early fresh refreshed

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Truth is freedom. (flatearthawakening) Instagram Photos and Videos

Truth is freedom.


Comment from Truth is freedom.:

I wish this were true. I did for over 40 years. But I have come to see the impossibility of ot along with why they did it. Please research "moonlanding hoax" if you would like to conduct your own research. flatearth globeisalie research researchflatearth nasalies wakeup exitthematrix truth flatearthisreal freethought moonlandinghoax think antarctica antarctictreaty bible

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Mathias Wiench


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KERP ME AWAKE 😱😴🙈 ... - - - - - - - goodmorning morning day TagsForLikes daytime sunrise morn awake wakeup wake wakingup ready sleepy cocacolazero tired sluggish bed snooze instagood earlybird drink photooftheday gettingready coke cocacola instamorning work early fresh refreshed

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🌊Hannah Kirkelie 🌊🌴🍉 (fit_modelsmotivation) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌊Hannah Kirkelie 🌊🌴🍉


Comment from 🌊Hannah Kirkelie 🌊🌴🍉:

I use aids hearing and help me awake up and time going the gym 😎💋✌ aidshearingaidssexygirsl pantieswakeuppinkqueennobraday fitnessmotivationfitnessfitgir

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Lilia Alvarado


Comment from Lilia Alvarado:

NEW TIME FOR SATURDAY!!!! 9am for $10- DANCE IT OFF STUDIOS. 6080 Sandy Springs Circle• Sandy Springs GA 30328.... Where my early birds at!! Ayyyyyeeee MI❌❌ED FIT!!! mixxedfit mftribe peopleinspired bootcamp toningwakeupgetgoing explosiveearlybirdsriseandgrin mixxedfitismybaesandyspringssw ngssweatNsmilespositivevibesgo

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matt went


Comment from matt went:

Everyone should chai a @5dimebagel cause they are so good. (Sorry the pun was required.)

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Trees If You Please (treesifyouplease) Instagram Photos and Videos

Trees If You Please


Comment from Trees If You Please:

Eclipse hangovers. eclipse2017 eclipsalypse naptime treesifyouplease fathersontime familytime wakeup

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Comment from El:

When you are blinded by illusions you will never truly overstand...wakeup you're in a dream

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Ray 🐳


Comment from Ray 🐳:

你多久沒有睡到自然醒了🐷🐷🐷 豪爽 wakeup sleepy picoftheday

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Do u playa! Do u!🔥🔥🔥💯dontwait hustle gangsta lamborghini entrepreneur win wechat wakeup thehunger

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The only reason we believe the earth is round is because the all's well model has been shoved down our throat's ever since we could understand the concept of around earth. Do your research My flat earther buddy who's just starting out give him a follow 👆🏻 @planusearth - - - anonymous peace violence love hate savethetrees environment corruption fuckthesystem fuckthegovernment fuckthemedia medialies cannabis eatwell freethinker awakened humanity education research meditation thirdeye poverty peacemaker wakeup knowledge facts truth woke freedom hemp

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Nishant Arora


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Rise up with a cuppa happiness, a strong cappuccino ;) coffeelover coffee coffeetime coffeemorning goodmorning morning morningpost coffeepost coffeearoma coffeeaddict coffeetable strongcoffee cappuccino caffeine instacoffeelovers butfirstcoffee riseup risenshine cuppacoffee wakeup behappy myspicejournal drink morningmotivation

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sofia waapiti ra 🌀 (livingonlight) Instagram Photos and Videos

sofia waapiti ra 🌀


Comment from sofia waapiti ra 🌀:

LIVE IN THE 5th DIMENSION 💓 where experience is knowing, understanding is merely conceptual, so stop trying to understand everything & get on with living the experience 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 ~ sofia waapiti ra surrender breatharian transformation trust spiritual art nature imagination poetry white inspire quotes meditation higherconsciousness yoga crystals consciousness enlightenment ascension starseed newearth indigo travel alien awareness awakening mindfulness wakeup stars 5d

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Jeff -  NYC 🚖 iPhone 4S/5S/6/7 (j2lost) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jeff - NYC 🚖 iPhone 4S/5S/6/7


Comment from Jeff - NYC 🚖 iPhone 4S/5S/6/7:

Victoria-By-The-Sea is such a lovely enchanting seaside village. Many locals across Prince Edward Island commented that during the solar eclipse yesterday (when this shot was taken) produced low tides the likes of which they have rarely seen such as this seen where one could walk from the village straight across red sand and seaweed for around 400m -- fairly trippy. Endless snails, mussels and micro-crustaceans and sea creatures of all types abounded kissed by rivulets of sea water and the sun. Thank you PEI. travelphotography pei princeedwardisland travelcanada landscapemoment clouddreams calmbeforethestorm landscapephotography quiettime euphoriamorning totaleclipse bonnietyler wakeup sunrise ecliptical peaceandquiet meadow magicalmoment wildflowers

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Comment from ATOM WARLOK:

Rp @hotibaroti wakeup wearechange anon anonymous love truth conscious expansion weareone savetheworld rEVOLution family brotherhood family research love AtomWarlok hiphop raptivism bars love thinkforyourself peace bushcrimefamily 911insidejob

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The PULP Cafe (thepulpcafe) Instagram Photos and Videos

The PULP Cafe


Comment from The PULP Cafe:

It wakes me up :) singleorigincoffee filtercoffee ethiopia singleorigin v60 wakeup perthcity goodmorningperth goodcoffee perthcoffee smallbatch melbournecoffee

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Fareena Jx (fareenabarneyandbones) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fareena Jx


Comment from Fareena Jx:

Bedtime snuggles with my baby, Barney! cats catsofinstagram catstagram kitties mybabies love universe worldpeace sociallyinfected lovewillprevail lovewillsavetheworld allah christ universe consciousness thirdeye wakeup loveyourself alien aliens👽

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You're seeing full blown mass hysteria. Orwellian nightmare. When is enough, enough? Sanity? Hello? Sanity....hello? The media is pure poison. espn robertlee robertelee sjw libtards 1984 orwell masshysteria civilwar statues maga donaldtrump trump usa america wakeup propaganda propagandist red dixie insane insanity fakenews veryfakenews cnnisisis evil msm nwo

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H.L. (truthconspiraciesanddeceit) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from H.L.: acdcACDCbonftmFTMSrockindiepu diepunkgothheavymetalguitar60s ar60s70s80srocklegendsaxlroseg rosegunsnrosesgunsnrosesfanwak

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🐻 (jing850113) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🐻:

🖖🏻 有照顧好自己 生理心理都是 所以沒有哪裡需要貼OK蹦 謝謝歐巴 麻醉風暴2 wakeup

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Jalisa Reed (maiilokomai) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jalisa Reed


Comment from Jalisa Reed:

You're doing just fine, so stop being so damn hard on yourself 😌✨💛👍👍👍👍👍 . . quotes write qootd author hard selflove shawtyfine writes spirituality higherself highestgood change inner bekind opinions innertalk listen selftalk brave writer excellent goodjob takeiteasy awakening woke wakeup thirdeye intuition

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Wan Aslynn (wan_aslynn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wan Aslynn


Comment from Wan Aslynn:

goodmorning lovelies. wakeup and smell the coffee ❤ it's midweek already foamy mocha coffeeporn drinks drinkporn ilovemyhashtags

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Mikos Mikos (lereunionais) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mikos Mikos


Comment from Mikos Mikos:

"Le monde appartient à ceux qui se lèvent à l'heure où je me couche." 974✌🏼️🌺🌴 sunrise 6am morning goodday reunionisland 974 sky wakeup HuaweiP8

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Roopa Lahari (lahariroopa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Roopa Lahari


Comment from Roopa Lahari:

Peekaboo! We're half way through!! 🏃🏻‍♀️midweek goodmorningpost boomerang wakeup riseandgrind

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Franklyn Salvatore (fr8vb) Instagram Photos and Videos

Franklyn Salvatore


Comment from Franklyn Salvatore:

Just another pic of the death star passing over our sun ⚫ surewasntthemoonwakeup

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Going Private 🔜 Follow Me 👆🏼👆🏼 (basic_bitch_humor) Instagram Photos and Videos

Going Private 🔜 Follow Me 👆🏼👆🏼


Comment from Going Private 🔜 Follow Me 👆🏼👆🏼:

The Struggle is soo Real!!! 😳😩😴😩 earlybird nightowl exhausted pigeon earlymorning earlymornings early morning night cantsleep nosleep tired exhausted sleepy upallnight nightlife sleep sleeping bed bedtime cant wakeup thestruggle truth life facts relatable truestory true mylife repost Tag a Friend and Follow Me @basic_bitch_humor @basic_bitch_humor

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Fa 🌸 (fa_lee_x) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fa 🌸


Comment from Fa 🌸:

What to do when there's typhoon... SLEEP!! . . . . morning wakeup hooman pomeranianmum pomeranian puppy puppylove yawn sleepy onemoreday tbt dog sweet cute tired followme instagood dogsofinstagram hkig 毛小孩 pomeranianworld doglover 打風 typhoon

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Animal Revenge ✔️🐼 (animalrevenge) Instagram Photos and Videos

Animal Revenge ✔️🐼


Comment from Animal Revenge ✔️🐼:

Repost @armyofvegans ( @get_repost) ・・・ "So we pay for hidden slaughter, til we've addicted sons and daughters, to our habit of eating the dead" Repost from @theveganleo. PART 1 via M.E King on YouTube wakeup foodie paleo cute cocktails beer love fitness fitnessinspiration dogsofinstagram makeup gameofthrones puppiesofinstgram animalrights dogsofinstagram raw vegan wanderlust travel travelluxury

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Erin Nicole (eriin_nicoole) Instagram Photos and Videos

Erin Nicole


Comment from Erin Nicole:

wakeup natural meditation love woke enlightenment enlighten energy nature

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Ridwanda Haris (ridwandaharis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ridwanda Haris


Comment from Ridwanda Haris:

Guten morgen...let's set a goal that makes you want to jump out of the bed in the morning....Bissmillah.... riseandshine bandungbanget wakeup goodmorning

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Tana Millán (tanamf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tana Millán


Comment from Tana Millán:

Que todo fluya y nada influya 😘 vivir exito estilodevida experiencia próximamente business life live libertad fancy emprendedor mente wakeup wakeupnow openyoureyes openyourheart openyourmind cute😍

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Comment from Concertdosis:

I always wondered how a new born laynestaley screamed in his crib?! Probably a beautiful sound to behold! Happy 50th birthday! A year ago today, PearlJam held their 2nd of 2 shows at WrigleyField and mid-set, EddieVedder @eddie_vedder acknowledged Layne's bday! Perfect!aliceinchains madseason above wakeup would? grundge concertdosis

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