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Vietnam HoChiMinhCity WarRemnantsMuseum Tank NightVibes

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Day 22: Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City); War Remnants Museum - an incredibly sobering experience vietnam asia hochiminhcity hochiminh city asiaadventure travel travelling travelabroad journey tefl museum war warmuseum warremnants warremnantsmuseum helicopter warhelicopter tank wartank history tourist

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こんにちは。フォーがまずいです。つらすぎます。さっさと次の国 vietnam hochiminh warremnantsmuseum ihatepho bikebikebikebikebike

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We are going to Miss Saigon 🇻🇳 Ho Chi Minh City you have been a belter 💥 slideswithus pardonthepun pho warremnantsmuseum notredamecathedral bitexco báhnmìga walkingstreet cuchitunnels district1 hochiminhcity saigon vietnam awaydays

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warremnantsmuseum veitnam hochiminh what u find

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warremnantsmuseum saigon hochiminhcity vietnam museums travel explore helicopter planes vietnamwar history mytinyatlas

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Walking round the War Remnants Museum was very interesting the other day 🍊 There are some very moving exhibitions including the War Photographers and Agent Orange which were my particular interests... Along with the bombs America in North Vietnam alone there were 200,000 dead or injured. This wasn't just due to bombings but also chemical warfare. Over the space of 10 years, the American Army sprayed over 80 million liters of toxic chemicals - 61% of this being Agent Orange. The dioxin found in this is one of the most harmful and toxic substances which has been created and used by humankind - this creates deformations and genetic problems throughout multiple generations. There were over 150,000 victims from the second generation. It's amazing how cruel mankind can be to one another sometimes.... 💀

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I had no expectations coming into Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) and I'm glad I kept it that way since this city really blew my mind! 😍 It's always nice to experience positive feelings in an unknown, huge city. Sure, we only explored the district 1 so there's still tons of things to see but this was a good start. 😉 The things I really loved about it were the vibrant streetlife and food. Also, on my list of must-sees are the War remnants museum and the Cu Chi tunnels on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. These two things are real eye-openers and highly recommended. hochiminhcity saigon rooftoppool traveling cuchitunnels warremnantsmuseum

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“Horror has a face, and you must make a friend of horror”, Colonel Kurtz, Apocalypse Now 🇻🇳🚁💀Vietnam hochiminhcity Saigon warremnantsmuseum VietnamWar ApocalypseNow FilmQuotes USAirForce AsiaTravel Travel

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zombie song triggered unimaginable war independencepalacesaigon warremnantsmuseum peace christian

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Still not sure how to process everything I encountered inside of these walls, but I will place it on the "Mandatory Must-See" for any American citizen of my generation if you visit Ho Chi Min City/Saigon Vietnam. War is horrific and should be abhorred by every living person on this planet. My heart was broken to pieces for soldiers and civilians alike that have ever borne live witness to human warfare, assuredly the most grotesque and deplorable state that humanity can exist in. May we all learn to forgive ourselves and one another, and make an actual effort to evolve past the debilitating practice of warfare, regardless of its size or scope. vietnam warremnantsmuseum nationalism peace startnow hochiminhcity saigon warisnottheanswer war humbled hopeful asia

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Idag kom vi tillbaka till hochimin, blev ett besök till krigsmuseet Hochimingcity district3 krigsmuseeum vietnamn warremnantsmuseum

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📷 War Remnants Museum/Ho Chi Minh . ベトナム戦争証跡博物館 終戦して45年も経って 年も経っていないことに驚いた 賑やかな街並みや生活がある今に がある今について考えることが出来る博物館だった . warr museum ベトナム戦争証跡博物館 vietnam saigon hochiminh town street travel sightseeing ベトナム ホーチミン 博物館 ベトナム旅行 🇻🇳

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❗Это Музей, посвящённый войне во Вьетнаме (1957- 1975 гг.) Говорить о политической составляющей и разглагольствовать о том, кто прав, кто виноват в совершенных в ходе войны преступлениях желания у меня нет, данная тема до сих пор является широко обсуждаемой, и придти к какому-то определённому выводу довольно сложно. Что гороздно важнее для меня - это рассказать о жестокости человеческой натуры, проявляющей себя во время любой войны, в том числе и жесточайшей войны во Вьетнаме. Внутри самого здания находится коллекция фотографий, сохранившихся с тех времён, демонстрирующих всю хладнокровность и безжалостность принимающих участие в этой жестокой войне людей. Фотографии, по сути дела запечатлевшие страдания, пытки, смерти воюющих солдат и даже мирных граждан,производят глубочайшее впечатление. Я видела фотографии пыток, видела где людей привязывали к машине и тащили их тела по земле до смерти!!! Видела оружие, которым их убивали и многое другое... Слезы наворачиваются на глазах, уйти отсюда равнодушным просто невозможно ... Скажите мне, что такого должно произойти в этом мире, чтобы человечество наконец-то опомнилось??... Ведь войны продолжаются по сей день, и люди погибают даже прямо сейчас.. ❗This is a museum dedicated to the the War in Vietnam (1957-1975). I have no desire to talk about politics and discuss who's right, who's wrong in all the crimes conducted during this war, but what's more important to me is to tell you about humans' cruelty that is demonstrated in any war, including this one. There's a collection of photographs saved from those days inside of the building, that demonstrate cruelty and heartlessness of the people who participated in the war. The photos, captured suffering, tortures, deaths of combats and even civil citizens, make the deepest impression. I saw images of tortures, saw how people's hands were tied to the back of a car and then they were dragged on the ground to death!!! I saw the weapons that were used to kill them and so much more..tears come out of your eyes, it's impossible to leave this place indifferent. What has to happen so humanity will finally awake?? To this day wars continue, and people die even right now...

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3 days in Saigon vietnam saigon hochiminhcity tet phó district1 district3 scooterlife warremnantsmuseum canon phodibobuivien buivien travel southeastasia fujix100t

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Day 1 - exploring Ho Chi Minh. ootd suchatourist warremnantsmuseum

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Vietnamhochiminhcity warremnantsmuseum

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. warremnantsmuseum Vietnam

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warremnantsmuseum saigon hochiminhcity worldtour aussie worldtravelpics worldtraveler travelbug asiantravel asian asians asiantravel travelgram museum vietnam vietnam vietnamese vietnamflashbacks vietnamwar

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Vietnam - For me the perfect mixture of vibrant biz and buzz in Saigon and beautiful nature in the Mekong Delta. Backpackers paradise. mekong saigon warre vietnam

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Today Rob and Joe learnt about the Vietnam war cuchitunnels warremnantsmuseum

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A must see if you're here, hcmc in Vietnam. There are some photos, it will be hard to watch. This war we Koreans should NOT forget! And it's time to apologize to Vietnamese for what Korean army did in Vietnam. Also I'll pray For Peace, Not War in my country.. . . warremnantsmuseu travel withfriend vietnam hochiminh hcmc forPeace timetoapologize vietnamwar 여행 명절도피 친구랑 베트남 호치민 전쟁박물관 미안해요 전쟁은싫어요 평화를빕니다

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No wardrobe malfunction here today. givepeaceachance vietnam hochiminhcity vietnamese warremnantsmuseum vietnamwar war travelphotography museum explore asia tshirt peace aircraft fighterjet captured usairforce saigon tet holiday

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i love when museums include data graphics like this! war remnants museum in saigon is superb even without such pictorials—special kudos to the requiem exhibit dedicated to fallen war correspondents and photo journalists. hcmc saigon warremnantsmuseum chilling unitedstatesinterference

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🌏🏯🎐 DIARIO DE 2 WANDERLUST EN INDONESIA Y VIETNAM 🌏🏯🎐 . ⏺️ Día 10: Ho Chi Minh y Guerra de Vietnam ⏺️ El día en Ho Chi Minh City, antigua Saigón, fue triste y bonito a partes iguales. Nos hubiera gustado visitar más cosas, cómo los túneles de guerra de Cuchi, pero es una excursión fuera de la ciudad y por timing nos fue imposible. Dedicamos toda la mañana al Museo de la Guerra de Vietnam, fue una experiencia muy intensa: nos emocionamos, nos indignamos, aprendimos, nos dió rabia, pena y también orgullo de la gente que luchó por conservar su tierra, su vida, su familia. Una de las cosas que más nos impactó fue aprender sobre el Agente Naranja, una toxina que el ejército estadounidense pulverizó sobre los campos y bosques vietnamitas, que hizo que durante generaciones los niños de familias expuestas hayan nacido con malformaciones horrorosas 😢😢 Algo que nunca debería haber ocurrido y es una atrocidad para la humanidad. La última parte del museo es una exposición de aviones, helicópteros, tanques... En la que Salu disfrutó viendo de cerca esos impresionantes artilugios. Nos dirigimos hacia el Palacio de la Conciliación que no habíamos podido ver la noche anterior, de camino nos compramos un coco para refrescarnos, porque el calor y sobretodo la humedad eran sofocantes. El Palacio está bien, pero no nos gustó especialmente, lo único destacable sería el búnker del Presidente y los jardines exteriores. Teníamos 'mono' de japo, comimos en Sushi Hokkaido Sachi, ¡delicioso! 😋 Por la tarde dimos otra vuelta más por el Mercado y bajamos hasta el río Saigón: ¡toda una aventura cruzar la calle sin ser arrolladas por 200 motos! 😅 Por último fuimos al aeropuerto, teníamos el vuelo hacia Da Nang, cómo punto intermedio hacia nuestro destino de las siguientes dos noches: Hoi An, la joya de Vietnam 💎🏯🎐🎐🎇🎆

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Vietnam HoChiMinhCity WarRemnantsMuseum Helicopter Tank TheVietnamWar

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Visiting warremnantsmuseum today. agentorange children art exhibition fuckwar warcrimes vietnam education history saigon hochiminhcity @jerejaakkola @golfpiste_ig lomalinja asiantuntijanmatkassa

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Visiting warremnantsmuseum saigon vietnam war history lomalinja museum education suffering warcrimes

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War Remnants Museum soincrediblymoving

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warremnantsmuseum hochiminhcity vietnam

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War Remnants Museum - einfach schockierend shortyontour asia vietnam hochiminh saigon warremnantsmuseum

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vietnam hochiminhcity warremnantsmuseum

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Day 1 - Ho Chi Minh City... With an arrival of 2am into Ho Chi Minh City and an earlier than expected check in to our hotel, we managed to sneak in a few hours sleep before venturing onto the streets of the city. We strolled down Nguyên Hue, along with the rest of the tourist population, and stopped the smell the orchids. A brief detour and we were in Paris, admiring the Notre Dame Cathedral - during October 2005 the Virgin Mary statue was reported to have shed tears, not today though. A power walk across the road to the Central Post Office before making our way to the War Remnants Museum. A sobering and very honest look into the effects of the Vietnam/American War - a must see for all. A late afternoon lunch along Bui Vien - thank you Louise and Michael for the recommendation - with good people watching. A casual stroll back towards the hotel on the search for Pho - it was Pho-nomenal. We covered around 15kms of sights in the city with more to be done! A great start to the holiday - stay tuned 😊 . . . . . . . . hochiminhci aussiesabroad seasia saigon olympus nofilter holidayinvietnam exploringseasia couplesholiday pho travelphotography vietnamorchids notredamesaigon warremnantsmuseum

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