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Lạc lõng giữa phố đông người. Saigon march26 Warremnantsmuseum

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Growing up studying history I learned almost endless amounts about the horrors committed by the Germans in the 30s and 40s. What we didn't hear anything about was what took place in Vietnam in the 60s and 70s. Today I learned what the Americans did during this time. The Vietnam War museum was eye opening to say the least. vietnam agentorange warremnantsmuseum

1 Days ago

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Half day city tour & a visit to the Chu Chi tunnels 🏯 . . warremnantsmuseum vietnamwar saigon hochiminhcity vietnam seasia asia backpacking travel igtravel

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So sad to see all the photos at War Remnants Museum. 😞 familyholiday museumvisit warmuseum vietnam hochiminhcity warremnantsmuseum depressing sad

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Checked today War Remnant museum too , checked only outside of it as my son is so fascinated with all kinds of airplanes and helicopters. The rest of museum we gonna check once our kids will be ready for that ... may be in another 16 years ... ( looks like I visit Vietnam every 16 years 🙂)travelwithkids hochiminhcity travel vietnam warremnantsmuseum

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War Remnants Museum 🇻🇳 vietnamwar warremnantsmuseum warmuseum hochiminh saigon vietnam

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Last stop in Vietnam 🇻🇳😔 hochiminhcity warremnantsmuseum

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