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Honestly speaking I've never been a big fan of museums, but visiting this one left me shaking. Seeing the atrocities committed during the Vietnam War really bought home the suffering endured during the awful period and how lucky we are to live the way we do now thanks to the brave people who fought for what they believed in. A must visit. warremnantsmuseum museum hochiminh hochiminhcity saigon vietnam 🇻🇳

6 Hours ago
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📌history is lesson for present warremnantsmuseum planplanfc

10 Hours ago
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An excellent but harrowing morning spent in the War Remnants museum, Saigon. I remember this heart wrenching picture from history class at school. The museum has three floors of wartime photographs depicting how brutal mankind can be...I left feeling pretty emotional. Some that stood out were innocent civilians severely disfigured by phosphorus bombs (the photos were too disturbing to put up), black bodies burnt to a crisp by napalm bombs and incredibly graphic pictures of dead bodies ripped apart by unexploded ordinance in the aftermath of the Vietnam war (which still continues to this day). I'm glad I skipped breakfast that morning: the photos made me feel physically sick, as did horror stories of how US soldiers gunned down two little boys ("burn all, destroy all, kill all"), and how one stopped a family from getting shot - so that he could take a quick photo before the deed was done (he heard rifle shots as he walked away but didn't turn around to look). There were photographs of US soldiers smiling and enjoying a cigarette while they tortured POWs and posing with skulls and beheaded corpses of Vietnamese soldiers. I understand there's a bias; that the government wants people to see the US as the enemy and the Vietnamese as patriots and martyrs. But photos don't lie...and war truly turns men into monsters. A quote highlighted in the exhibition sums it up: "The Army can really fuck over your mind if you let it." If you google victims of phosphorus bombs you'll start to see what I warned though, the images are not for the squeamish or faint of heart 😣😥 warremnantsmuseum museum warmuseum saigon hochiminh hochiminhcity vietnamwar vietnam asia travel solotravel backpacker warphotography wartime history

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Today with the Finnish lomalinja group at warremnantsmuseum saigon hochiminhcity history war warcrimes indochine indochina travel travelgram travelphoto travelphotography museum history education asiantuntijanmatkassa reissukirja voyage viagem viajar matkalla

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善き戦争のありしことなく 悪しき平和のありしことなし warremnantsmuse hochiminh vietnam 戦争証跡博物館 ホーチミン ベトナム 🇻🇳 instagram instapeace instavietnam ricoh gr2 🔥

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Vietnam war.... . . . . warremnantsmuseum war vietnam museum cellars prison prisoners torture vietanamwar learning culture

19 Hours ago
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Sometimes losing doesn’t mean it’s the end, It might be the beginning of others. daisyoixstudio lifequotes tribute vietnam war hero heroes photographer photooftheday hochiminh warremnantsmuseum forgivebutneverforget myhero warheroes quotes quoteoftheday quotestoliveby fujifilm

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Victims affected by Agent Orange during the Vietnam War and the cleanup program are due to end this year. chemicalwarfare agentorange vietnamwar warremnantsmuseum hochiminh rietravels

22 Hours ago
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Sightseeing in 호치민 대부분 다 District 1에 있음 1. warremnantsmuseum I wiah I coyld have gone one more time. Very graphic and surreal. 우리나라도 비슷한 역사를 가졌던 입장으로 매우 경건해지고 가슴이 아파지는 곳이었다. 반드시 가봐야 하는 곳. 오늘 핀리핀에도 소녀상에 세워졌다고 한다. 다른 국가와 다른 시대를 다른 이유로 싸우지만 그 후 슬픈 역사는 누가 보상할까. At least we can learn to face the actual past. Not the one written by the power and winners. 2. HoChiMinhExhibitionCenter tdc-exhibition-means-a-lot-to- t-to-vietnamese-typography/ 3. currently undergoing reconstruction. So no visitaion inside. 4. saigonpostoffice it's right next to the cathedral and MyBanhMi is close by. They sell some souveniors and let you send postcards of you wosh 5. 호치민 시청 호치민 시 인민위원회 - 이런 지명에서나 베트남의 상황을 믄득 깨닫는다 6. saigonoperahouse was closed inside. 7. tandinhchurch known as the pink church. Couldn't see the inside although I really wanted to see their stained glass which seemed beautiful 8. ChuaLamTe - Buddhist temple in Ho Chi Minh City. The arcbitecture looked like Chienese temple woth Vietnam vibe/style into it. So beautiful. Also couldn't get inside when I went. Up next blowing up your Newsfeed the beautiful (my favorote part of the city) architecture of the city

1 Days ago
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warremnantsmuseum saigon hochiming

1 Days ago
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Some images from the War Remnants Museum. It was an emotional experience to see these images from the war, it left me with a heavy heart. The Vietnam War affected so many civilians and destroyed so many towns and villages. The Vietnamese have suffered so much but yet remain some of the kindest and warm hearted people I have ever had the privilege of meeting throughout my travels. vietnaminmyheart warremnantsmuseum theamericanwar vietnamwar

1 Days ago
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Let’s Try The Big Guns jayvissng 30months jayvisgoeshcm warremnantsmuseum hcm family familytrip history tanks happyfamily familyouting familydayout

1 Days ago
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On our recent trip to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam we ventured through busy streets in the city, enjoying the sights, old buildings and food :) it wasn't until the last two days of our time there that we really learnt a thing or two about this city and the country. We visited the War Remnants Museum and were shocked beyond words not only at the horrific stories and pictures of the war but also at how recent it was! I had the opportunity to meet my ex-lecturer and my now dear friend @joshua.e.james who also shared with us how the country is developing at such a rapid pace! For someone who's lived there for some time he has seen how quickly things change and evolve over a short period of time. How determined the people are and how the youth are leading the way forward :) It's amazing to see a country bounce back with such positivity from a terrible war and see how resilient the people are :) War is horrible, it kills people, lands and hearts but no amount of such darkness can suffocate a heart that is lit with the fire of love and hope :) I pray for the people, I pray for the world 💛 vietnam hochiminh hochiminhcity warremnantsmuseum saigon history thoughts inspire hope love

1 Days ago
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Various snapshots from Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon) 🇻🇳 hochiminhcity saigon vietnam reunificationpalace warremnantsmuseum bentranhmarket rooftopbar lanterns travel

1 Days ago
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Wonderful architecture and sites of Ho Chi Minh City. - Modern simplicity of the Independence (Reunification) Palace. Reconstructed from 1962 till 1966, designed by Architect Ngo Viet Thu, the first Asian recipient of the Prix De Rome. - Site where US diplomatic staff and refugees attempted evacuation from the roof of the Pitman Apartment during the fall of Saigon in 1975. - War remnants museum... Emotional to see the photographs of soldiers and civilians during the midst of the Vietnam war. architecture hochiminh vietnam visitvietnam independencepalacevietnam warremnantsmuseum

1 Days ago
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Quick tour of the WarRemnantsMuseum in Hochiminhcity Vietnam

1 Days ago
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Some harrowing scenes at the war remnants museum.* * * * * * saigon hochiminh hochiminhcity asia southeastasia vietnam warremnantsmuseum history warhistory vietnamwar vietnamhistory museum

1 Days ago
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warremnantsmuseum saigon hochiminhcity travel wander

2 Days ago
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A poster of solidarity from Budapest to Hanoi, from the War Remnants museum vietnam travel warremnantsmuseum vietnamwar solidarity history hochiminhcity saigon resistance illustration

2 Days ago
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พาลูกชายเที่ยวก็จะแนว Army หน่อยๆ vietnam vietnamtrip vietnamwar warremnantsmuseum hochiminh

2 Days ago
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A tank of the Vietnamese forces. • • • vietnamamericanw vietnamwar vietnamwarmemorial warremnantsmuseum hcmc travelphotography likeforlike travel photography helicopter vietnamese hochiminh followforfollow like reallife reality movieset museum tank warmachine instadaily instalike instaphoto filipina solotravel solotraveler solobackpacker backpacking glampacking

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Looking through the cells gave an eerie feeling. I feel sorry for the victims of war, here and anywhere else. WarRemnantsMuseum VietN

2 Days ago
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To actually touch actual Vietnam American war machines was pretty rad. I thought I would only see them in the movies! • • • vietnamamericanwar vietnamwar vietnamwarmemorial warremnantsmuseum hcmc travelphotography likeforlike travel photography helicopter vietnamese hochiminh followforfollow like reallife reality movieset museum helicopter warmachine instadaily instalike instaphoto filipina solotravel solotraveler solobackpacker backpacking glampacking

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ประวัติศาสตร์ความโหดร้ายสงคราม vietnamtrip vietnamwar warremnantsmuseum hochiminh

2 Days ago
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Chestnut hair holds its curls, Up to their ends, glossy and swirls, Tickling laughter that breaks through walls, A calming voice in the midnight crawls. Verse 2.

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Vietnam HoChiMinhCity WarRemnantsMuseum VietnamWar WarCrime Tank

2 Days ago
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We paid a visit to the War Remnants Museum yesterday. You leave with a real heavy heart but a greater understanding of all the atrocities and brutal effects the war had on the Vietnamese civilians vietnam hochiminhcity saigon warremnantsmuseum

2 Days ago
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This statue represents peace and freedom. Every will power counts. daisyoixstudio freedom peace dove children travel photography statue motivation willpower everyone vietnam hochiminhcity war musuem warremnantsmuseum travelphotography travelgram fujifilm nofilter

3 Days ago
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This morning visit to the War Remnants Museum. The destruction war have brought to the people. Make love not war. Timely reminder then peace is what everyone should be fighting for, for the world to be a better place to live in. warremnantsmuseum hochiminh vietnamwar genocide makelovenotwar

3 Days ago
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💕 . . . . . vietnam saigon hochiminhcity vietnamwar warremnantsmuseum stopthewar propaganda travel travelling backpacking

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humanrightsday today december10 universaldeclaratio didnothelp warremnantsmuseum monument of degeneration & fall of mankind vietnamwar pointless violence for money power & control shattering consequences for ordinary people 😞 they called it politics vietnamwarhistory war history asia vietnam saigon hochiminh vietnamese museum

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Nam tour of duty,,, P/s: abaikan si baju hitam yg tengah mengintai Rambo travelogue travelphotography travelblogger vietnam warremnantsmuseum

3 Days ago
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Propaganda posters supporting the resistance of Vietnamese people against the US aggression. - vietnam hochiminh travel warremnantsmuseum history

3 Days ago