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One of the reason the Vietnam War was so controversial was because of the images that were broadcast around the world on tv or in newspapers and magazines saigon vietnam requeimphotographyexhibition warremnantsmuseum hochiminhcity travel travelingram travelphotography travelgram travelphoto travelpic travelogue travelasia asia asiatrip asiatravel asiaphotography asiaphoto asiapics happycampersproductions happycamperstv walkaboutasia documentary documentaryphotography

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War Remnants Museum⚔️ Is war a necessary evil for the good of peace? warremnantsmuseum museum 5milliondongroomservice hochiminhcity

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vietnam saigon hochiminhcity warremnantsmuseum flag

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warremnantsmuseum saigon hochiminh

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호치민 전쟁박물관 2층은 피하는 게 좋겠다... warremnantsmuseumvietnam🇻🇳trip전쟁박물관US베트남여행

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CuChiTunnel IndependencePalace WarRemnantsMuseum

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wheninvietnam🇻🇳 hochiminhcity ベトナム ベトナム旅行 warremnantsmuseum

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Kill me...Heal me...war warremnantsmuseum usa puppetcrimes agentorange bullethojimin vietnam peace killdead

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Absolutely worth it & thought provoking time spent at the US Vietnamese war museum warremnantsmuseum hochiminh vietnam🇻🇳

1 Days ago
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Exploring the city. hochiminhcity warremnantsmuseum vietnam katsgunnaseetheworld

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warremnantsmuseum aircraft hcm museum saigon war paix pax nomore vietnam travel traveller discovery

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Vietnam War Remnant museum..this place saddened me. Melihat apa yg peperangan lakukan pada rakyat negara yg terlibat. Tiada siapa yg menang sebenarnya..hanya rakyat yg memderita. vietnamwar warremnantsmuseum sedih sad depressed trip tigercageprisoncell

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Bảo tàng chứng tích chiến tranh 19.05.17 gđvh warremnantsmuseum smile

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Bảo tàng chứng tích chiến tranh 19.05.17 warremnantsmuseum smile brown team hi

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Nay được dẫn đi bảo tàng chứng tích chiến tranh 19.05.17 brown smile warremnantsmuseum leaf

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saigon hcm vietnam warremnantsmuseum prison horrible history nomore plusjamais masacre killed chaleur pesante sur l'ancienne prison, ou les Américains massacré et persécuté les vietnamiens

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"The War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City curates anecdotal and pictorial evidence from Agent Orange victims to create a harrowing experience," says reporter @ananya.bhattacharya. "Complete with US armory and artillery on display outside, it makes history come alive. While some of the stark depictions can come across as anti-American, the collection is a stoic reminder that there are always two sides to a war story—and they are far from rosy." (📷: Adam Jones)

4 Days ago
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Jeremy יִרְמְיָהוּ ♑️🐀


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paix pax warremnantsmuseum saigon vietnam hcm

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"Requiem" Vietnam war photography exhibition with 275 pieces of work by 133 photographers including those who lost their lifes...Robert Capa, Larry Burrows,Henry Huet and Keisaburo Shimamoto saigon vietnam hochiminhcity requiemphotographyexhibition warremnantsmuseum travel travelgram travelingram travelphotography travelphoto travelpic travelogue travelasia asiatrip asiatravel asiaphotography asiapics happycampersproductions happycamperstv documentary documentaryphotography walkaboutasia

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Vietnam 2016 warremnantsmuseum vietnam only 5weeks until 🌏🏖🌅🌞🍷🍦🍕 rome greece cyclades_islands

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warremnantsmuseum . . . . . . . . travelgram instagood travelphotography wonderfulplaces myadvanture traveler travel traveling travelphoto photooftheday loveindonesia indonesiantraveler instaupdate Vietnam saigon Hochiminh exploresaigon explorevietnam

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tiz ☀️🥂✈️


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One of the most graphic and harrowing places ive been. There are no words. hochiminhcitywarremnantsmuseumvietnamasiasoutheastasiatravellingvietnamwarbackpackingwanderlustinstatravel

4 Days ago
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@saswilky & @warby_hm keeping dry in Ho Chi Minh ⛈ saigon hochiminhcity vietnam travelling asia warremnantsmuseum sasandtomdonaam tropical

5 Days ago
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Some of the amazing artwork I saw on display at the war remnants museum in Ho Chi Minh. This still makes me cry. The loss of a child's innocence because of war. Children promoting a peaceful and loving world where people of all races, religions, cultures and backgrounds join hands and stand together, what heroes ❤🌎🤝 artwork warremnantsmuseum vietnamesehistory thevietnamwar hochiminhcity vietnam peace love freedom happiness equality unitedwestand allnations theworld

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Musée sur la guerre du Vietnam vietnam hochiminh warremnantsmuseum

5 Days ago
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Today at the war remnants museum.German poster from the DDR. solidaritywithvietnam saigon warremnantsmuseum vietnamesegirl makelovenotwar

6 Days ago
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Helsinki mentioned in the War Remnants museum. vietnam warremnantsmuseum resist suomimainittu murunenjaminä💑

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I see Bazooka I Selfie. bazooka war warremnantsmuseum day2 vietnam stinkingtourist shiteverywhere vietnamwar warisbad selfiewithbazooka

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Zombie apocalypse starter pack WarRemnantsMuseum

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Buenos días instafriends!!! Hoy una visita muy interesante en el Museo de la Guerra de Vietnam en Saigon museodelaguerradevietnam saigon hochiminh army airforce historia cultura travellers adventures history fxf f4f likesforlikes likes4likes likesreturns igersvietnam igersasia instavietnam instaasia instatravellers instaadventures experience spring Mayo warremnantsmuseum

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vietnamwar American Huey helicopter's gatling gun warremnantsmuseum saigon hochiminhcity vietnam

8 Days ago
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Museum perang nya vietnam..sekitaran sejarahnya selesai perang sama amerika..bersambung vietnam warremnantsmuseum museum temanbaru saigon jalanjalandivietnam makananhalalvietnam museumperang tamandivietnam visitvietnam jalanjalanvietnam tempatnyapernahdibom hochiminhcity asia silvitraveling silvitravelingvietnam

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Saigon warremnantsmuseum usairforce vietnam

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