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Comment from Rob:

Thc cannabis distillation oil 😊 dabs cbd medical 710 pnwstoners pnw distilation thc cannabis 420 extractor oil shatter wax jdm delsol life

29 Seconds ago
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Turn On Post Notifications


Comment from Turn On Post Notifications:

Galaxy daughter named them are getting finished over here. Great smell amd long lasting. Order yours today. Link in bio. candle candles birthday homedecor light candlelight handmade scents instagram gift etsy soycandles soywax wax incense candles candlelover candlemaker handpoured dallas supportlocal support shop smallbusiness blackbusiness dallas texas veganwax palmwax

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Comment from aestheticsbymichaela:

Thank you everyone who supports my career path to be an esthetician. Good opportunities are being offered to me and I couldn't be more excited and thankful. Glad the good the word is out and I'm completely booked this week with services. If your interested in a Dermalogica facial, waxing, or chemical exfoliation feel free to contact me. 😊 • • • esthetician facial dermalogica chemcialpeel wax bodywaxing mua waxing specialist passion

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Comment from poontahstaff:

Dabs of Glass 🔥🧀💯⛽️🚀⛽️💎🔥 dabs wax shatter dank highlife hightimes highsociety medicalmarijuana cannabiscommunity cannabisculture stayhigh staymedicated weed weedporn terps topshelflife onlysmokethefinest lowtempdabs fatdabs

1 Minutes ago
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Branden Miller


Comment from Branden Miller:

Had a 45 dance party with some friends this weekend. It was pretty dope. (Thanks @lisagarbageface for the gif)

1 Minutes ago
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Paul Romero


Comment from Paul Romero:

The wife and I dabbing it up on a Tuesday, playing with fire weshouldsmoke weshoulddab indoor teamhasharons teamwaxy slugworthglass gasman wedontsmokethesame cannicommunity 559dabbers 559stoners dabwithme letsgethigh rosin wax oil crumble shatter qualityoverquantity wastetotaste claritycounts ridingdirty♿️

1 Minutes ago
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Mary Jane's Washougal


Comment from Mary Jane's Washougal:

@_yorz just killin it with the mini rigs 🔪💀🔥🔥 you must come down to water test these bad boys before there gone 💨💨 maryjaneshouseofglass maryjane inlovewithmaryjane weed oil wax dabs cannabiscommunity cannabis sugar hotday sun fume horn dope highlife goodlife 10mm 10mmmafia rips minirig washougal washington pnw buylocal

1 Minutes ago
Classic Cars - Supercars (orrellautodetailers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Classic Cars - Supercars


Comment from Classic Cars - Supercars:

volkswagengolf volkswagen vw golfmk5 golfgtimk5 golfgti Golf vw volkswagen volkswagengolf detail detailed detailing detailersofinstagram polish polished wax sealant glossy gloss fussocoat Swirls gone and 12 months paint protection 😎👍

2 Minutes ago
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Juan Medina


Comment from Juan Medina:

♦V36 OPTICAL GRADE CUTTING POLISH♦ Why Buy This Product? 🔘Removes light to moderate swirls, scratches, oxidation, and paint defects 🔘Works as a one-step polish or creates a superior base for final polishing 🔘Fine balance of cutting and finishing power across many paint types and finishes 🔘Optical grade micro abrasive technology for enhanced clarity and precision 🔘Formulated without fillers; the results you see are the results you get 🔘Removes 2000-2500 grit sanding scratches 🔘Designed for use with DA and rotary polisher *Build your Arsenal* *Chemical Guys Products for sale in stock* *Come by our location 11665 Fuqua St, Houston, TX 77034 suite B202 Monday-Sundays 1030am-9pm or order online chemicalguys callingalldetailers houstontexas wax detailersplug detailersofinstagram detailersofhouston detailersfuel detailersplug houston carcare autospa carproducts fastcars droppedtruck carshow luvyoride detailersplug detailersofhouston beaumont galveston htx

3 Minutes ago
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Nude Wax Company


Comment from Nude Wax Company:

Stillllll one of my favorite 💙 Before and after! FIRST TIME GUEST? FREE LIP OR UNDERARM. You can also choose a Brazilian bikini service for ONLY $20! Booking appointments now. Txt 📲(786)831-7500 or click the link in bio to schedule an appointment! You an also find all regular pricing there. beforeandafter wax waxing hialeah doral miami miamilakes miamisprings 305 786 lip lips lipwax beauty beautiful

4 Minutes ago
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Model, Promoter, Adult Actress


Comment from Model, Promoter, Adult Actress:

@voodoo.drips Mystique💙 The most amazing authentic juicy blueberry flavored concentrate liquidiser...All my 420 vapers this is a must have! ganjagirls meds medicating medicalmarijuana fire 420 highlife hightolerance weedporn wax weed fire🔥 marijuana weedgirls 420🔥 trees gethigh farmtovape wakeandbake girlswhosmokeweed atasteofheaven shatter alittlebitofeverything dispensary greens dabs distillate vape vapelyfe

4 Minutes ago
L A L A🎈 (l.a.l.a_sagna) Instagram Photos and Videos

L A L A🎈


Comment from L A L A🎈:

details wax pagne dress 👗

5 Minutes ago
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Comment from あんでぃ:

角が生えました。 これでやっと、牛を名乗れ…る? 生えた角は山羊とかガゼル系だけども(笑) とりあえず、写実的な生粋の牛は3号機に任せるとして これはこれで宜しいのではないかと。 でも3号は少し後になると思う… 牛、彫り疲れた(笑) Feather Ringの残りも終わらせたい けど、もう少しワックスまみれな予感だぬ。 jewelryaccessorycreater makingundwaxsilvergirlwomanmensジュエリーアクセサリー クリエイターシルバー彫金 製作リングring女子女性男性 ユニセックスwild animalワックスbull 雄牛 牛 角 horn

5 Minutes ago
Classic Cars - Supercars (orrellautodetailers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Classic Cars - Supercars


Comment from Classic Cars - Supercars:

machinepolished machinepolish polished polish sportscar shiny swirls sealant wax fussocoat detail detailed detailing detailersofinstagram Golf golfgtimk5 golfgti golfmk5 vw volkswagen volkswagengolf Enhancement detail with a coat of fusso 12 months protection 😎👍

5 Minutes ago
Jeremiah Hughes (thegreatganjagod) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jeremiah Hughes


Comment from Jeremiah Hughes:

goodmorning ganja

6 Minutes ago
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Comment from Toasted:

🔥🍁⛽️follow @staytoastedd for more • • stonernation stoner dab legalize bong iwillmarrymary blunt ganja thc cannabiscommunity cannabis smokeweedeveryday blunts kush high highlife stonerdays hightimes marley hash drugs dank marijuana dabs shatter weedstagram420 mmj wax

6 Minutes ago
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Comment from leroys_subi710:

Hotandhurty dabs on a hot day 💪🏻

6 Minutes ago
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Chris SevenTen


Comment from Chris SevenTen:

First dabmarine ever 😅

6 Minutes ago
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Comment from #GlassDabsandBeyond:

7 Minutes ago
Classic Cars - Supercars (orrellautodetailers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Classic Cars - Supercars


Comment from Classic Cars - Supercars:

fussocoat sportscars sportscar gloss detail detailed detailing detailersofinstagram golfgti golfmk5 golfgtimk5 Golf volkswagen volkswagengolf mk5 mk5golf wax sealant sportscar sportscars polish polished machinepolish machinepolished 😎

7 Minutes ago
amber 🌛 (wamburgler) Instagram Photos and Videos

amber 🌛


Comment from amber 🌛:

7 Minutes ago
CocktailWax "FirstClass Wax!"™ (cocktail_wax) Instagram Photos and Videos

CocktailWax "FirstClass Wax!"™


Comment from CocktailWax "FirstClass Wax!"™:

It's Memorial Day Weekend! 🇺🇸Are you beach ready?😬Call us and book your next body wax! 310-289-0166

7 Minutes ago
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Comment from alfrose7:

Shades of Brown wax bronze figurativesculpture figurativeart fineart casting bronzesculpture chasing

7 Minutes ago
Farmhouse Glass (farmhouseglass) Instagram Photos and Videos

Farmhouse Glass


Comment from Farmhouse Glass:

One more video. I have horrible connection at my farm. I'm seriously standing on the roof rack of my jeep, arm up, to get a decent signal for upload. I will have better speed later tonight and I promise to get back to the dozens of great people that are trying to message me. glasspipes glassforsale glass4sale glass_of_ig rosin wax weed dabs 420 710 iwillmarrymary topshelflife

7 Minutes ago
little animae 👻🍼🔞 (bbyphantom) Instagram Photos and Videos

little animae 👻🍼🔞


Comment from little animae 👻🍼🔞:

😋🍯🐝💛 littlesthatsmoke bho girlswhodab stopdropandglob shatter wax dabs dablife smokeweedeveryday stonerprincess terps highsociety stonernation

7 Minutes ago
We Are The Underground (wearetheundergroundok) Instagram Photos and Videos

We Are The Underground


Comment from We Are The Underground:

Repost @djmaxizamac Mi primer vinilo, un pequeño tesoro que escuché en vivo Clubland (2003) de la mano de @djhernancattaneo 🙌 Vinyl Wax DJ Music Renaissance Grand Resonant - Central [Resonant Recordings] 🎶

7 Minutes ago
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Comment from Rjay:

Extra shine treatment for bae. 😛👅💦 📸 jdm 🇯🇵 z33 z34 datsun 370z 350z nissan gtr nismo japan vq38 decals ricer stancenation rims z33 z34 vq vqfamily vq37 g35 g37 q50 v6 6speed manual lowlife scrapelife thatfitmenttho wax

8 Minutes ago
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Comment from Whomstd'vedst've:

Fus roh I can't find my phone

8 Minutes ago
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Johnny Jetpack


Comment from Johnny Jetpack:

Repost @pmacthedabber ( @get_repost) ・・・ JetpackCrew check it out!!! Get your MedicatedLoofah this Sunday!! @mymomsmedicatedmagic will be at @blacklist_sesh !!! MyMomsMedicatedMagic MedicatedLoofahs mmmm ✨🌀✨blacklistsesh blacklistsquad JohnnyJetpacksLandingPad blacklistsesh dab dabs wax shatter extracts gethigh medicate cannabis prop215 sb420 pmacthedabber thceventphotography

8 Minutes ago
Lauraaa 🎀 (blondey.xx) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lauraaa 🎀


Comment from Lauraaa 🎀:

Look at that water just slide off 😍😍😍 bmw beemer bmw118d bmwowner detailed detailingaddict wax waxonwaxoff polish polisedtoperfection followme followher followforfollow britneythebeemer mycarsbetterthanyours detailersofinstagram cargirl carsofinstagram cardetailing instacars

8 Minutes ago
Ryan Lee🔱(HerbKings) (kokesmush) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ryan Lee🔱(HerbKings)


Comment from Ryan Lee🔱(HerbKings):

@u_highness is doing a giveaway! Go follow her and her dude @dankzombie and repost this with uhighness to enter 🙈 GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ukstoner giveaway stonergiveaway dankofengland uhighness dank 420 710 wax thc cannabiscommunity highsociety topshelflife girlswhosmoke wfayo

8 Minutes ago
Reverend Jameson (reverendjameson) Instagram Photos and Videos

Reverend Jameson


Comment from Reverend Jameson:

How to roll a blunt. Step one break up herb and split cigarillo . Step 2 load with herb , a snake of shatter and crumble wax on top. Step 3 roll and seal. Step 4 put 🔥to it. Step 5 share!! thar3v smokelikeyoubreath bluntsoverbitches deadgang jamesonfamily

8 Minutes ago
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Comment from 420FanPage:

Dab Day Afternoon OriginsRecreational spaceneedledabber dabs wax shatter

10 Minutes ago