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2 Hours ago

Annie Vu


Comment from Annie Vu:

Of course I got a happy smiling shot, but I had to share this outtake as Eleanor's 6 month photo because could it be any sassier? Side eye game strong, little one. Plus, she looks 98% like her dad except when she makes these faces. We celebrated 6 months with sweet potatoes as her first solid today. She loves sitting at the table with us, but still unsure why this milk is so orange. And thick. And not from a boob. This month, she learned how to sit up on her own, spin and scooch on her belly, and I swear she's been signing "eat" to me when she's hungry even though we haven't taught her yet. Last night she tried to climb out of her pack and play at 5 am. She's goofy, mischievous, but oh so loving. She loves giving us kisses and squeals when daddy comes home from work. Half a year down, another half to go before cake smashing! πŸŽ‚

3 Hours ago

Clawgustus Furdinand


Comment from Clawgustus Furdinand:

How am I supposed to get my Caturday catnap on with you staring at me like that? whyareyousoobsessedwithme goaway caturdaycatnap earhairdontcare clawgustus whiskersfordays caturday snuggles caturdaylounging getyoursnugon mainecooncat mainecoons mainecoon mainecoon_id mainecoonmix catsofinstagram cutecatcrew cutecats cutecat mainecooncats

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Nell R.


Comment from Nell R.:

Looks about right. lakhalakha whyareyousoobsessedwithme desnudo

5 Hours ago

Eve πŸ’‹


Comment from Eve πŸ’‹:

ken what's up whyareyousoobsessedwithme meangirls dontbother whytho bitchbye πŸ‘‹πŸ»

11 Hours ago

Chrissi Johnson


Comment from Chrissi Johnson:

Mornings like these. πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸΆ chiliconqueso puppylove cherryblossoms crazydoglady whyareyousoobsessedwithme

16 Hours ago

DoWhatYouLoveWith Carrie Doyle


Comment from DoWhatYouLoveWith Carrie Doyle:

Haha! Love this...πŸ˜‚ whyareyousoobsessedwithme funnyquote quotes happysaturday

20 Hours ago

Mirela Besliu


Comment from Mirela Besliu:

whyareyousoobsessedwithme 🎈

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Comment from Kahlia:

Shout out to my ex mother in law who's still playing her son like a fucking fiddle and making my life a fucking nightmare. DieAlready HaveYouBeenDiagnosed?? MINDYOUROWNBUSINESS IHateYou TheDayYouDieImThrowingAParty LilBitch CountryBogan countryboganshit StepInFrontOfABus ScreenshotItAndSendItToTheBitchIDGAF psychotic WhyAreYouSoObsessedWithMe?? PROUDITALIANAUSTRALIAN BetterThanYourRedneckAss Hybrid melbourneitalian melbourne Australia ThisBitch NOTTODAYSATAN BeepBuffy CallSamAndDean instalike instagood pettypost mil monsterinlaw sataninlaw noonecareswhatyouthink NoOneWithABrainAnyway.

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Comment from Monica:

This will be cute babe just trust me yeahrighto america explore explore holiday travel whyareyousoobsessedwithme

1 Days ago



Comment from Sybil:

This person has been calling, texting, and if it's the same person, leaving me messages at my gym and work and I'm seriously about to mace the shit out of him/her when I find out who it is!!! I have a strong policy against writing back because it just encourages the stalkeration but I've seriously had enough HowdYourAssGetPastTheGate HowdMichelleGetTickets WhoTheFuckAreYou Stalker calmdown eitherwannabewithmeorbeme whyareyousoobsessedwithme bodyguard stalker DontBeFuckingRude creepy CanYouNot Bye Stalkeration when I say I have a lot going on... trust me I do A GossipGirl stalkersbelike

1 Days ago

Chunky Spice 🐘


Comment from Chunky Spice 🐘:

That face tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ mom whyareyousoobsessedwithme mychild attitude

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Comment from bdanielled:

Bow! Just enough fuzz for this beauty to wear a bow lol

1 Days ago



Comment from Glenys:

Trinketthecat closeup toocloseforcomfort sheissocute myfurbaby🐾😻 lilbabe princess candidphoto whyareyousoobsessedwithme lovehermarkings Trinket

1 Days ago

Lauren Russell


Comment from Lauren Russell:

My baby πŸ’—

1 Days ago

Lauren Carpenter Vesely


Comment from Lauren Carpenter Vesely:

I just love Mean Girls and handmade clothes! whyareyousoobsessedwithme meangirlsquote handmadeclothing vinylmonogram

1 Days ago



Comment from theaccidentalsinglemum:

I'm getting lots of insta love from this lovely one today! My real life bestie deleted her account at the weekend because of horrible trolls but I've persuaded her to set up a new one and not let the bullies win! So now she's going through and reliking all my posts cos she's a gem πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Please follow eat_getfit_love and look at all the yummy healthy food she makes that you would never catch me eating! She's also the photography wiz behind the maternity shoot that I had back in the autumn so there will be lots of fab things to see on her account soon! bestfriends bestfriendsforever trolls bullies dontletthedickheadsgetyoudown supportnetwork love friends family newaccount followfriday ff instalove whyareyousoobsessedwithme

1 Days ago



Comment from Nozomi:

My life these days can be described as ball and chain. I usually have one kid on each leg either one at a time or simultaneously. momlifestayathomemomkidsfirstlovethemwhyareyousoobsessedwithmemessyhometheirfaultfamilylove

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Comment from Brit:

Happy national puppy day to the weirdest dog out there. creepy whyareyousoobsessedwithme becauseifeedyou

2 Days ago

Stephanie Hegener


Comment from Stephanie Hegener:

juststop youknowwhoyouare iftheshoefits

2 Days ago