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Búscate alguien te vea como mi hermana a mí, mientras reviso el menú de Denny's 😍❤️ . . . morethanfriends sisters bestfriends loveher neverapart bff sis bestie whyareyousoobsessedwithme

1 Hours ago
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Comment from B R O O K E:

Everyone wants to cuddle with mom. whyareyousoobsessedwithme

4 Hours ago
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Greggor The Schnoodle


Comment from Greggor The Schnoodle:

When your mother is also your stalker. 👀👀👀. whyareyousoobsessedwithme stahhhp embarassingmom schnoodle schnoodlegram achnoodlesofinstagram dogsofinstagram

4 Hours ago
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Comment from theaccidentalsinglemum:

The face you make when you temporarily forget who you're trying to co-parent with and try to raise an issue for support on discipline only to receive a shitty email from his girlfriend claiming you were attacking her son cos heaven forbid the attention be taken away from her. And when you defend yourself you're accused of being aggressive despite being the recipient of a completely unsolicited message which had no intention of being anything other than inflammatory. All because I participated in a reasonable conversation about D's concerns over letting the small humans drink cows milk (priorities) and foolishly thought that meant I would be able to talk reasonably to unreasonable people. narcissist narcissistabuse emotionalabuse domestucabuse nocontact survivor windyourneckin nooneaskedyou notaboutyou wellthisis hitrolls trolls histalkers whyareyousoobsessedwithme

5 Hours ago
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Noma 🐾 Maltipoo


Comment from Noma 🐾 Maltipoo:

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to my overbearing parents who do embarrassing things like order blankets covered in pictures of me cuddling with my little brother bump! 🙈 anniversarypresent whyareyousoobsessedwithme

9 Hours ago
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Hank,Tanner & Boots


Comment from Hank,Tanner & Boots:

When momma wears the @oldnavy coonhoundprint pajamas and socks whydoyouhavemyfaceonyourpajama disisweird disisgettingoutofhandwhyareyou judgingyou judgingdogsofinstagram momswithnochill crazydoglady coonhoundmom coonhoundmommaproblems coonhoundsofinstagram walkerhound treeingwalkercoonhound coonhound coondog dogprint

13 Hours ago
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Kerberos & Mater


Comment from Kerberos & Mater:

Mom whyareyousoobsessedwithme? shepherdmix sharpeimix muttlove pupperpaws stinkyfeet manofthehour 😍

1 Days ago
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Franklin Potter


Comment from Franklin Potter:

mama, get a life (and a haircut) whyareyousoobsessedwithme

1 Days ago
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Chelsea Wagoner


Comment from Chelsea Wagoner:

I’ll just leave this here 🤗👍🏻 yougotme geasy kbye whyareyousoobsessedwithme

1 Days ago
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Lisa B.


Comment from Lisa B.:

Can’t tell me this is untrue. 😌👶🏽 andiwaslike whyareyousoobsessedwithme

1 Days ago
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Mirela Besliu


Comment from Mirela Besliu:

🙈 whyareyousoobsessedwithme project

1 Days ago
Mirela Besliu (mirelabesliu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mirela Besliu


Comment from Mirela Besliu:

🌹 whyareyousoobsessedwithme project

1 Days ago
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When your roommates think it’s funny to get you a fake friend, but you’re really not feeling it antisocial leavemealone christmastreeshop notmyfriend nofriends imfine idontneedyourpity thisthingiscreepy creepy nightmares worstroommates bestroommates hottestgalinslummerville menotthem box fakefriends catdoorstop roommateproblems notimpressed notfunny whyareyousoobsessedwithme imreal catsachusetts catsofmass dealbreaker youngprofessional youngpurrfessional

1 Days ago
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Katie Schaffer


Comment from Katie Schaffer:

this little one will be 10 months old tomorrow. he is super clingy, already has 7 teeth, is starting to walk, and loves his brothers. timeisflying theoagustin17 wishheletmesleepmore whyareyousoobsessedwithme momlife 10monthsyoung

1 Days ago
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Brooke O'Connor Walkup


Comment from Brooke O'Connor Walkup:

Gabriel loves his baby brother Oliver so much ❤️ whyareyousoobsessedwithme walkupboyadventures chubsandthestreaker yephesnaked

1 Days ago
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The Kirbys❤


Comment from The Kirbys❤:

when little bae gets a hold of Tata's phone and starts texting you while you're at work😍😂🤗😗❤ WhyAreYouSoObsessedWithMe Haha MeanGirls NeverGetsOld SheLovesMe MyLittleSweetheart MyLovey MyBaby MyBestFriend LoveMessages Blessed Taurus Sublime Roblox Sundaze SundayFunday

2 Days ago
Nirmal Randhawa (nirmiee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nirmal Randhawa


Comment from Nirmal Randhawa:

Signs of Bella obsession in our Winnipeg apartment - I wrote a note from Bella to us, complete with backwards letters 😅🤔 whyareyousoobsessedwithme

2 Days ago
Mirela Besliu (mirelabesliu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mirela Besliu


Comment from Mirela Besliu:

👻 whyareyousoobsessedwithme project

2 Days ago
Pebbles The Rescue Bully (pebblestherescuebully) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pebbles The Rescue Bully


Comment from Pebbles The Rescue Bully:

Mama was a lil obsessed with me this morning 🙄 --------------------------- @naturaldogcompany, just click the link in my bio! 🐶 PEBBLES20 @lucyandpop ----------------------------------- firstsnow obsessed whyareyousoobsessedwithme pebblestherescuebully bullybreed americanbully bullylove bullyrescue bullyworld bullyworldwide pitbull pitbulllove pitbullrescue tricolor adoptthecropped adoptdontshop rescuedogsofinstagram ------------------------------ forget to enter the giveaway over at @echo_the_white_shepherd 🎉 . . 🐾The PawSquad! 🐾 @loki_thedoge @barrywhite_gsd @pointy_ears_club @echo_the_white_shepherd

2 Days ago
Mirela Besliu (mirelabesliu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mirela Besliu


Comment from Mirela Besliu:

👻 whyareyousoobsessedwithme project

2 Days ago
The Crazy One 😘 (_homewreckers_xposed) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Crazy One 😘


Comment from The Crazy One 😘:

I wanna be there to kick your face in!  memes nobodylikesahomewrecker homewrecker hoe ugly fukinugly sidebitch gutterslut babymamadrama karma stalker stalkerstatus imwifey sidebitch dirtybitch narcissist slut scaredbitch whyareyousoobsessedwithme trashy psycho liar fool uwantwhatihave fakebitch bitch babymamadrama runbitchrun quotes instaquote repost

2 Days ago
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Comment from Airic:

Dreamer thoseeyes paradise nightshade love eitherwannabewithmeorbeme whyareyousoobsessedwithme ifsexyneverleftthenwhyseverybo bartender oculus homo gayguy nyc gaysofnyc division AgentDreamer @fka.shaun @steffy1317 nyc home

2 Days ago
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Comment from Lacylou:

If you follow my Insta stories you may think I'm obsessed with my dog, but it's not like that... she's obsessed with me!💁🏼🐶 . . . . . . whyareyo dogmomaf whyareyousocute dogmom boxersofinstagram boxermom redhairdontcare brindle brindleboxer dogsofinstagram

3 Days ago
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Comment from Mandy:

So needy. whyareyousoobsessedwithme moarpetspls rydertheroughcollie roughcolliepuppy roughcollie roughcolliesofinstagram

3 Days ago
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Comment from Tiffany:

I just sat down for one second to type something. needyaf help whyareyousoobsessedwithme

3 Days ago
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Juliana Navaro


Comment from Juliana Navaro:

Literally pointing at me 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ whyareyousoobsessedwithme

3 Days ago
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Jessica G


Comment from Jessica G:

When you show up to party and your little cuz stole your style 🤨 nextleveltwinning whyareyousoobsessedwithme gapkids

3 Days ago
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Curstin Crist


Comment from Curstin Crist:

whyareyousoobsessedwithme stalkers creeps getaclue

4 Days ago
Fay Sommars (faymer217) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fay Sommars


Comment from Fay Sommars:

This beautiful unicorn woman tropical fish land-mermaid just graduated PT school and I feel so incredibly honored to have been there. TAYLOR I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. shesadoctoryall andshewaslike whyareyousoobsessedwithme DPT dreamteam shessohot loveyou

4 Days ago
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Havana The French Bulldog


Comment from Havana The French Bulldog:

When you love your mom but just wish she’d stop taking 📸 whyareyousoobsessedwithme frenchielife frenchie frenchielove frenchiesociety frenchiestagram thoseears weeklyfluff

4 Days ago
Life & Style Blogger | Ana (blushingmama) Instagram Photos and Videos

Life & Style Blogger | Ana


Comment from Life & Style Blogger | Ana:

Eli: "Look a mirror, lets take a selfie" 😂 Thats how you know your friend is a keeper 😜😅 This was last night at The Killers concert...head to my Instastories for more of our fun night 💓 ______________ I strongly believe that as women we need strong friendships. To be surrounded by other women that support one another and that you feel comfortable being real and your true self with...thats Eli to me. She is the sweetest and most positive and supportive friend a girl could ask for 🤗 letthegoodtimesroll bestie mirrorselfie killersconcert pdx whyareyousoobsessedwithme

4 Days ago
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Comment from Maribel:

Mandatory Texas snow pic ☃️❄️ whyareyousoobsessedwithmemyfav

4 Days ago
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Comment from D A W N:

When you see your pal getting on your bus but she goes and sits upstair imnotneedy iswear whyareyousoobsessedwithme @_fionamann

4 Days ago