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Comment from OUR PLANET DAILY:

Situated in Kenya, Giraffe Manor stands host to many animals, primarily including an endangered species of Giraffe known as Rothschild's. With acres upon acres to graze upon, these stunning animals have found a safe place to call home. This specific species of Giraffe also breed in the area, with the prospect of safely returning to their native Savannahs and ensuring their continuous prosperity as a species. 🌎 - Photo by © @corrine_t #OurPlanetDaily

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Comment from H.E Montreal, Canada:

A narrow clay alley featuring a windtower

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Comment from Marta Purriños:

Entenderás el motivo de sus casas blancas, la pureza de su arquitectura, el por qué del contraste de sus colores, de su picón, la perfecta armonía entre el hombre y la naturaleza. Entenderás el motivo cuando vivas el destino #Lanzarote 🏠🌋🐚🌑 #HotelesTHe #THeVolcanLanzarote

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Sunflare don't care - Taken by @jesse.chance during our Thailand event - You couldn't get a more classic Thailand photo if you tried, the long-tail boats are some of the coolest boats I've been on, perfect for exploring islands! - Taken in Maya Bay, Phi Phi Le. The sunset is really worth waiting for if you get a chance to visit - #keepuptheadventure

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Comment from Julian Revenga:

winter is here.

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Comment from Archaeological Review:

Our PR Officer recently visited the Bocas del Toro region of Panama where she was able to witness firsthand the effects of climate change on the islands. Have you recently taken a trip and experienced anything like this? Use #ARClimate and get your photo featured. 📸 @lowiththebow🇵🇦

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Comment from Marjorie:

Snowshoeing on Sunday brings us to this gorgeous point of view. This is the view from Dog mountain lookout! It was another gorgeous day! Nous avons fair des raquettes dimanche et cela nous a amené à ce magnifique point de vue. C'est la vue depuis Dog Mountain Lookout. Encore une belle journée!

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• E A R T H Q U A K E S + I C E B E R G S • I say it a lot, but I'm in constant awe of people. What we see of people is just the tip of the iceberg of who that person is + who they want to be. . When we take an extra moment to listen a little deeper, we learn that there is a whole untold world beneath the surface. One simple gesture might rupture the earthquake that breaks the ice towards a new friendship. 💙 . One extra moment of curiousity thrown someone's way could quite literally change your life, or theirs, for the better. Isn't that alone worth the chance? . . . #beingboss #coaching #curiosity #womenempoweringwomen #liveauthentic #secretlifeofasuccesscoach #yyc #yyz

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