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Tropic Scene (paaalawan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tropic Scene


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Cuts & Colors


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fabric handblock suits Linen saree unstiched handloom cotton material designer india duppata plazo kurti salwaar suit sarees dyed embroidery handwork semistiched women skirts womenwear ootd WhatsApp / Call - +918302347939 DM for more details.

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Entre MujeresH


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Hoy martes conéctate con nosotros a partír de las 12pm, a través de @motivradiofficial donde tendremos como siempre muchísima diversion sorpresas buenhumor y como invitada especial, la excelente Diseñadora de Moda y creativa de exclusivos diseños MARY SANTIBAÑEZ 👗🎀👌🏻😉.. Acompáñanos!!! 💁🏻🎙🌟women shining smart strong warriors vogue exclusive design passion radioshow radiotv red network diversion music community guests information photooftheday entertainment promotions entremujeresradiotv

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Many youngwomen see education as a step towards economicempowerment. Some young women however, have been forced by poverty and other barriers to first seek financialliteracy businessskills lifeskills and establish their own business to be able to go to school or fund their children's education. @dfid_uk and @cocacola are supporting youngwomen's education. 5by20 valuechainintergration microfranchising partnerships businesswoman privatepublicpartnership innovation development women empoweringwomen life africa westafrica abuja nigeria

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DIMA Stefania Isgró (dimastefaniaisgrofficial) Instagram Photos and Videos

DIMA Stefania Isgró


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Boutique les cigales (cigales_store) Instagram Photos and Videos

Boutique les cigales


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Cuts & Colors (cuts_and_colors) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cuts & Colors


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fabric handblock suits Linen saree unstiched handloom cotton material designer india duppata plazo kurti salwaar suit sarees dyed embroidery handwork semistiched women skirts womenwear ootd WhatsApp / Call - +918302347939 DM for more details.

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Women cotton top Size-Medium to Large Color-White Price-1000₹+Shipping Dm or whatsapp on 9769287252

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Private by Sanita


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أكملي الجملة privatebysanita captionthat women happy passion love dream strong smile believe faith will ability Lebanon kSA UAE Kuwait

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Sarah Walton


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Oh, yesterday was such a beautiful rainy day. I actually spent the morning reading "Trust Fall" by the lovely @tarynvoget. This quote stuck out: "The genius is always in the simplicity. And 'simple' and 'easy' are not the same thing." Love that. 100% true. Thank you Taryn! redefiningsuccess womennetworking

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Cuts & Colors (cuts_and_colors) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cuts & Colors


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fabric handblock suits Linen saree unstiched handloom cotton material designer india duppata plazo kurti salwaar suit sarees dyed embroidery handwork semistiched women skirts womenwear ootd WhatsApp / Call - +918302347939 DM for more details.

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Licia Le Tap (a.p_word) Instagram Photos and Videos

Licia Le Tap


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DIDEM YAGCI (didemyagci) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Positivity is the 🗝✔️didemyagci artist sanat sanatci contemporaryart bestoftheday instamood instalike painting women cool colors fornasetti

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Miss Successful


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KŌME - Salon & SPA AVEDA (salonkome) Instagram Photos and Videos



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👌🏼 • Une salopette, une tresse à la va-vite et les manches retroussées. L'élégance est parfois une histoire de simplicité ☝🏼 - hairstyle hairstyles haircolor haircut blondehair blond blonde women woman salopette ootd lookoftheday lookdujour lookdujour lifestyleblogger liveauthentic lifestyle tips kome igers igersfrance igersparis girls girl inspiration hairinspiration

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Tesbihane Europe ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Tesbihane Europe

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Cuts & Colors (cuts_and_colors) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cuts & Colors


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fabric handblock suits Linen saree unstiched handloom cotton material designer india duppata plazo kurti salwaar suit sarees dyed embroidery handwork semistiched women skirts womenwear ootd WhatsApp / Call - +918302347939 DM for more details.

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Shave Smart Razors ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Shave Smart Razors

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Women can use our razor blades and get results they want razorshavemenwomenlookyourbest

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แว่นกันแดด uv400 เราก็มีนะจ้ะ แว่นกันแดด uv400 ▶️ราคา 259 บาท ◀️ อ้ายยย แว่นกันแดด เก๋เก๋ HELlLO GIRL วิ้งวั๊บ ห้อยมุกขาว หวานแอบจี๊ดเล็กๆ 📦EMS 40 ,ลทบ. 20 📦ชิ้นต่อไป+10 [--สิ้นค้าทำเองและถ่ายภาพเองทุกชิ้นคะ-] ☑️สนใจสินค้าหรือสั่งทำสินค้าตามธีมของลูกค้าก็รับหน่ะ ☑️ หรือกดได้เลยจ้า👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 usa🇺🇸 การ์ตูนนำเข้าต่างประเทศ accessories diy thailand me_items_by_nan ต่างหู ต่างหูทำมือ ต่างหูhandmade ต่างหูแฮนด์เมด ต่างหูน่ารัก girl women ของใหม่ ของขวัญชิ้นเดียวในโลก เรซิ่น ต่างหูแฮนเมดเรซิ่น ราคากันเอง ราคาถูกๆ แว่นกันแดด แว่นแฮนเมด

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WANDA BADWAL (wandabadwal) Instagram Photos and Videos



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To all my kick - ass women out there, this is for you! You know when this time of the month comes where everything breaks down over your head? Where everything is just too much? Where your skin gets irritations and your feelings too?! When you have a lot of energy, intensity builds up and at the same time you just want to hide in bed and eat chocolate? Sound familiar ?!I tell you what! It the best time of your month! Its the time of the WISE,WILD,WOMAN that speak up inside of you, the one that wants to be heard. All what you pushed down in the weeks before, all the subtle fears and doubts, it will come up and now is the time to welcome it. I suggest to you: FEEL IT ALL! Embrace whatever arises. Don't judge yourself and your feelings. Experience it all. No, you are not being dramatic your are a deep feeling women! Allow yourself to feel it all! All the fears, the anger, frustration, insecurities and sadness.Allow it all to bubble up to the surface. We are women, we are strong, most of the time we rock our life, get shit done and try to function like a man. But we are not. We are circling beings, ever changing, colorful, Inutitive and deeply feeling. Cry, laugh, eat chocolate do all what feels right and true for you! For all my kick ass women, press pause before your moon time starts with your busyness off kicking ass! Now its time to rest your sweet ass! Go inside and listen to this wild, wise woman! What does she need? What does she say? And in case nobody told you today: YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR NAKED VULNERABLE SELF EXCACTLY AS YOU ARE, AND ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CRY. With love to all women out there, I love you. Wanda 🙏😘❤women kickasswomen loveyourself

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Peter MacDonald (macdonaldpeter11) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peter MacDonald


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london🇬🇧 kingsroadlondon kingsroad streetsweeper women cleaning councilworker workingclasshero workingclass

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Татьяна (t.a.n.i.t.a_love) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Вновь в эфире радостный понедельник 🤗 и новинка от TenX - карандаши для бровей! Стойкость до 12 часов – не размазываются и не растекаются даже на склонной к жирности коже. Бежевый Коричневый Серо-коричневый Цена: 690 руб. tanitalove1 косметика брови глаза лето folowme follow4follow women девушка nl bebe gerl

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Susanne Sawallisch (susannesawallisch) Instagram Photos and Videos

Susanne Sawallisch


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art artwork painting women act akt coulor canvas acryl kunst drawing

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Hollie Newell (holz_3) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hollie Newell


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Loving today's product! For both men and women and celebs too! 💚 Inbox me for more details 📩 mud mask glacial marine smooth face skincare celebs men women anyone beauty impurities

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👈فروش كيف،كفش و بوت ترك 👉 (stanbul.mezon) Instagram Photos and Videos

👈فروش كيف،كفش و بوت ترك 👉


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بار جديد براي تابستان 96 از استانبول رسيد كفش آبي رنگ اسپرت با بهترين كيفيت قيمت 180 هزار تومان مطابق با جديدترين مدل سال ٢٠١٧ براي سفارش به آدرس تلگرام موجود در بيو پيام بفرستين 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠 kifbagsshoeskafshhandbaglambertialtinayakstanbulmezonstanbulmezonistanbulturkeyirantehrankarajneweidnoroozspringwomengirldokhtaronejadidlineinstamessagekikmezonluxluxturynewgirlswomenstehranirankaraj 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

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Lelei Aloha


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Good Morning lovelies! The first official episode of the Lelei Aloha Podcast is OUT! On the episode we talk "adulting" and other things with @rutujarajwade 💌 SUBSCRIBE please and help me spread the aloha! leleialoha podcast travels empowerment women love

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The Well (thewellct) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Well


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Don't give up. You're doing amazing things. 🌟🌟🌟 keepgoing drive riseup

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Real Women UK


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Angel Lu Main Presenter of Real Women UK @realwomenuk at the Afro Hair & Beauty Show @afrohairandbeautylive. Thank you Afro Hair & Beauty for having me. I had a wonderful day, it was good interviewing exhibitors & the public. Thank you Shadow Group @7addo for your filming and photography. I would not got through the day without you. Welcome to the Real Women UK team ☺👍👍 afrohairandbeautyshow women realwomenuk

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Be Empowered To Be (ludainspiration1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Be Empowered To Be


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LIFE LESSONS : A STRONGER TRUTH 💪 Happy Tuesday ❤'s! The truth can be a challenge to handle, but it always leads you to the right path. Once you learn that truth use it to make you STRONGER and more EMPOWERED. As you continue your journey to becoming your best self, learn to embrace your truths learn. No one starts out an expert, but it develops over time. So always be open to the truth, it will piss you off in the beginning, but it will set you FREE in the end. Have an awesome day! Be Empowered To Be! Motivation MotivationalEmpower Transformation HappinessTruth instahappy Entrepreneurs Success Experience FemaleEntrepreneurs Life Mindset Positivelife Positive Confidence Stronger Lifelessons Entrepreneur Healthylife Inspiration Inspire Goals instafitness empoweringwomen Women Freedom Worthit Ludainspiration1 LUDA1

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from @bulkneed ・・・ Size 39,41 @3800 limited stock available shoe lastchancetobuy ladieswear To place an order, contact @Bulkneed on whatsapp ( 08060321163 or 08092117376) They Deliver Nationwide! fashion fashionist fashionista ramadankareem holymonth fashion lovely style clothes men women male female healthy jumiasalesrep shop onlinelikes like4likes entrepreneurs entrepreneur insta instadaily instagram salespublicist

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Snigdha & Piya (feelingsleftbehind) Instagram Photos and Videos

Snigdha & Piya


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[continued from last post] Let's cover some more reasons why feminism is important. • Honour killings are still prevalent. Tens of thousands of women are being killed just because they are what men like to call them as 'the inferior sex'. What's worse, some women grow up in this environment and support this false 'truth'. • Child marriages still exist. In all forms. The male doesn't necessarily have to be a child though. Guess who decides this? Heh. Ignorant men. • Dowry system, in its muted glory, is still there. There are laws against it, yet the bride's side succumbs to the demand of the groom's. • Sexual harassment. At work. Home. In the streets. I think you get the point. • Forced prostitution. No more words needed. • Women are still treated as the stay-at-home parent, while the 'man' goes out to work. • Women are still judged by looks. Height, weight, body type, etc. And body shaming of both the sexes does exist. What a world we live in. So yeah. Look out for these. Respect women. Speak up against sexism. Do your part in the society. Raise your voice, because you're lucky we're in a democracy and you can. rant feelingsleftbehind story writings stories poems feelings loveyourself poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram mentalillness iamhere unknownquotes feminism women womenempowerment

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Стильные аксессуары (lady_brooch) Instagram Photos and Videos

Стильные аксессуары


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Доброе утро дорогие Друзья!🙋🏼 ❤️Благодарю за ❤️ Желаю Вам отличного дня, только позитивных встреч и взаимных улыбок. Ведь себе настроение мы создаём сами, так пусть одно будет отличным. 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷 New brooch kamiya (800₽) Моя новая и всеми любимая Брошь с Камеей- это идеальный подарок 🎁 по любому случаю или отличное дополнение к любому образу в Вашем гардеробе. Всегда для Вас @lady_brooch

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