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w309가구공방 (w309w309) Instagram Photos and Videos



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w309w309가구공방가구공방목공방목공 암사동가구공방강동구가구공방나무가구제작맞춤가구인테리어가구 테리어가구신혼가구woodfurniture가구스타그램식탁

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Brandon Dobnick (dobnick_timberworks_llc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brandon Dobnick


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No filter needed for this marble cake white ash executive confrenceroom table finished up tonight and ready for installation Monday. interiordesign slab sawmill wood woodwork woodworking woodporn design art tree lux

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___________ : : : : : : : : ph photoghraphylover lenovok5 lazerd night myclick nature outdoors animal wildlife leaf little flora wild tree wood environment food foodporn foodie foodpicoftheday foodpic foodgasm instafood yummie summer garden grass close

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Venus 💖 (venuscarp) Instagram Photos and Videos

Venus 💖


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Wood house ❤️🏚 mood wood woodhouses wooodhouse room bedroom vision morning light bright

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Fede Pe (fedepe.kbox) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fede Pe


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Safi Nakihimba (safigawdess) Instagram Photos and Videos

Safi Nakihimba


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Artist: Safi Nakihimba (2017) If She Ever Starves, It Won't Be Because She's An Artist... OK? 😎 Using @panpastel On Wood 😍 Song: Eat ( 😍 safinakihimba safigawdess safi influencer film goddess nyc canadianartist creativedirector toronto capricorn brooklyn baldie panpastel wood frames poet producers radio hiphop bold

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I love 1st editions of handmade creations - there is so much authenticity that comes from experimenting ... my ❤️ is full after a getting to learn a new tool today - we'll be ready for you tomorrow @thecityflea ... home ohiomade shoplocal . . . . . handmadewithlove farmhouse homedecor ohio barnwood reclaimed repurposed rustic dorm gift upcycle uniquegifts fixerupper seekthesimplicity makersmovement makerspace 513 cincy wood laserengraving woodwork thehappynow seekthesimplicity

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🔨小屋作り参加者募集中🌊 (koyadiy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🔨小屋作り参加者募集中🌊:

こんにちは。 紅葉は太陽とともに神々しく。 大人とこどもの とこどもの為の木育。 小屋づくりの案内をinstangla anglamを通して投稿しております。日本の木を使い、健全な い、健全な山や海を作るため間伐材で小屋を皆さんと作りたいと思 りたいと思っています。 知ってもらうことがまずは大切。知人 大切。知人•友人の方にお伝え願えれば幸いです。 工具等がほ 工具等がほぼなくても、女性、お子さんと作り上げることができる 【小屋づくりのご案内】 音楽鑑賞•読書•秘密の隠れ場など夢を 実践編 秋 ~ 日本の木で小屋をつくります。 従来はそのままの建材としてつか としてつかわれることがなかった小径木の間伐材(杉)を新たな価 を新たな価値を与え良質な日本の木を手軽に楽しめるキッド形式の ッド形式の大人のブロックで小屋づくりの実践をします。 自然 。 自然の中で運搬・基礎から組み立てまで指導者を招いて一か 招いて一から完成まで作り上げます。 ​ 運搬時・塚建てなど重 建てなど重労働を伴います。 そのため、女性と男性で役割分担 で役割分担を予定しております。 -------------- ------- 1日目  運搬・基礎測量 ​ 2日目  屋根 目  屋根の取付 ​ 3日目  壁の組付けドアの設置 --- 2017年6月15日〜2017年9月15日 先着順 20名 ------------------------------ ----------------------- 開催日 11 A.指導料+保険料 185,000円(税別) B.指導料 C.指導料+保険料+宿泊料3泊分(個 室) 300,000 0,000円(税別) A•B•C全て昼3食付 宿泊相部屋 宿泊相部屋は1食付(軽朝食)・温泉付(男女別・共同) 宿泊 ) 宿泊個室部屋は2食付(夕食・朝食)・温泉付・源泉掛流し 源泉掛流し専用露天風呂付 ---------------- ---- 申込方法 申込は先着順にて受付。定員になり次第締切 り次第締切 講座開講にあたり、最低参加人数を達成しない場合 しない場合延期になります 申し込み人数が開講人数に達成した に達成した際に申し込み金額をお支払い頂きます。 参加費には 参加費には指導料+昼食が含まれます。 現地までの往復は、宿 往復は、宿泊に関しては宿泊地から現地まで送迎あり。 宿泊なし 宿泊なしの方は各自で往復の交通費をご負担ください。 --- 。 ---------------------------- --------------------------- 自然 -- 自然豊かで野鳥のさえずりが耳に心地よく夏涼しく、冬暖か く、冬暖かい伊豆半島特有の一年を通して過ごし易い気候の下、四 ------------------------------ ------------------------- 【お問い -------------------------------------------------- 小屋 森林浴 丁寧な暮らし 散歩 岐阜 japan 読書 経年変化 間伐材 音楽 ウォーキング ドライブ サイクリング ジブリ 音楽 トムソーヤ hideaway コロボックル ハイキング 絵 野鳥の会 隠れ家 木影 サイクリング ロードバイク ヒルクライム スケッチブック wood 蓮 お盆 木育 知育

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Eli Farmer (eli.farmer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eli Farmer


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Love my plastic fantastics, but I'll always have a soft spot for the heavy metals. gunporn igmilitia pewpew gun revolver blaster 1911 botl shotgun 870 remington vang comp springfieldarmory metal heavy steel gunporn gunphotography firearm wood checkered goodday guns cerakote bronze instaguns

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ありた さちこ (arita_sachico) Instagram Photos and Videos

ありた さちこ


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☆。・* ★・゜ . Woodシリーズ 『森の動物たち』 ─ハリネズミ─ . 引き出しのつまみでできた胴体に 竹串の足。 . 粘土でお顔を作れば . 大好きなハリネズミさ Wood Natural 森の動物たち ナチュラル Wood ハリネズミ Hedgehog 白木 木製 引き出しのつまみ 竹串 樹脂粘土 お気に入り 大好き アメブロ ゆっくりねのんびりね HeartfulWorld ありたさちこ 著作権あり 模倣盗用はNGでお願いします🙇⤵ ます🙇⤵ . あらこちらリコメ出来てなくてごめんなさい🙇

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M. Materazzi (beard_riot) Instagram Photos and Videos

M. Materazzi


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Too lazy and! uskilled to paint so i decided to go with wallpaper instead. Rusty wood with artwork that once belonged to a deceased friend. ghetto decor personal_best project renovation construction colors kitchen

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Brandon Pederson (brothersisterdesign) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brandon Pederson


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The very early stages of a secret door, very early... but the Ash ply is already looking great wood carpentry woodwork ash plywood plywooddesign west7th fortworth dfw fwlocals secret secretdoor

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Emanuel 🎨 (encontrarte) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emanuel 🎨


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Pintando 📖🎨 @j.bugacoff @luliluz_arte art artist arte artwork dibujo drawing pencil vscocam model retratos artista pencildrawing drawing artwork artlife book instaartwork vsc luzlopez arts_gallery model dibujos dibujoalapiz myart drag myartworks galery wood pencils ilustración ilustracion artlife retratos musa love

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Kiltro Polaris (fantastic_mr.k) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kiltro Polaris


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"Supervisando la infraestructura" kiltropolaris kiltrotheborder ccdmx architect architecture architectureporn architecturelovers architecturephotography pavilion wood bordercollie bordercollies bordercolliesmx bordercollielife bordercolliefans bordercolliesrock bordercolliestyle bordercolliesrule bordercolliesmx bordercolliegdl lifeontheroad travel

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Shirley (fluffysheepadoodle_lola) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Went back to our favorite trail today and found new places to shoot. I'm getting better at scrambling up and down. cleveland trail ferns dog sheepadoodlesofinstagram dogsofinstagram bigdog dogsofvancouver trees treestumps soft wood crumbling

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h o l l y ↟↟↟d o n a h u e (hollypoettree) Instagram Photos and Videos

h o l l y ↟↟↟d o n a h u e


Comment from h o l l y ↟↟↟d o n a h u e:

each hand i held that wasn't yours - i tried to slam through shuttered doors . while overlooking your doorway that patiently you'd held all day . you called me to you called me yours repaired each breach rebuilt the doors . {on when love redeems so much, repairs and restores} . . . writer writingcommunity poets poetsofig outdoors outside outdoorphotography wood door poetsofinstagram lovepoems love❤️ poetrycommunity poetrylover poetrysociety read literate author poetry poems poetic handwritten love christiancreative poem poemsofig poemsofinsta poemsofinstagram writersofinstagram writerscommunity

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Wood_Shop_Creations (wood_shop_creations) Instagram Photos and Videos



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All credit to the owner. Mention the original photographer below if you know them. 🙌 Be sure to hit follow for daily pics! 😁 __________________ carpentr woodenbox carpenterlife woodworkingproject woodstove woodworkingmachinery woodworkingtool woodfurniture woodworkingskills woodworkingporn woodworkingtools woodgrain woodbridge dıy woodworkingprojects woodfloor toolsday woodworkingforall carpenterbrut woodworkingwoman carpentercenter carpentrywork woodentoys finewoodwork hardworking woodcarving wood hammer woodwork woodworker

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Sheryl Price (sheryl_with_a_s) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sheryl Price


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BIG project! DYI deck screenedinporch patio homeprojects construction wood

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dusunkayu (dusunkayu) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Souvenir aksesoris tanggal hari jadi.. Dimensi (P X L X T): 7cm X 4cm X 7cm Bahan Kayu: Pinus Harga: Rp. 50.000 diskon 10% jadi cuma Rp. 45.000 woodcraft art gift birthday wood clock pot vas unique onlineshop onlinestore crafts craft dusunkayu pajanganrumah pajangandinding pajanganunik

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Melissa Benoist Fanpage (melissabfanpage) Instagram Photos and Videos

Melissa Benoist Fanpage


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This so sad, miss Karamel and need Melwood.

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Yoong Art (yoong_art4713) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yoong Art


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kaligrafi kayu kayupalet custom seni senikayu art wood woodart work woodworking handmade homemade

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La Sodina (la.sodina) Instagram Photos and Videos

La Sodina


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[ sunrise ] - Norah Jones 🍹 sunset sunrise norahjones music cocktails fruits juice natural bio drink detox beach breathe air sea lights colorful wood melon glasses pic sing time friends girls sardinia

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Coby (conscious_living_mum) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Collecting wood from the woods... it's a wonderful way to do a workout, get some fresh air and enjoy the surroundings 💜🙏 gratitude selflove wood consciouslivingmum trading tradingmum freedom fitmum tasmania bitcoin keto ketodiet glutenfree simplicity ketosis

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Erika K. (thatdiybrunette) Instagram Photos and Videos

Erika K.


Comment from Erika K.:

Hey y'all ❤️ I hope everyone's Friday night is going swell! I have a full day of framing tomorrow 😻 we have a total of 19 signs to frame tomorrow 🙌🏻 you guys are awesome!!! And I can't wait for our first show in Thornton Colorado ❤️ . . I'm thinking of doing a giveaway the weekend of the show, what do you guys think!? ☺️❤️🍁🍂🎃 . . smallsigns wood woodworking woodcraft smallbusiness smallshop makersgonnamake makersmovement shopsmall love loveyouguys farmhousestyle farmhousedecor shiplap rusticdecor diy diyshop crafty countryhomestyle farmtotable woodsigns

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PEI Crafts Council (pei.crafts.council) Instagram Photos and Videos

PEI Crafts Council


Comment from PEI Crafts Council:

Young creatives showcasing their winning work in the 4-H display at Old Home Week!! @national4h @oldhomeweek 2017 quilt drawing knitting craft pei peicc 4h youth youthcraft iron wood sewing socute

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jennifer (canvasandbirch) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from jennifer:

This 12"x12", espresso stained, wood sign is the sister sign to the very first birth stat I had ever painted! I had so much fun painting both of these and it's amazing to see how just a few months can make a difference in my abilities. This is completely free hand painted. 🌼 All birth stat orders are fully customizable and can be made of wood or canvas (with the option of a naked or stained wood frame)! Send me an email or Facebook message for pricing details and ordering! . shoplocal smallbusiness shopsmall supportsmallbusiness makersmovement handpainted handmade handlettering lettering handlettered acrylic nursery decor babygirl floral nurserydecor homedecor custom wood woodsign mompreneur fraservalley

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Woodcrafts Galore (woodcrafts_galore) Instagram Photos and Videos

Woodcrafts Galore


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Click our link in our Bio to view our 👕 Hoodies & T Shirts 👕 now! Like and tag your carpenter friends below! Don‘t forget to hit follow for awesome pics! __________________ carpe woodfurniture carpentersarms finewoodwork finewoodworking woodworkinglove woodworkingprojects woodpecker carpenterswife woodworkingforall woodworkinggirl woodenbox woodworkingproject woodfloor woodworkingtools carpenters woodshop woodentoys woodworkschool woodshops carpentersworkshopgallery carpentery woodshoplife woodworkshop woodart hardworking woodcarving hammer wood woodworker

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Santa Elena Restaurante (santaelenacolonia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Santa Elena Restaurante


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repostruasdecoloniaartwallarti lartistpaintingswoodrestaurant colonia madeincoloniamoodloveartartist

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かきはらひとみ (hitomi_kakihara) Instagram Photos and Videos



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本日、アートベアーさんと樫原さんとでウッドバーニング部を発足 ウッドバーニング ウッドバーニング部 木 コゲ絵 woodbarning art cat wood handpaint

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w309가구공방 (w309w309) Instagram Photos and Videos



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w309w309가구공방가구공방목공방목공 암사동가구공방강동구가구공방나무가구제작맞춤가구인테리어가구 테리어가구신혼가구woodfurniture가구스타그램식탁

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Curry Custom Sawmill (curry.custom.sawmill) Instagram Photos and Videos

Curry Custom Sawmill


Comment from Curry Custom Sawmill:

Brass dove tail. Dining table leg. Custom hardware and joinery. currycustomsawmill sawmill interiordesign brass southern charleston woodworking furniture yeahthatgreenville bluecollar fountaininn art architecture furniture hardwork madeinusa machineshop family familyowned craftmanship wood

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jentlymade (jentlymade) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Photoprop box for newborn babes this week, went to a local photog. Can't wait to see some little itty bitty babies in some adorable pics. So great to be helping other small business locally, and through connections all over the US. When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. jentlymade photography photoshoot photoprops rusticdecor rusticbox reclaimedwood woodbox tongueandgroove chippypaint chippy chippylife newbornphotography supportlocal smallbusiness mamamaker makersgonnamake dynamicduo supportthemakers takemypicture lifeinpictures hustle wood woodworking ryobination farmhousedecor farmhousestyle work lovewhatyoudo lifeisgood

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