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"The eyes of others our prisons: their thoughts our cages." - Maine - 2014

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Pre-Monday got me a little blue woolf

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_ 개 피 곤 😴

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ToTheLighthouse by VirginiaWoolf is a mustread. The intricately woven passages, imitating the current of thought, are actually aimed at showing one's loss in the changing world. Save for occasional epiphanies, there is no grasping the sense of life, no stopping the passage of time, no standing in the way of constant change. Personally I was stirred by the representation of the man-woman relationships on different levels, from different perspectives, through different eyes. It was a popular view that a woman couldn't paint, couldn't write, couldn't do anything worthwhile. And it appealed to me how painstakingly some characters of the novel went against the grain, trying to prove the opposite. booksinmyhands bookstagram classics modernism woolf Book credit ttvanna

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Natural beauty. X Shop the SECCHIO online and in select boutiques.

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Пытается разглядеть смысл жизни🍔 . . . huskywoolf

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Libri bianchi. "Si sentiva molto giovane, e nello stesso tempo indicibilmente vecchia. Affondava come una lama nelle cose, e tuttavia ne restava fuori, a osservare. Aveva la perpetua sensazione, anche mentre guardava i taxi, di essere altrove, altrove, in mare aperto e sola; la sensazione che fosse molto, molto pericoloso vivere anche un giorno soltanto." 🌼 La signora Dalloway - Virginia Woolf. lasignoradalloway woolf einaudi etscrittori books bookslover bookstagram instabooks booksporn ilovebooks iloveread reading follow4follow libri like4like l4l flowers tulipani

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I was so excited when I received this as a gift- I’ve been after it for a while and now it adds even more literature to my room! I’m so in love with the colours and shapes of this piece as well as the figures of each Brontë sister, Plath and Woolf 🧡 . . . . . . . . . . . woolf bronte bronteparsonage plath sylviaplath virginiawoolf emilybronte charlottebronte annebronte

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New day new photo and these few words of the director Chanya Button. “For someone we have historically associated with fragility, the story we get to explore in this film is a moment of profound strength. “Her relationship with Vita is the story of her connecting with her body, and her sexuality,” adds the filmmaker, “and it’s a kind of alternative look at an artist-and-muse relationship. It’s the story of the creation of Orlando, but it’s also the story of Virginia using her profound genius to overcome an experience that we might presume, on the face of it, would overwhelm her. That’s what interests me, the opportunity to look at this really iconic writer in a very different way.” vwoolf virginiawoolf woolf vitaandvirginia vitasackvillewest chanyabutton gemmaarterton elizabethdebicki

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Sunday out. X Exciting things coming soon. . Bedroom goals via @jullie

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finished reading orlando by v. woolf-- back to atwood (sleepless night)

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