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Comment from alexandraleepix:

This roadtrip. Wow! california sunrise mountains horizon

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Radio Libera Tutti


Comment from Radio Libera Tutti:

giuliaanania live at monkroma . Splendida serata di musica ieri 24.03.17 con la presentazione del nuovo album comeloro ! Per radioliberatutti foto di alessandro_giglio_1 . monkroma monkclub musicaitaliana livemusic musicphotography cantante singer woman wow voice rlt rltneverstops alessandrogiglio staymonk

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Emanuela Cutrone


Comment from Emanuela Cutrone:

• flowers make better life! • 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 flowers day sunnyday loving heart pink white wow 🌸 like

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Romina Pettinelli


Comment from Romina Pettinelli:

Casa delle Farfalle 😍butterfly farfalle paradise happy instago instagram in東京ドーム interiordesign photographer photo photooftheday macro wow cute beautiful beauty amazing cool nature fashion like4like likeforfollow geo likeforlike

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Comment from NatureWonders:

For more and daily pictures follow me, love the nature! Photo by jacob 🍁🍂🌏💗 nature wonder world life nofilter scenery travel amazing natureshoot worldwaterday lovenature summer sun water sky living love instagood love follow followme wow naturegeography türkis green neuschwanstein castle orange

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Fitness Girls Time


Comment from Fitness Girls Time:

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Kristina Oparina💋


Comment from Kristina Oparina💋:

Нашла я слоника)) girl art arbat wow weekend love like followme smile sisterstime

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Marianne Lutece


Comment from Marianne Lutece:

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Going Private in 2minute!!


Comment from Going Private in 2minute!!:

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Comment from Jill:

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Beth Melton-Seabrook


Comment from Beth Melton-Seabrook:

Field trip for research 🐠🐙🐟 eandcoartadventures aquaticcreaturesrock jellyfish wow

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r6s ace


Comment from r6s ace:

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Comment from 🎼ВИДЕОБЛОГ О ТАНЦАХ #1!:

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Juliana Matias


Comment from Juliana Matias:

Deus por favor , afasta de mim essa vontade de comer igual uma capivara raivosa com lombriga e abençoa minha caminhada numa vida fitness 🙏🏻🤘🏻😂 bomdia sunglass black sun wow rapaz saturday sabadao rj

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Shelby K.


Comment from Shelby K.:

Cael was super psychic when he was 3 years old 😳 CaelLuther futuresibling babygirl wow

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Zoltán Halász


Comment from Zoltán Halász:

Average weekend :) Spring has arrived to London Greenwich London Britain wow

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Comment from Виктория:

ярославль выходные поездка отдых улица wow instayaroslavl travel weekend streetstyle

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Studium Canticum


Comment from Studium Canticum:

All’esposizione di Parigi del 1889 le sonorità ipnotiche del gamelan di Giava impressionarono fortemente Claude Debussy. Nicolai Rimsky Korsakov riempì di colori sgargianti la sua partitura di Shahrazād e così via. Alla fine dell’Ottocento l’Oriente o meglio l’idea dell’Oriente seduce la cultura occidentale. Agli albori del nuovo secolo Giacomo Puccini cerca nuove strade nel Giappone di Madama Butterfly. Tornerà a rivolgersi a ad un “oriente immaginato” alla fine dei suoi giorni, raccontando di una Cina fantastica che già nel 1917 aveva stregato Ferruccio Busoni. Quella della crudele principessa Turandot. studiumcanticum OmaggioAlXXsecolo Cagliari Sardegna Ig_Italia Ig_Sardegna Ig_Worldclub Instasardegna Choir Choralmusic Nowplaying Concert Rehearsal love Poulenc Messiaen Mahler Ravel ArvoPärt penderecki Choristers Sardinia top event photooftheday bestpic tagsforlikes like4like postcard wow

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-`lisa ‘-


Comment from -`lisa ‘-:

blurry but qt (jkk) believe it or not, i actually have a theme omg:') anyway, this picture is more of a "i-fit-well-in-the-whole-theme" kind of pic than a stand-alone one lmao:') okay and also i went to the movie theatre to see logan yesterday evening and don't worry no spoilers but i wAsNt rEaDY lol ;-; imweak qotd: favourite meal? aotd: don't really know but probably sushis&asian dishes ehehe and also pasta and ratatouille and pizza and a lot of things tbh i love food food is great food is good lmao <3

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Xo' Alexander Nklmanak


Comment from Xo' Alexander Nklmanak:

Hell yeah !! african lagos abuja smoke hot afro beardgang badass badboy beards roar i likes likers likeall likeaboss wow cool instawow awesome tongue bad fresh fly hard hello hellyeah nigeria naija king

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