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JiJi Loves Cutting (jiyeonayuhair) Instagram Photos and Videos

JiJi Loves Cutting


Comment from JiJi Loves Cutting:

The most handsome of them all is Max the Lover americanbulldog yorkie americanbulldog adoptme

10 Seconds ago
erika diana (tatmoderikad) Instagram Photos and Videos

erika diana


Comment from erika diana:

jaxson tinydogsofig toydog yorkie yorkiesofinstagram yorkiestud yorkiestudservice yorkie lover Emotionalsupportdog myfurbaby puppylove

22 Seconds ago
Emily Taylor 🎀 (em_lou_tay) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emily Taylor 🎀


Comment from Emily Taylor 🎀:

we’ve been enjoying this weather! ☀️🐶 yorkie fetch 💙

31 Seconds ago
Lucie Carter (luciec_mua) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lucie Carter


Comment from Lucie Carter:

His ears have a mind of their own lol puppy puppiesofinstagram yorkie yorkiesofinstagram yorkshireterrier baby

33 Seconds ago
Rambo Jr & Penny Milla Darling (littlerambojunior) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rambo Jr & Penny Milla Darling


Comment from Rambo Jr & Penny Milla Darling:

The scar is healing really nicely after the surgery for Rambo. A few weeks ago, before we took out the stitches, it looked so horrible and seeing rambo being all miserable was definitely heavy on us. But today, he’s being much happier and is slightly back to himself. He still has a bit pain around the belly which is understandable, but he’s doing great. His appetite is back to loving the food we give and playful as ever. Rambo my boy, you must be the toughest little boy I’ll ever know. You never give up and you’re such a fighter! Mommy loves you so much! ❤️ rambo yorkie yorkiegram yorkshireterrier yorkiesofinstagram fighter animals instamoment instapets instadog dogsofig dogstagram dogsofinsta dogsofinstgram dogsofinstagram ilovemydog pets petsagram petstagram petsofinstagram dogs yorkienation furrybabyloveclub instagood instapuppy dogoftheday dogsofinstaworld

56 Seconds ago
Hank Fowler (fowler.hank) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hank Fowler


Comment from Hank Fowler:

Mumma and Hanky yorkie yorkiesofinstagram yorkshireterrier yorkies loyorkies yorkiesdaily yorkielife yorkieworld bestfriend bestfriendforever doggo

1 Minutes ago
LoveMeLola (lovemeloola) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from LoveMeLola:

My hair is a mess and I don’t care. This cold is making me lazy. Happy Friday my pawfriends. yorkie yorkshireterrier yorkiesofinstagram yorkies yorkielove yorkiesworldwide latinayorkie

1 Minutes ago
Michele Paiva| Be Love (drmichelepaiva) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michele Paiva| Be Love


Comment from Michele Paiva| Be Love:

I work to buy him treats jackrussellterrier yorkie jorkshire vegandog

2 Minutes ago
collon🐾 (collon623) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from collon🐾:

* * かわいいお届けもの🐶 * * テンポドロップ 今朝 ヨークシャテリア わんこ 犬と暮らす シンプルライフ yorkie yorkshireterrier dog バッグで無くても入るテンポドロップ

2 Minutes ago
Marcella Olivia (marsattack19) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marcella Olivia


Comment from Marcella Olivia:

My Friday nights are sooooooooo wild 😂😂😂 home with my cuddle bugs ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ mybabies MaloandMaya lovethem yorkshireterrier yorkiepuppy yorkie lazybum onthecouchwithmom sosweet

3 Minutes ago
Anna-Bear & Co. (anna.the.pom) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anna-Bear & Co.


Comment from Anna-Bear & Co.:

We have a strange kind of love 🐶❤🦊... sisterlove playfighting pom yorkie pompuppy yorkiepuppy pomlife pomofinstagram yorkieofinstagram wrestlingdogs sisters pomeranian

3 Minutes ago
Marley's Page (marley_yorkie_pup) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marley's Page


Comment from Marley's Page:

marleyandhisgirl helovesher yorkie yorkshireterrier yorkiesofinstagram yorkiesofinsta yorkiesofinstagram1 yorkiesofficial yorkiesofcanada bostonterrier bostonterrierofinstagram bostonterriersofinstagram bostonterrieroftheday bostonterrierofig bostonterrierofcanada bostonterriersforever bostonterrierfan bostonterrierfamily @jadefiliault

3 Minutes ago
まりちゃん (angearoma218) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from まりちゃん:

今朝のみりこyorkie ヨークシャテリア milimili 1ヶ月と24日

4 Minutes ago
 (minniepearlyorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from minniepearlyorkie:

Too much snow to move❄️🐶❄️ vancitysnowvancityv cityvancitydogsbarkingbabiesmi iesminniepearlyorkiecanadadogs

6 Minutes ago
oh(IG 2013.8.13~) (hidesansarisan) Instagram Photos and Videos

oh(IG 2013.8.13~)


Comment from oh(IG 2013.8.13~):

2018.2.24 おはよう❗家族みんなお休みで * 仲良く * 仲良くまったり中だよ * 「そうだねぇ~」 * これが話 これが話題の北海道弁だって、意識なかったよ(笑) * とこ そうだねぇ よーくしゃてりあ ヨークシャテリア マルプー マルプー男子 まるぷー ミックス犬 多頭飼い yorkie yorkiegram yorkshierterterier malpoo maltpoo dogstagram

7 Minutes ago
Leo & Famsquad (leonidopold) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leo & Famsquad


Comment from Leo & Famsquad:

Yorkie Fam Squad: assemble! 👊🏼 leonidopold eeveetheyorkie paxtontheyorkie yorkiefamsquad friyay

7 Minutes ago
Scotty and Simone (scottyandsimone) Instagram Photos and Videos

Scotty and Simone


Comment from Scotty and Simone:

Throwback to a much furrier time😂 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 tbt throwback longhair longhairdontcare l4l f4f follow foodie travelgram dogs dogsofinstagram chewyinfluencer chewy pets dogstagram yorkieshoutouts yorkiesofinstagram yorkie yorkshireterrier thestyledset yorkiefamous yorkiegram yorkiefamous

8 Minutes ago
Cleo💜 (cleopatra_beauty_studios) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cleo💜:

🐶my baby eyebrows micro-blading before & after 🤣. . . . 일상소통 무보정실사 요키그램 brows browsartist browstart micobladingmicobladingbrows blade stroke semipermanentmakeup 엠보눈썹 엠보눈썹yorkielove yorkshireterrier yorkie yorkshireterriersofinstagram yorkshiretoy yorkshiresculpturepark yorkshirelovers yorkshireday yorkielife 요키 요키사랑 요키스타그램cutedog cutebaby cute cuteyorkies

8 Minutes ago
YorkieLovers (yorkielovers_worldwide) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from YorkieLovers:

Hooman took me to the doctor's for my monthly check up! Glad to find out I am healthy! 😝 ❤️📷 by @maya.yorkie . . 📌Tag your 📷picture with ➩➩➩ YorkieLoversWorldwide and we will 🙌feature your 😝cute 💞lovable 🐶Yorkie on our page.👍👍 . . yorkie funny yorkiediaries yorkieadventure yorkiesarethebest yorkielove yorkielife yorkiefun yorkshireterrier yorkienation yorkiepup yorkiesarethecutest doglife dogsarethebest animalsco animaladdicts cutepetclub yorkiesofig dogsofinsta instadog

9 Minutes ago
Mía Ann The Yorkie 🐾 (mia_ann_lehnen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mía Ann The Yorkie 🐾


Comment from Mía Ann The Yorkie 🐾:

Playing out with my Family ~Mia🐾yorkiepuppy yorkiemommy yorkielovers yorkshire yorkiesofinstagram yorkiedays yorkiestar yorkie yorkielovers yorkiepuppy

10 Minutes ago
Lady & Toretto (lady_and_toretto) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lady & Toretto


Comment from Lady & Toretto:

Lady 💭 Ummm no tanks mommy. I don’t wanna move cuz den you gonna put you butt on da floor and ignores me! 🙅🏻‍♀️ yorkie yorkiesofinstagram myheart myworld couldntlivewithoutthem mybabies proudyorkiemama yorkiemom yorkielovers yorkieloversofinsta proudyorkie yorkielife yorkielove yorkienation yorkiesdaily yorkiesareawesome yorkiefamous yorkiefabulous yorkshire yorkshireterriers yorkshireterrier yorkiesofig mykidshavefourlegs mykidshavefur mykidshavepaws yorkiesofficialclub woofwoof

11 Minutes ago
Yorkies Homies (yorkies.homies) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yorkies Homies


Comment from Yorkies Homies:

🐶 Follow us for daily dose of Yorkies cutness 🐕🐾❤🎬 ➖ Tag a friend who need to see this! 👦👧😊 @🆔 ➖ 📷 Picture by ➡ @_joey_the_yorkie Use loyorkies to have chance feature ❤️ . . Yorkie yorkies yorkielove yorkielovers yorkiemom yorkiesofinstagram yorkiesofig yorkieofinstagram yorkieterrier yorkiemix yorkiebaby yorkieswag yorkietown yorkiegram yorkielife yorkieoftheday mynewyorkie myyorkie puppylove dog dog🐶

11 Minutes ago
Dimitri (the_terrier_mix_dimitri) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Dimitri:

I’m bored bored tired dog dogs dogsofinstagram dogsofig doglovers mydog lovedogs instagramdogs rescuedog doggy dogstagram love happy smile nature outdoors cute pet instapet puppy puppylove adorable me terrier yorkie instagood instadaily instafun

11 Minutes ago
Santiago Vargas (santi_en_boston) Instagram Photos and Videos

Santiago Vargas


Comment from Santiago Vargas:

Happy fRiday everypawdy! Having a fantastic end of week 🐶🐾💖😎 . . . . yorkiesofinstagram yorkie dogs happydog dogsofinsta doglife dogsofinstagram dogs_of_instagram yorkshireterrier puppy cambridge newengland boston yorkieoftheday cutedogsofinstagram cutedogs dogcrushdaily yorkiemom yorkielove yorkiegram101 yorkiesofig yorkieswag yorkiepuppy yorkielife doglovers learnfromsanti

12 Minutes ago
Kev & Re (kev_n_re) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kev & Re


Comment from Kev & Re:

Hard Life

12 Minutes ago
Pugs & Yorkies Fans (lovelypug_yorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pugs & Yorkies Fans


Comment from Pugs & Yorkies Fans:

That’s my Valentine’s chocolate;) However, my mom doesn't let me eat it :-( Not fair! Funny dog. yorkie

9 Days ago
Pugs & Yorkies Fans (lovelypug_yorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pugs & Yorkies Fans


Comment from Pugs & Yorkies Fans:

Ready to go to bed 💤😴🐶🏮🇺🇸 yorkie

24 Days ago
Pugs & Yorkies Fans (lovelypug_yorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pugs & Yorkies Fans


Comment from Pugs & Yorkies Fans:

If you wanted an Uber driver which would you choose? Vote 1 or 2. yorkie yorkielove pugsofinstagram puglife

33 Days ago
Pugs & Yorkies Fans (lovelypug_yorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pugs & Yorkies Fans


Comment from Pugs & Yorkies Fans:

Mommy, can I just hangout in the backyard without you are taking pictures of me? ;)yorkie yorkielove yorkiesofinstagram yorkshireterrier

230 Days ago
Pugs & Yorkies Fans (lovelypug_yorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pugs & Yorkies Fans


Comment from Pugs & Yorkies Fans:

Ninj the wonder dog in Mom's purse. yorkie yorkielove yorkshireterrier

265 Days ago
Pugs & Yorkies Fans (lovelypug_yorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pugs & Yorkies Fans


Comment from Pugs & Yorkies Fans:

I need to study because tomorrow I will have an exam;). yorkie yorkielove yorkshireterrier yorkies

1 Years ago
Pugs & Yorkies Fans (lovelypug_yorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pugs & Yorkies Fans


Comment from Pugs & Yorkies Fans:

Captain America;) yorkie yorkielove yorkiesofinstagram

1 Years ago
Pugs & Yorkies Fans (lovelypug_yorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pugs & Yorkies Fans


Comment from Pugs & Yorkies Fans:

Welcome spring time. ;).yorkie yorkielove yorkiesofinstagram yorkshireterrier

1 Years ago