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Amor York (amoryork) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amor York


Comment from Amor York:

Alguém pega minhas malas que eu to pronta pra viajar! ✈ yorkshireterriers yorkshireterrier york amorcanino amoryork doglovers doglove dog puppy puppies yorkshire amor travel love princess

8 Seconds ago
Lyn 🌺 (lyn_love_life) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lyn 🌺


Comment from Lyn 🌺:

❣️I woof you Max 🐾 myboy yorkie yorkshireterrier yorkiesofinstagram yorkieloversofinsta furmom doglife doglover dogsofinstagram Max cuteness

20 Seconds ago
Molly 🇬🇧 Cheshire UK 🇬🇧 (mollyquk) Instagram Photos and Videos

Molly 🇬🇧 Cheshire UK 🇬🇧


Comment from Molly 🇬🇧 Cheshire UK 🇬🇧:

OK, I've posed for my picture can I get in now? 🏊 🌞⚾ 🏄🌴 love my paddling pool, my mom throws a big wet towel over one side so I can get in and out easily 😃 . dog yorkie yorkshireterrier littlelegs yorkiesofinstagram mollyquk dogsofinstagram pet love bff friends happy dogs walk country animals pets travel cutedog Knutsford travel walk countryside beautiful fun UK Cheshire cutedogs

30 Seconds ago
chestnut_the_terrier (chestnut_the_terrier) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from chestnut_the_terrier:

😂😂😂Sok mau main ama doggy besar..tapi dicuekin terrierlove yorkshireterrier terriers puppy puppies puppylove dogs doglovers

33 Seconds ago
Cassandra (cassandratx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cassandra:

Roooaaaarrr! yorkiesofinstagram yorkshireterrier yorkie yorkielove dogsofinstagram

42 Seconds ago
Boom_Tawisa (fuxcy_richest) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Boom_Tawisa:

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. การเตรียมตัวที่ดีที่สุด คือการทำวันนี้ให้ดีที่สุด.. au swissalps herbt ใบไม้เปลี่ยนสี myloves yorkshireterrier ontheway lovemylife mylifestory

51 Seconds ago
zakk (zeewyah) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from zakk:

boop yorkie yorkshireterrier yorkiesofinstagram dog doggo pup pupper dogsofinstagram dogs puppiesofinstagram puppies boop boopmynose

1 Minutes ago
ALEX (alex_a9999) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ALEX:

Saudades do meu filho auau. yorkshire yorkshireterrier

1 Minutes ago
Luke Pontes 🔱 (lukepontes_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luke Pontes 🔱


Comment from Luke Pontes 🔱:

Meu brinquedinho que eu amo 🐶❤️🐾 yorkshire doglovers yorkshirerecife yorkshireterrier

2 Minutes ago
Thöny García (garciathony_69) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thöny García


Comment from Thöny García:

LOL! This is so true 😂😂😂 yorkshireterrier yorkshireterriersofinstagram instayorkie yorkie yorkiegram yorkielover

5 Minutes ago
Cody Bear 🐶 (cody_bear_the_yorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cody Bear 🐶


Comment from Cody Bear 🐶:

🐶💬That face you make when you have a pile of laundry to wash!😡Laundry makes me a basket case!😖Wishing my cute buddy Kodie @kodietheyorkie a Happy🔟th Birthday!🎈🎉🎊💥🎁🎂🎈Sending lots of love and prayers to my sweet precious furiend Diesel @diesel_minnie for a speedy recovery.❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️ weeklyfluff buzzfeedanimals yorkie dog pet dogphotography doggy doggie doglover doglife petsofinstagram yorkiesofinstagram dogstagram petstagram furbaby yorkielove mypet mydog picpets instadog instapet yorkie DIESELminniephoto yorkshireterrier yorkiesmorkiesplayersclub nakey2018 igpets furrybabyloveclub

5 Minutes ago
Cantik* (kanmiy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cantik*:

飛騨高山巡ってきました。 雪がいっぱい。白い世界。ちょっと覗 ちょっと覗いたスキー場と白川郷です。 古い町並みも寄ってきた 高山わんわんパラダイス 白川郷ヨーキーヨークシャーテリアyorkshireterri 犬dog 愛犬盲目犬 雪古い町並み雪国

5 Minutes ago
Luke Pontes 🔱 (lukepontes_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luke Pontes 🔱


Comment from Luke Pontes 🔱:

Eu tenho o sono mt pesaudo! 😂💖🐾 yorkrecife dog yorkbrasil yorkshirerecife yorkshireterrier

5 Minutes ago
Michael Lofaso (michael_lofaso_music) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michael Lofaso


Comment from Michael Lofaso:

Studio pup. akai akaipro keyboardist midicontroller dog yorkshireterrier

5 Minutes ago
Family Of 4️⃣🐾 (guatemalanyorkies) Instagram Photos and Videos

Family Of 4️⃣🐾


Comment from Family Of 4️⃣🐾:

It’s bedtime 🌙⭐️ - - babyAisha puppiesofinstagram yorkiesofinstagram yorkiepuppy yorkielove yorkiegram yorkielove yorkielife yorkiemommy lovemydogs doglovers dogsofinstagram puppiesofguatemala mydogiscutest mydog dog yorkshireterrier yorkie

7 Minutes ago
spankyweezer (spankyweezer) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from spankyweezer:

7 Minutes ago
Lulis - Yorkshire Terrier (lulis_dog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lulis - Yorkshire Terrier


Comment from Lulis - Yorkshire Terrier:

Tentando pegar a chave pra sair pra um rolé 🤙🏻 yorkshire yorkshireterrier yorkiesofinstagram instadog sdv follow4follow followback dog pet vidadecão petlovers instapet boanoite

7 Minutes ago
김뿌꾸(15살⚆ᴥ⚆) (bbu.kku.o3o) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 김뿌꾸(15살⚆ᴥ⚆):

이 쪼만한 뽀시래기같은 뿌꾸기 15살이라니 가끔 신기하다🤔

9 Minutes ago
Gabriel71stars (gabriel71stars) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Gabriel71stars:

My baby being nosey of what daddy brought home simon mybaby lovehim mybestfriend yorkie yorkies yorkiesofinstagram yorkshireterrier

9 Minutes ago
Tifaventurera (tifaventurera) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Tifaventurera:

tbt to the first time I gave mom "the look" everytime she says "shower time" . . . mommasdoghter famousdog dogsofig dogsofinstagram dogs yorkiesofig yorkiesofinstagram yorkshirelovers yorkiegram yorkieoftheday yorkie paws yorkshireterrier cutedogs doghter yorkielovers yorkshireterriersofinstagram yorkiefamous yorkshire_terrier lovemymom weeklyfluff yorkietown yorkielife dog furmom

9 Minutes ago
コビマスmama (m.team_cm) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from コビマスmama:

「マッシュだよ🎵」 我が家のお子ちゃまキャラのマッシュ坊や ッシュ坊や。 全力で飛びついてきて高速しっぽフリフリの全身ク リの全身クネクネダンスで甘えて来ます❤️ そんなマッシュを毎 ッシュを毎日ワシャワシャ撫で回してムギューッして頬ずりしまく ずりしまくる(*≧з≦)💕 触れ合うことでお互いにナチュラ ヨーキー Yorkshireterrier わんこ 永遠のお

11 Minutes ago
🐶 Skittles & Snickers ❤️ 🐾 (skittles_the_jumbo_yorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

🐶 Skittles & Snickers ❤️ 🐾


Comment from 🐶 Skittles & Snickers ❤️ 🐾:

Mommy says I look like Sherlock Holmes 🕵🏻‍♀️ in this sweater, but it’s cold and she doesn’t understand that I’m just a fashionista ☃️❄️💁🏻‍♀️👗👠🧤👑 fashionista ootd spoiled dogclothes cold sweaterweather swag style brrr dogmom dogsofinstaworld yorkiesofig yorkshireterrier yorkiesofinstagram yorkies furbaby babygirl followus

11 Minutes ago
❌❌❌ (pastellnightmare) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ❌❌❌:

yorkshireterrier yorkshire

12 Minutes ago
JJtheYorkie (jjtheyorkie07) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from JJtheYorkie:

Ahhhh....yep, right there Mom.

12 Minutes ago
Legend Buczynskyj (legend_the_yorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Legend Buczynskyj


Comment from Legend Buczynskyj:

tbt yorkie yorkies yorkiegram101 yorkietown yorkiesofinstagram yorkienation yorkielovers yorkielife yorkiesofig yorkielove yorkiecute yorkiesarethebest yorkshireterrier yorkiepup yorkiepuppies yorkiepuppy yorkieoftheday yorkielife yorkieloversworldwi yorkiesareawesome puppyoftheda famousyorkies dogsofinstagram

12 Minutes ago
Tay Taylor (rocksteadyofsbx) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tay Taylor


Comment from Tay Taylor:

Reason my dogs think every time a package comes it's for them smh lol @pupjoy dog dogs dogsofinsta dogsofinstagram yorkie yorkiesofinstagram yorkies yorkshireterrier love spoiled happy pet pets petsofig petsofinstagram

12 Minutes ago
3 Yorkies♡ (azukinacocoa) Instagram Photos and Videos

3 Yorkies♡


Comment from 3 Yorkies♡:

すごい素敵な出逢い💓うちと同じ、しりとりヨーキーズちゃん� ズちゃん🐶🐶🐶🐶 天使のみれあちゃん💓 そして、あ @mireakubeads さんから 幸せポーズ 幸せポーズバトン いただきました🤗ママさんありがとうございます😆💕 ✴ �💕 ✴︎ 食休みで寝ている、ここあずきでチャレンジ🐾� ンジ🐾🐾お腹いっぱいでぬくぬく寝そうな一枚。ここあは起き こあは起きちゃいました👀 きなこはまだ食べ物貰えないかウロ ないかウロウロしています🐻💕 きなこ、3枚目に耳だけ登場 耳だけ登場😅 ✴︎ バトンはきなこが食べ物かと思ってクンク ってクンクンしているので、うちへ置いておきます✨誰かきなこの 2009年6月20日生まれ 8歳 きなこ 2009年6月11日生まれ 8歳 ここあ 2016年1月29日生まれ 2歳 6月11日 6月20日 1月29日 azukinacocoa 3ヨーキー 3姉妹 三姉妹 多頭飼い 犬 dogs dogstagram ヨークシャーテリア ヨークシャテリア ヨーキー yorkey yorkie Yorkshire YorkshireTerrier

13 Minutes ago
Yago Henrique (yagohenrique671) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yago Henrique


Comment from Yago Henrique:

Pensa num bicho que é fiel! Que vai aonde você for, que não trai, que nos protege. O melhor amigo da pessoas!!! Ingênua e fofa é ela, a pequena Amora... yorkshireterrier cachorro yorkshire

14 Minutes ago
 (keiji_tsunematsu) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from keiji_tsunematsu:

愛犬yorkshireterrier ヨークシャテリア ヨーキー くうちゃん 空犬そんなにみつめないで 写真好きな人と繋がりたい

14 Minutes ago
Stella 🐶❤️🐾🎀 (stella_mylittleyork) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stella 🐶❤️🐾🎀


Comment from Stella 🐶❤️🐾🎀:

Gente, pára tudo!! Quem copiou o modelito de quem???? Aí meu Deus!!! O que vcs acham? Duas princesas juntas??? . . . .fofademais yorkielove stella_mylittleyork stella yorkshirelife dogfashion dogmodel yorkie yorkiegram yorkiepoo yorkiepuppy yorkshirelife yorkieyorkshire yorkshireterrier puppydog princesas antenadas turquesa muitocharme petmodel petmodelbrasil identicas riodejaneiro instadog instalike instapet instalove yorkshireterriersofinstagram yorkshireterrier dog dogmodel marinaruybarbosa

15 Minutes ago
Elan Neon (spiffiestkat) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elan Neon


Comment from Elan Neon:

BeforeAndAfter Grooming Groomer Pets Animals Dogs Puppies Cute Fluffy YorkshireTerrier YorkiesOfInstagram

15 Minutes ago
Shadi Jordan (misssj1990) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shadi Jordan


Comment from Shadi Jordan:

Bed Book Pooch 🐕🌃📚 yorkiesofinstagram snugpooches yorkshireterrier

15 Minutes ago
Abby (abby_sweet_yorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Abby:

In the middle of destruction. But my human is quite glad that I am not biting her hands. 😈 (Their hands and feet are still my biting targets but less interesting than before) 😬

17 Minutes ago