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Luís Carlos (lcsilva832) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luís Carlos


Comment from Luís Carlos:

Beautiful night for you my darling kisses

4 Seconds ago
Polo2G DOPEBOYDEVOTION (polo2g) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Polo2G DOPEBOYDEVOTION:

You damn near wanna be in between going back into a DEEP sleep..or could just disappear, just vanish IN PLAIN SIGHT..cause it's ON!!😅😂🤣😅. Shit really ain't funni either tho!! 2G CapMoney Movin&Groovin CuffinSeason LinkIn

15 Seconds ago
Lamb Lover (livinglamblarge) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lamb Lover


Comment from Lamb Lover:

dank meme dankmeme dankmemes memesdaily dankmemesdaily instagram spicymeme spicymemes lmao lol wtf haha love inspiration art photo photography thicc trending sexy muscles weed mom yelling you harrypotter ps1

21 Seconds ago
Brenden Johnston (notsnhojnednerb) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brenden Johnston


Comment from Brenden Johnston:

I have this finger... . finger you kind bekind kindness sensitive shy friend love nobadvibes peace happy smile butterfly rainbow flower puppy kitten unicorn sky sun summer beach beautiful pretty sunrise sunset night .

23 Seconds ago
Jaiml Kang (jaimlkang) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jaiml Kang


Comment from Jaiml Kang:


31 Seconds ago
Debora P Lnd (debora_moschetti) Instagram Photos and Videos

Debora P Lnd


Comment from Debora P Lnd:

Una sera ero sdraiata sul divano e non parlavo, fissavo il vuoto, in cerca di un qualcosa che non è mai arrivato! E tu senza dire una parola ti sei seduta vicino a me e mi hai accarezzato!! Avevi già capito tutto! ❤️ sei il mio tutto cuore mio me and you mum mamma love inlove my everything iloveyou ❤️

40 Seconds ago
FLIPPIN' GOOD (flippingoodchicken) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from FLIPPIN' GOOD:

Don’t sweat the technique. 📍 @flippingoodchicken 🍔 Perfectly cooked burger. Cheese. BACON. YOLK. Make it a double if you’re feeling frisky. 👇🏼TAG YOUR CLUCK CREW👇🏼

47 Seconds ago
Pétrik Viana (trikviana) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pétrik Viana


Comment from Pétrik Viana:

Apropriada ao momento.. some memories may never die.. some thoughts.. some feelings.. ☄⭐ . . . . . . . smile ever live travel tbt instalike instame trust destiny fun think miss style vibes photography moment go instagood boy thoughts instagood instafollow rn memories fbf happy light you nofilter

1 Minutes ago
Alonna Janee (beautybylonna) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alonna Janee


Comment from Alonna Janee:

Winter is here! Using glamorous nude and super white from @valentinobeautypure with dots from @dulcenailsprinkles and a hint of copper bliss from @vanessa_nailz ! 💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾 - - - Book your next acrylic fullset, hard gel fullest or gel mani by texting 510-343-4867 or book online at - - nailsbyme nailsbylonna nailboss love nails naildesigns nailswag nailstagram nailart blackgirlsdonails haywardnails oaklandnails bayareanails you bayarea fashion design oakland nailmagazine beauty bossnails naildit nailtrappin uglyducklingnails skylinebeautysupply nailinspiration vanessanailsfeatures

1 Minutes ago
 (pickl3.s) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from pickl3.s:

I really do miss you I loved having our little connection :(

1 Minutes ago
Claribel🌟 (claryleto) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Claribel🌟:

Te elegiría una y mil veces más.. ❤ woman girl hairstyle pretty you me positivevibes rulos beauty caralavada look newyork peace 🔥 curves smile 💋 kiss body goodnight buenasnoches photography instagood jeans 💪

2 Minutes ago
i thank(*dank) god😩 (i.dank.god) Instagram Photos and Videos

i thank(*dank) god😩


Comment from i thank(*dank) god😩:

- -🤧 - - - - - - - - - dank extremlydank dankmemes memes funny hoodmemes offensivememes memevideos edgy edgymemes haha cringe lol gore fuck you

2 Minutes ago
ro lamb (rolamb) Instagram Photos and Videos

ro lamb


Comment from ro lamb:

Peace. Clarity. Trust. Move with Authority in the direction of your purpose. When you have your direction set, it's all about the flow. You don't have to push or force it; you just flow and let Source handle everything else. 📸 by @takiaelamb for @tkconsultingdesign ⠀⠀ monday mondaymotivation life riseandgrind riseandshine rise shine be you words wordstoliveby mondaythoughts power grace love you byrolamb poetry writersofinstagram writersofig writerscommunity encouragement flow

2 Minutes ago
Aaylinoosch Lin (aaylinosch) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aaylinoosch Lin


Comment from Aaylinoosch Lin:

'People say that the eyes are the portal to your soul ... 🤔❌. somepeoplesaythattheeyesa eyesaretheportaltoyoursouldeep ldeepgreeneyesblackandwhitesee ❤️.

3 Minutes ago
 (slime.and.icons) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from slime.and.icons:

Swipe 😉👉 Who’s ready for Christmas break? ❄️🎄 IM SO READY!! Follow @enjoyable.slimez @satisfactoryfeed @some.gud.slime Tags🔮- slime review like it cool yay slimeusa be you yourself is me usa lit life snoop tibble cereal fav

3 Minutes ago
Aneta Wróbel (anetawrobel91) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aneta Wróbel


Comment from Aneta Wróbel:


3 Minutes ago
James_K (ko_unni) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from James_K:

동생한테 술사주고 받은 로또 복권 어제 받은게 생각나서 맞춰보다가 횽아 살짝 설랬다 ㅋㅋ 4등 했으니 술은 니가 산거네 🤣 ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ 셀카셀스 instacoolinstagood맛집데일리일상 me푸드스타그램다이어트instamakeupOOTD l OTD like4like맛스타그램먹스타그램instafo

3 Minutes ago
Christopher Sanchez (optimalcells) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christopher Sanchez


Comment from Christopher Sanchez:

On Today's Show of "The Nutritional Bite" • "Pomegranate" My Favorite Fruit All Year Round • JulieDaniluk Crazy About Pomegranates! • The pomegranate has been designated a “superfood”. • Blog Link in My Bio • Always, From Me to You in Health & Happiness • Optimal Cells, “Specializing in Children & Women’s Vibrant Living”

4 Minutes ago
Irene (irene_lapa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Irene:

“sometimes home can be another person” - David Jones // ti amo bu 🖤 . . . . . . . . . . . . . l me you picoftheday photooftheday photography travel travelphotography traveling travelgram instagood instagram instalike instadaily instacool like4like likeforlike l4l likes4likes likesforlikes like likes follow4follow followforfollow followme follow london tb

4 Minutes ago
rejouis louisener (louis_promohaiti) Instagram Photos and Videos

rejouis louisener


Comment from rejouis louisener:

@dayoo_love509 female patriot cute animatrice proud of you flag success louispromo plus determination

4 Minutes ago
You should follow me (fire_princess__) Instagram Photos and Videos

You should follow me


Comment from You should follow me:

Editmas ?? I dont know anymore tbh but like still enjoy my trash edit 🙃 @doddleoddle ~ ~ ~ Trash dodieclark dodie youep dodieedits edits youtube S.L.U.T youtube music inthemiddle You

4 Minutes ago
🍬Ines :)🍬💋 (ines.128) Instagram Photos and Videos

🍬Ines :)🍬💋


Comment from 🍬Ines :)🍬💋:

loca loca 😘👌🏾😜 I know you know try 😶😉

4 Minutes ago
Soukayna Baba (soukaynababa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Soukayna Baba


Comment from Soukayna Baba:

moodoftheday mood chill chilling barcelona instagood good goodday goodnight travel longhair instagirl girl boy influencer luxe luxurylife amazing chic nopainnogain españa latina latino great you

4 Minutes ago
Mélodie Vincent (melo.vincent) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mélodie Vincent


Comment from Mélodie Vincent:

I miss this moment @queenvaleen ❤️ a perfect travel with amazing people chileno chilena and canadian 🤷🏻‍♀️💁🏻 in DR fun night pool beach miss you and all that

4 Minutes ago
Daeun (다은) (daeundances) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daeun (다은)


Comment from Daeun (다은):

my new video is live! please go check it out it is to Fantasy by Superfruit! Link in bio! • • fantasy superfruit amberliu love dance dancer kpop fx youtube dancer dancing fun like subscribe bless pretty you tube livininafantasy @sup3rfruit @ajol_llama

5 Minutes ago
Mike (turniplesmemes) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mike:

Idk I tried at least elfpractice dank meme spicy boi jew 711 hey there beutiful you should like my photos and followme 😎 jk idc turnip bush ded

5 Minutes ago
Anfe (anderson.f.fernandez) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Anfe:

Tú me haces falta... recuerdos singer angel tu song you amor love nostalgia momentos

5 Minutes ago
Matt Bandowski (matt_bandowski) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matt Bandowski


Comment from Matt Bandowski:

BE YOU 1,802ND DEC.,207

5 Minutes ago
N U M B O (realnumbo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from N U M B O:

5 Minutes ago
Maaz Memon (maaziiee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maaz Memon


Comment from Maaz Memon:

LIT HOOKAH LOUNGE is bringing you amazing female violinist and a female DJ on DEC 15. Show you don't wanna miss. It will be SOLD OUT. Message for tickets or collect it from the lounge 3550 main st. Only $10. Limited tickets available

7 Minutes ago
Jennifer Harris Turpin (therebelmompreneur) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer Harris Turpin


Comment from Jennifer Harris Turpin:

I've been on a hiatus from social media and my usual love of interacting with people lately. The truth is life is tough, but when you get buried, it's a sure sign that growth is ahead (if you let it). Don't let life bury you! And if it does, remember, my friend, you're a seed. 🌱

7 Minutes ago
Marlène🙊🎀 (marlene_arnauth) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Marlène🙊🎀:

Love he. ❣️ 🔙 💕 love you he babyboo

10 Days ago
hanamitchignat (gnatchinat) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from hanamitchignat:

1Theres NO elecator to SUCCESS YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE STAIRS...lupet

245 Days ago