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Nichelle Villamor Sigua (nichyeng03) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nichelle Villamor Sigua


Comment from Nichelle Villamor Sigua:

labandera kanina . tga luto nman ngaun . ung tga luto ko nag dayoff . hahaha kala mo kung anu nluto eh noh . ginisang cheesedog lng nman . hhahaah a kainpo yummy rapsa hotdogchickenfranks withketch

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Flo_HH (flo_632) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Flo_HH:

A Trinidad Sour for amaroweek Maybe you have (like me) read about the Trinidad Sour and thought "crazy sh**!" A drink in which the famous Angostura Bitters is not used just for spicing up your drink with one or two dashes but as a MAIN ingredient. Constanze from the bar Rabbit Hole in Hamburg suggested it to me when I asked for something with Amaro. Yes, Angostura Bitters is an Amaro somehow... (A very bitter one > 40% alc. So bitter that it was not forbidden during American prohibition.) I was hesitating some moments, kind of afraid of it ;-) but then I went for it! Result: Everybody who is into bitter stuff should now go and buy the big bottles of Angostura! The Angostura is so rich of flavours and the bitterness is softened by the orgeat which pairs perfect with the flavour profile of the Angostura. The bitterness hits you first time in the aftertaste. (But not too extreme for a bitter lover) The drink was in invented by New York bartender Giuseppe Gonzalez and Imbibe's recipe is the following. (Don't know the recipe I had, just that they used even 4cl Angostura!!) 1 oz. Angostura bitters 1 oz. orgeat 3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice 1/2 oz. rye whiskey (100-proof preferred) @mmydrinks @the_rabbithole_bar . . . . . angostura bitters bitter whiskey cocktailbar cocktailoftheday onmytable yummy hamburg homebartender cocktailrecipes bildungstrinke craftcocktails cocktail cocktails drinkstagram mixology cocktailsofinstagram imbibe imbibegram thirsty lovecocktails liqpic cocktailtime instagood instadrink cocktailgram classiccocktails newyork

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♡mayu♡ (ma_yu_hi_me_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ♡mayu♡:

。 pancake brooklynparlor ブルックリンパーラー札幌 、 、 、 、 、 sweets cafe cake 札幌カフェ instafood instapic instalike instagood instahappy love happy yummy instafollow followme follow instagood i instagram instaphoto instafollow

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NAHYE (bbeuni_0717) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from NAHYE:

😋☔️ . . 비스트로퍼블릭 모엘르 바질페스토 라자냐 몽블랑 무화과타르트 맛점 친스타그램 대전맛집 유성맛집 어은동 맛있당 목요일 브런치 bistropublic moelleux starbucks italianfood dessert foodie yummy friends rainyday ☔️🍝🍮😋 . . 고등어파스타 못 먹어서 아쉽다.. 또 와야겠다!

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 (passion_exotique) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from passion_exotique:

M o r n i n g yummyinstayummyyummyfoodfoodfo oodfoodloverfoodpicfoodpornins rninstafoodfruitshealthyhealth ealthyfoodteatealoverteatimemo imemorningchocolatpineappleana

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FeNita (food.lover.13) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from FeNita:

cocok neh buat maksi food lover... sushi mini langsung hap! 😋 kulinerbandung sushisena yummy

21 Seconds ago
Andii Havok (andii_havok) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andii Havok


Comment from Andii Havok:

Foooooooooood with @novaxcaine food burgertime burgerurge yummy work prettyladies goth alternative

21 Seconds ago
M͟I͟I͟I͟C͟H͟A͟N͟ (miiichan0319) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from M͟I͟I͟I͟C͟H͟A͟N͟:

. . 😚😚💋💋 . yummysweetsdess sdessertpic instagoodinstadail

22 Seconds ago
Antonio Sampietro. I❤️COD (antonio_sampietro) Instagram Photos and Videos

Antonio Sampietro. I❤️COD


Comment from Antonio Sampietro. I❤️COD:

BACALAO 3678. Bacalao en salsa verde y espárragos trigueros. @davidmouzo David Mouzo amazingbacalaobacallabac labacalhaucodcodfishdeliciousd iousdelicatesseneateatingfoodf foodfishfoodpornfoodlifefoodga oodgasmgastrogastronomiagastro astronomyhungryinstafoodinstag seafoodtorskyummy

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Heena Goyal (heenagoyal0894) Instagram Photos and Videos

Heena Goyal


Comment from Heena Goyal:

🍴 food foodporn foodie toptags instafood yummy sharefood instaeat foodstagram sweet yummyfood foodlovers amazingfood foodforlife tasty foodpictures foodlover delicious foodstyle foodpic foodie foodpics eat foodtime foodgasm foodheaven foods foodday foodlike

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Meg 🤗 (realyumfood) Instagram Photos and Videos

Meg 🤗


Comment from Meg 🤗:

Post orienteering snack @thecollectivenz coconut kefir yoghurt and @goodforstore toppings 🌴 Lost a shoe in the forest and got stuck in the mud but was a cool experience definitely something worth trying out of your comfort zone 🤙🏼

30 Seconds ago
Courtney Leigh W. (committ) Instagram Photos and Videos

Courtney Leigh W.


Comment from Courtney Leigh W.:

finditineverything homegrown marinated tomato jalepeno and greenonion salad yummy to the tummy

30 Seconds ago
Samanwoy Das (samforking) Instagram Photos and Videos

Samanwoy Das


Comment from Samanwoy Das:

Blueberry cheesecake ! yummy foodie foodgasm cameraporn vacation goodfood cheesecake myfoodproject foodiesofinstagram picture instapic foodporn deserts blueberry tasty likesforlikes foodblog blogger traveldairies delish cheesecakefactory instafoodie foodgram thailand bonappetit

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m._sao (m._sao) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from m._sao:

私のNo. 1小豆島ランチ❤️ こまめ食堂の、棚田のおにぎり定食! 朝獲 食! 朝獲れた魚がその日のおかずになります♫ . . . 小 . . 小豆島ランチ こまめ食堂 千枚田 棚田 おにぎり定食 shodoshima komameshokudo kagawa yummy happy

30 Seconds ago
Randy Park (randypark4u) Instagram Photos and Videos

Randy Park


Comment from Randy Park:

Ade 에이드 음료수 먹방 먹스타그램 맛스타그램 일상 데일리 daily instadaily ice ade soda drink instafood foodie cool yum yummy tasty delicious

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Ayandokun damilola (zoetdharmiee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ayandokun damilola


Comment from Ayandokun damilola:

Love!love!!love!!zoetcakeslago slagosbakerredvelvetbaileyslov yslovebirthdaycakeyummysurpris

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Rawolf in your mind!🎶🎶 (_rawolf_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rawolf in your mind!🎶🎶


Comment from Rawolf in your mind!🎶🎶:

🌄🌄instagramtags likeforlikealways food sweet selfie nofilter tbt chocolate webstagram desserts tags4follow dessertporn follow4follow like4me like4follow likeforfollowers yummy followforfollow followme tagsforlikes icecream likeforliketeam likeforlike dessert cake yum like4like likeforme l4l comment

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GiftedTaste Los Angeles (giftedtastela) Instagram Photos and Videos

GiftedTaste Los Angeles


Comment from GiftedTaste Los Angeles:

Agnolotti and squid ink bucatini from @otiumla. GiftedTaste . . . . . . . past dinner chefsroll foodphotography foodiegram foodpics losangeles dtla cali california noleftovers nom forkyeah feedfeed yummy lafoodie foodblogger instadaily

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Nikki Hodson🐬 (imnikkijade) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nikki Hodson🐬


Comment from Nikki Hodson🐬:

Veggie brekkie and a latte! lunchdateforone treatmyself healthy yummy jamaicablue secretharbour

40 Seconds ago
Bare_sole_fitness (bare_sole_fitness) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Bare_sole_fitness:

lunch time refueling with last nights pasta tomatoes 3 ways and kale 🌿and strawberry 🍓 salad i threw together veganlife plantbased healthyeating eat quicklunch cleaneating salad pasta yummy

40 Seconds ago
Keren Zuzan ❤️⚖💰 (qerenhealing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Keren Zuzan ❤️⚖💰


Comment from Keren Zuzan ❤️⚖💰:

Late dinner 😋 salmon habbaneropepperssauce perpulecabbagesalad mint lime wholewheettortilla thisyounevertried yummy @boazzuzan @chefbuzi

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PB&JELLYART (pb.and.jellyart) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from PB&JELLYART:

APPLE SPICE MUFFINS 😋 . Apple Spice Muffins with glazed apple slices and drizzled syrup......YUMMM 😋 . follow @heartbakers_yyc as we share our delicious creations || to order link in bio . Now taking orders 😉 . . . . food photography foodie apple applespice photographer muffin muffins pastry potd picoftheday photooftheday follow4follow pastrychef syrup foodyyc foodphotography foodphotographer shopyyc caterer homemade catereryyc applespicemuffin yummy yyc apples chef glazedfruit

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neco (neco163) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from neco:

うましうまし😋 お蕎麦 大好きー🤗💕 薬味も爽やかで大好きー🤤✨ . . 蕎麦 薬味 ぶっかけ 暑い 納豆 ブランチ 乾麺50g みょうが 大葉 美味しい 麺スタグラム soba spice natto bukkake brunch japaneseginger macrophyll happy peace yummy japan

41 Seconds ago
Berani Diet (beranidiet) Instagram Photos and Videos

Berani Diet


Comment from Berani Diet:

Yuks diet bareng @beranidiet repost food foodporn yum instafood yummy amazing instagood photooftheday sweet dinner lunch breakfast fresh tasty food delish delicious eating foodpic foodpics eat hungry foodgasm hot foods

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МАСТЕР КРАСОТЫ НАДЕЖДА (nadjam_tali) Instagram Photos and Videos




ВАКУУМ для тонкой талЬи да, @pusimuska 😉😅 Доброе утро! вакуум с упором на стол/стул.Делайте каждое утро и вы заметите результаты очень быстро!Делать обязательно НАТОЩАК!!Поэтому самое удобное время-это утро!Проснулись,СХОДИЛИ В ТУАЛЕТ☝🏼️(это тоже важно!Не делайте на полный мочевой пузырь и кишечник!)Сделали ПРАВИЛЬНО ( несколько раз, кто сколько может)Затем уже стакан воды и завтрак😋 На полном выдохе втянуть живот максимально в себя,одновременно напрягая его,удерживаем несколько секунд и выдыхаем.Восстанавливаем дыхание и повторяем☺ 👇👇👇Однако, несмотря на огромную полезность, упражнение имеет и свои противопоказания 👇👇👇Во-первых,не стоит практиковать его при язве желудка или 12-перстной кишки,в «критические» дни и во время беременности.Во-вторых,выполня это упражнение нужно предельно осторожно при любых заболеваниях легких,желудка и сердца❤️ Всех красивых животиков😻🔥 . . . GMработана отанадсобойкрасотапитаниеппмот ппмотивацияmoodнастроениеbeaut beautymotivationспортфитнесfit есfitnessпрограммапитанияправи правильноепитаниезожsportgirli girlinstagramanetcuteyummyспбп yспбперсональныйтренердиетолог

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ᵏᵒᵏᵒ☘︎ (kokoro_lucky) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ᵏᵒᵏᵒ☘︎:

🌻0824🌻lunch 今日は手作りパン 🥐🍞🥖 はるゆたか という強力粉を使って焼いてみました。 すごく美味しくできて家 作ったのは、 枝豆パン チーズウィンナーパン 明太ポテトパン シュガーハニートップ food yummy foodlovers foodie delicious foodoftheday follow foodgasmyumfoodpicscookingfoll gfollowmeyummyfoodjapanjapanes panesefoodおうちごはんおうちカフェ料理ヘルシー自炊

58 Seconds ago
Vanessa Yang (vanessasdairy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vanessa Yang


Comment from Vanessa Yang:

香辣鸡腿堡+老北京鸡肉卷+两个蛋挞+热牛奶¥14.3 我爱外 鸡肉卷午餐晚餐快餐中式晚餐美食中国菜美团外卖外卖dinner innerdishesinstafoodfoodieyumm

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Natallya Abigail (natallyaabigail) Instagram Photos and Videos

Natallya Abigail


Comment from Natallya Abigail:

Kalau ada sumur di ladang, Bolehlah kita menumpang mandi Kalau makan lasagna jangan disayang-sayang, Bolehlah kamu pesen lagi WA : 081 211 63 288 LINE : natallyaabigail . . lasagna beeflasagna lasagnasurabaya lasagnasby kulinersurabaya kulinersby kulinersuroboyo makan makanenak kenyangmakan wenaktok surabaya jualanku instafood foodgasm deliciozolasagna delicious yummy italian food hampers

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Silvia Brunzin (silviabrunzin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Silvia Brunzin


Comment from Silvia Brunzin:

Cake fichi caramello mandorle fichi caramello mandorle almond biscuit mousse bavarese pastry pastrychef pastrylife patisserie glaze glassaaspecchio birthday birthdayparty white chocolate foodgraphy foodstyling food cooking cook instafood instagram yum yummy

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mkt_mcqueen (mkt_mcqueen) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from mkt_mcqueen:

串かつ初挑戦、ウマい❗️ 串かつ じゃんじゃん横丁 新世界 大阪 osaka kushikatsu 通天閣 大阪グルメ yummy

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1 9 9 x 9 0s 📸 (5.lynn) Instagram Photos and Videos

1 9 9 x 9 0s 📸


Comment from 1 9 9 x 9 0s 📸:

*Can I get one more please.. 🍓 | ไม่มีใครเข้าใจสายแดก

2 Minutes ago
Luchador Cooks (luchadorcooks) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luchador Cooks


Comment from Luchador Cooks:

Welcome to Five Guys!

3 Minutes ago
Garvita (vegetariantadka) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Garvita:

Mini pancakes served with chocolate syrup and dry fruits...... @vegetariantadka @vegetariantadka @vegetariantadka Health nutritious delicious yummy Anyone like this kind of breakfast? Comment 💌 @vegetariantadka @vegetariantadka like4like tagsforlikes delhidiaries delhifoodblogger hungrydilliwali love petlove doglove trending instagood doglove foodtalkindia foodphotography food followtrain follow l4l ❤️

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