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Sarah Amaral (samaral1414) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Amaral


Comment from Sarah Amaral:

Getting there. deepbreaths newleavesandallthat pause

6 Minutes ago
pause (pause_nagoya) Instagram Photos and Videos



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自家製ドリンクの紹介です🍴 Pause定番ドリンク 『自家 ク 『自家製レモネード』です😋 はちみつ漬けにしたレモンを たレモンを沢山入れました✨ ペリエ割りですのでさっぱり飲んで ぱり飲んで頂けますよ☺️ 暑い時期おすすめです☀️ - デザ 栄カフェ栄矢場町名古屋名古屋カフェ日替わりランチ日替わりメニ

11 Minutes ago
Ashley GHouse (summersaudades) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashley GHouse


Comment from Ashley GHouse:

8/17/17 Day 58 sunset thesemoments drivehome pause takeabreak thebay nomi

16 Minutes ago
🐷Danielle Corny🐷 (daniellecornybitch) Instagram Photos and Videos

🐷Danielle Corny🐷


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When Dani sees a dick.. dickheaddicksuckerdicklickerpa kerpauselollaughingawkwardhaha dhahastupidretardedassholehoes

16 Minutes ago
Philosophy Nutrition & Fitness (philosophy_shpk) Instagram Photos and Videos

Philosophy Nutrition & Fitness


Comment from Philosophy Nutrition & Fitness:

TwentyMinuteTuesdays _____ A few weeks ago Jess started a challenge called Twenty-Minute Tuesdays as a way to encourage herself to get outside and relax during her classes at @makamicollege. _____ Since she is in Italy this week, I decided to uphold her challenge and get out for an evening stroll. _____ To be honest, I haven't been working out that much lately as my August has been bananas (pun intended) and as a result, I've had a harder time focusing at work and have had some negative thoughts about my body. After my walk though, I feel refreshed and uplifted, just the break I needed from my hectic schedule. _____ See what 20 minutes can do for your mental health. Next time you're feeling stressed, take 20 minutes and go for a walk outside. I promise you won't feel any worse than when you left! :)

17 Minutes ago
Balance-the-Busy (balance_the_busy) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Take a true pause from the constant checklist. Give yourself permission to take time to get inspired again. . . . . . balancethebus balance balancelife balanaceitall workingwoman fullytimelife cantposteveryday needaminute trulyfindingbalance breathe pause love live laugh dontapologize instadaily sorrynotsorry mymoment letitbe havefun livehard bekind liveyourlife noregrets happy quote quotes dailyquote happyquotes

21 Minutes ago
RiChi (richigright) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from RiChi:

Sometimes it is okay to hit the PAUSE button 😶😉 pause heal reflect eyeontheprize

21 Minutes ago
pause (pause_nagoya) Instagram Photos and Videos



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おはようございます🌞 本日のランチメニューです🍴 11時 � 11時半からオープンしてます ご来店お待ちしております〜 おります〜😋✨ - デザート限定デザートショートケーキpa 栄カフェ栄矢場町名古屋名古屋カフェ日替わりランチ日替わりメニ

22 Minutes ago
Lou and Margaux ⛓ (the_world_of_sisiters) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lou and Margaux ⛓


Comment from Lou and Margaux ⛓:

Petite pause bien méritée car 3h de shopping ça fatigue 😫 😂 nous avons trouvé pas mal de vêtements aux Galerie la Fayette 😍 starbucks galerielafayette pause

22 Minutes ago
DeeJay 🚨🎲DICE🎲🔊🎶 (djdiceusa) Instagram Photos and Videos

DeeJay 🚨🎲DICE🎲🔊🎶


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29 Minutes ago
Korie (pineappleprincessmama) Instagram Photos and Videos



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"Solo Parent Period" snuggles from my mini. pappasonaplane pineappleprincessbaby🍍 mamasmini babyhugs snuggles babysnuggles babylove toddlersofinstagram staylittle letthembelittle pause moments momlife

35 Minutes ago
Ying Zhang (yzhangtwinning) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ying Zhang


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Yes, we are look alike! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sistertime twins twinning👯 twinner girls nyc SOHO urbanstyle blackandwhite photography photoshoot fight candid model pause vintage actress actor life

40 Minutes ago
sandip choudhary ( verr ji) (saharansandeep34) Instagram Photos and Videos

sandip choudhary ( verr ji)


Comment from sandip choudhary ( verr ji):

insta pause instapause instapause ch munda

42 Minutes ago
Sunaina Singh (pictoranity) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sunaina Singh


Comment from Sunaina Singh:

Nature in it's glory. pause sun earth water seattle

44 Minutes ago
Peggy Beyer (peggybefe) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peggy Beyer


Comment from Peggy Beyer:

In the same direction... humanandanimal, sacredcow, ontheroad, pause, meetingpeople , simplicity, heartoftown, wheniwalk, regarderautrement

46 Minutes ago
Ishita Sarkar (rhyminria) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ishita Sarkar


Comment from Ishita Sarkar:

Holes in my memory monsoon rain throughthelookingglass artofvisuals lensculture kolkata yellowcab kolkatadiaries wanderlust travelgrams easywandertribe quietthechaos moodygrams theartofslowliving pause lethargy myshoeboxofphotographs myplayshot vscoindia incredibleindia everywherevsco tangledinfilm 1

56 Minutes ago
Rob_Stance (rob_stance) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rob_Stance: ✌🏼 arbeit work nachtschicht man beardedman burton beard bart cap flexfit müde pause selfie snapshot petrolhead

57 Minutes ago
Natalie Nicholson (byronbaykinesiology) Instagram Photos and Videos

Natalie Nicholson


Comment from Natalie Nicholson:

It is so beneficial to the mind and the body to stop its busyness and to go inside and pause, be still and just breathe on a daily basis meditation stillness breathe pause

1 Hours ago
Entertainment (yavuzzibis) Instagram Photos and Videos



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old from greennatureresort entertainment life pause wassap dancekuduro missing sometimes

1 Hours ago
B&P Importados (bep_importados) Instagram Photos and Videos

B&P Importados


Comment from B&P Importados:

Cabo P2 fone de ouvido com controle de volume e microfone, compatível com Android, só R$36,90. Visite nossa loja! caboP2 audio musica music headphone fonedeouvido MercadoLivre compra venda fio som sound play pause next previous promoção

1 Hours ago
Doumezzz Chan (doumezzz3) Instagram Photos and Videos

Doumezzz Chan


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1 Hours ago
Talia Skye (taliaskyeee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Talia Skye


Comment from Talia Skye:

Today take a moment, close your eyes & ground yourself. Feel your feet sink into the earth & let the energy flow through your body. Take a deep breath open your eyes and see the beauty that surrounds you. Some days are tough, some days it's hard to see the beauty in anything but just pause and keep your head up, you will see clearer. . . . . . . . nature breath pause earthsenergy grounding chakra centre relax energy energyhealing serenity beauty energyflow earth

1 Hours ago
Kyng Royale (lyke_clockwork) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kyng Royale


Comment from Kyng Royale:

Oh that's a negative but i kno MFz that do💯💯💯 women ladies niggawhat whoraisedyou bruh hellnah whatisyoudoing ohnobabywhatisyoudoing ohhellnaw somebody heneedsomemilk 😩 icant fuckthat wtfwasithinking wtfisthis wtfisgoingon ugh ctfu dead dead 💀 whomansisthis pause ✋

1 Hours ago
whisper (whisperhyme_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from whisper:

Bende kafam kadar karışık bi' pizza ısmarladım. 🍕 swag ghetto old gangster gangsta street hiphop rap photoshop cool art security cam rec play pause

1 Hours ago
Holly Schak (lipseverlastingwithholly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Holly Schak


Comment from Holly Schak:

Have you heard of LipSense and SeneGence? a total game changer for Lipstick lovers. It lasts 4-18 hours and is actually good for your lips. We also have a happiness money back guarantee. I'd love for you to try it! Let me know if I can help pick a color or answer any questions. Take care! ❤️ reset renewal pause sabbathmom thmoment lipsense womenhelping lpingwomen lipboss mua tribe c ibe crueltyfree waterproof smu f smudgeproof kissproof leadfr eadfree insta beauty skincare care senesisters makeup empowe mpoweredwomenempowerwomen sene

1 Hours ago
CrownOfMidas (million_fingers) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Pause pause birdsofinstagram egretsofinstagram egret

1 Hours ago
 (hahaveryfunnymofo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from hahaveryfunnymofo:

breakingnews lmao pause

1 Hours ago
Colleen (purplecloudsatdawn) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Colleen:

Innocent beings can teach us so much... today she wanted to sit on my lap before my practice was done. My initial reaction was totally ego driven, wanting to finish my practice and move her off the mat. Then I caught myself- why in the world would I resist such pure love from a sweet, fluffy dog-shaped form?! I took a moments pause. I decided instead to let her sit on my lap, and finished my practice an alternative way. It was just as fulfilling as my original plan- maybe even more so... action versus reaction, I guess ✨🙏✨ yoga yogaeverydamnday doga dogsofinstagram dogmom gratitude smalldogs maltese meditate action reaction pause

1 Hours ago
LeeGro (iamleegro) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from LeeGro:

Fantastical pause. . . . . . . Harlem Harlem125 HarlemNYC i_capturenyc what_i_saw_in_nyc why_i_love_new_york TrainStationsOfInstagram MetroNorth LeeGroGrams Bike BikesOfNYC CityScene pic pics mood UpperManhattan Uptown Vibe Cool Artsy Pause Fantastical

1 Hours ago
ll Pause Fotografia e Arte (pause.fineart) Instagram Photos and Videos

ll Pause Fotografia e Arte


Comment from ll Pause Fotografia e Arte:

II Um momento. Um sentimento de realização. Uma foto para a vida toda! {Daiane + Eduardo} weddingweddingdaybri casamento casamento2017 noiva fotografiadecasamento fotodecasamento noiva weddingphoto foto fotografia diadanoiva pausefineart pausephoto pause fineart photoart photooftheday momentos alegria felicidade happy happiness

1 Hours ago
Pettersen & Hein (pettersenhein) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pettersen & Hein


Comment from Pettersen & Hein:

Thursday is the opening of Exhibit Columbus with our installation PAUSE on Washington Street exhibitcolumbus washingtonstreetinstallations etageprojects pettersenhein statenskunstfond shelbymaterials columbusindiana PAUSE

1 Hours ago
Sketch Artist - Comedian (countryboypt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sketch Artist - Comedian


Comment from Sketch Artist - Comedian:

justgive givemore listentoinnervoicejustgive feed pause help blesssomebody everythinghelps love florida people mcdonalds care phillupyourlife countryboypt

190 Days ago
Sketch Artist - Comedian (countryboypt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sketch Artist - Comedian


Comment from Sketch Artist - Comedian:

justgive feed pause help blesssomebody everythinghelps love florida people mcdonalds care phillupyourlife countryboypt

238 Days ago