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Comment from Fee:

Art is everywhere! Not only are these patched cracks discovered on my morning walk great abstract inspirations, they inspired me to look at mistakes I make & patch up in a different way. We are so hard on ourselves when we muck-up! Wouldn't it be so much gentler to be able to view our mistakes as daubs on a canvas each with a meritable contribution to creating the artwork titled "Who I Am Becoming" 🎨🌸 newperspective mindfulness mindfulnessmeditation mindset mindbodyandspirit universe serenity synchronicity settingintentions intention intentions intentionalliving intentionallyfocused intentionallyliving action regroup regrouping pause mindfullness mindfulmovement mindful mindfullife mindfull mindfullnes mindfulmoment mindfulminute mindfully mindfulliving

2 Minutes ago
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Nicole Montano


Comment from Nicole Montano:

Basic Instruction Manual for Life 💃🏻 . . . pause life vibratehigher

2 Minutes ago
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Broke But Woke


Comment from Broke But Woke:

The freshwater and salt tanks.. It's not that hard... pause

4 Minutes ago
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Comment from David:

Viernes casi perfectos... friday pause relaxing sabores café blessing city goodday

5 Minutes ago
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Comment from Patti:

urbannature caterpillar pause

6 Minutes ago
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Official Martin Gahlinger🇨🇭


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7 Minutes ago
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💎 ⓜ ⓤ ⓜ 💎


Comment from 💎 ⓜ ⓤ ⓜ 💎:

Il fait beauuu, il fait chauddddd 🌞🌡🌺 instaphotoinstapicpausepaiseph isephotonatureverdurefleursflo rsflowersvegetationkiffpromena

15 Minutes ago
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Comment from mcho1077:

Hello weekend ⏸ wemadeittotheweekend saturdaymorning sweet snooze pause relaxed weekendvibes flower flowerlovers floweraddict peony hydrangea thingstoappreciate 핑크핑크 꽃 안구정화 작약 수국 잠시쉬어가는 토요일 쉼표 일시정지 그리고다시재생 주중이있으니주말도있는거

18 Minutes ago
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Matty Fridge Power Strongman


Comment from Matty Fridge Power Strongman:

Ain't been gym all week so thought I get a few reps in 😂 strongman strong squat small squad g gym gainz gymrat gymware gymlife gymshark p pain pause power protein powelifting powelifting tiny town trim tyre trojan trojanfam trojannutrition fridge fatboy friends fighter fridgepower💪

20 Minutes ago
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Allison Slessor


Comment from Allison Slessor:

. . . . . . standout nature takeamoment pause wilddaisy fridaysgirl coldcomforts allisonslessorphotography lovelife riverbank myfavoriteplace

21 Minutes ago
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Spasiya Kirova


Comment from Spasiya Kirova:

friends girlsnight fridaynight medicalstudents pause chill lovethem tripletrouble tb4 atleastthewheathersnice P.S.🌳🏄🏼‍♀️🚘🇧🇬

25 Minutes ago
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Break Time 👋🏻 break breaktime summertime pause seeyousoon off atelierbangbang screenprinting silkscreen workshop hochelaga montreal montrealmoments

26 Minutes ago
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Comment from Heckfit:

Bench day was eh, working on some 4's and it just didn't feel quite right but on a bad day I'll take it. 3x4 at 303. 1 single at 330 RPE 8.5 today. bench benchpress howmuchyabench strong pause chest powerlifter power powerlifting bodybuilding bodybuildingmotivation motivation gym gymtime iifym macros dup fit fitfam fitspo fitness fitnessmotivation stayfit fitnessjourney flex slift lifting

27 Minutes ago
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Comment from Johanna:

"You'll never be my hometown girl There's nothing like her in this world I'm tired of the get around girls Ain't nothing like my hometown girl" tired selfie pause me model woman blondin blond blondie pose tiredmum webstagram follow4follow f4ffollowforfollow swedishwomen girl mum photo photoshoot hair blueeyes run midsummer mosspillow music hometowngirl zhu

34 Minutes ago
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Christyna Miller


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pause backstage round2 dancer dancerslife dancerlifestyle overknees highheels stagetime stagelover stageoutfit nrw sektorkind

34 Minutes ago
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Tuomo Räisänen


Comment from Tuomo Räisänen:

This. nature cottagelife finland midsummer listen watch breathe pause

34 Minutes ago
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Comment from Breezy:

When u like ur job .... it's not even work$ .... pause on the selfie tho

44 Minutes ago
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Sinuhé Mendoza


Comment from Sinuhé Mendoza:

welcome bienvenidos canada manitoba winnipeg wnpg journey 2017 takepridewinnipeg uwpride canadatime timeout timeout pause i hastag photography pic moment relaxing snhmdz10

46 Minutes ago
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Madeleine Besson


Comment from Madeleine Besson:

@tntheatre knoxville theater theatre usa rococo summer pause douceur envadrouille

48 Minutes ago
Shereen Daly (shereendaly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shereen Daly


Comment from Shereen Daly:

Do you struggle with slowing down? . I do . It's a lot like life right? It's a challenge to pause and focus on one thing and be present in that moment. It's easy to allow our thoughts to go in 1000 directions. When we do that though, we lose our balance, ignore how that focus could be working in our favor if we let it, and quite simply do not maximize our results. . . Yes... I struggle with this too, often in fact. We should all make the effort to pause, be present, breathe, trust, find balance, and just be in the moment. I didn't want to do yoga Wednesday... but I did and I was glad I did. . . Thanks to @shauntfitness and @vytasyoga for making me slow down during shaunweek . . balance nationalyogaday peace quiet focus yoga 3weekyogaretreat stretch breathe inthemoment bepresent pose mom pause timeout flowonthego

48 Minutes ago
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Comment from angeldrew911:

What do teachers do when on summer break? Fun stuff 🌵🇲🇽 fridakahlo tequila mezcal tacosaremylife amigas pause

58 Minutes ago
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Comment from Janniefee:

Almost everything Will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes -including yourself qoute annelamott unplug pause chailate baresso coffeebar butiliketea fireplace bestpartofmyday kaffebar menjegdrikkerthe ildsted hygge koldingstorcenter citat bedstedelafmindag fredogro

1 Hours ago
Franziska Hein (once.around.theworld) Instagram Photos and Videos

Franziska Hein


Comment from Franziska Hein:

Seele baumeln lassen ❤️ thinking thoughts nachdenklich gedanken ruhe stille quiet loveit liebees home zuhause pause break seele soul weser weserufer höxter brauchedas needit shoes schuhe

1 Hours ago
Franziska Hein (once.around.theworld) Instagram Photos and Videos

Franziska Hein


Comment from Franziska Hein:

The end or the beginning? 🌳❤️ wald forest green grün baum tree hiking wandern anfang beginning end ende thinking thoughts nachdenklich gedanken ruhe stille quiet loveit liebees home zuhause pause break

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prodigy ripprodigy rip restinpiece rapper rap hiphop photoshop music lyrics adobe art artist pausecbs pause cbs photography photographer editing hiphoplegends queensbridge queens graffiti colorful coverart mixtapecover mixtape datpiff coast2coast

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Sarah:

wandern lagomera vallegranrey schatten pause sitzstein ausblick

1 Hours ago
Lisa Maria (lisamaria623) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lisa Maria


Comment from Lisa Maria:

When a coworker asks, are they real? And then there's a long awkward pause before she says, your curls?? Natural or perm? 🤤🤣 they're allnatural baby classiccurls naturalcurls curly curlyhairdontcare thankmymom ouidad brunette browneyedgirl italiangirl cleavage boobies officeantics lol

1 Hours ago
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Boshemian Heart


Comment from Boshemian Heart:

Even days that are rough and chaotic can have at least one thing that makes you pause to appreciate something beautiful. It seems by doing so, the hard days are at least for a moment a little better. So if your day has been lousy, may you find at least one thing to make you smile. lousydays originalcontent summerchaos smilepause wereonlyhuman roughdaysaporeciatenature naturephotography greenery

1 Hours ago
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David Mercer


Comment from David Mercer:

summernight newfoundland ocean waves longweekend sinkinglikeasunset sky nature iphonepic iphone7plus iphoneography pause friday eveningsky

1 Hours ago
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RiverWood RudeBwoii


Comment from RiverWood RudeBwoii:

zoepound zoestrong cornerstonekidMOOK mook MYMOOK.....PAUSE!!!

1 Hours ago
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Spielmannszug Mutzschen e.V.


Comment from Spielmannszug Mutzschen e.V.:

• Au revoir - Sommerpause • sommer sonne sonnenschein pause ferien abschlussgrillen bestesteam mutzschen spielmannszugmutzschen spielmannszug

1 Hours ago
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Ashley Gort


Comment from Ashley Gort:

paws and meditate Olive daschund weinerdog toocute nap pause carride sleepy adorable thankful @yvonne_ev

1 Hours ago
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Die Liebe zu den Büchern


Comment from Die Liebe zu den Büchern:

Mittlerweile ist der Cappuccino am Abend ja Tradition. Und dabei hab ich heute auch ganz stark an @lost_pages gedacht. Schade, dass du nicht da bist. ☕

1 Hours ago